Monday, June 25, 2007


For the last week, Maggie has really shown her dog side.

First of all, not once but three times, she found glue traps to chew up. This was bad enough as the glue would get all over her whiskers and mouth and front paws. Puppy would hold her as I cleaned her off.

The first time I forgot what the Orkin man said to use so I used rubbing alcohol. It got the sticky off but she was not happy.

When the Orkin man came to spray this month, he said use oil to get the glue off Maggie. Such as baby oil, cooking oil as any kind of oil would remove the sticky.

Good thing he told us the remedy as he had not gotten down the drive until I saw her with another glue trap on her bed in the front hall. I swatted her on the nose with a magazine I had in hand and told her "Bad Dog". She immediately went to her crate and hid out for a few hours.

Last night Maggie wanted to play and Prince was too tired as he had cut grass all day. I played with her awhile with the squeaky toys but my back was not up to continuous bending to pick up the toys to toss.

Prince and I heard her at the same time and we said in unison "What has she got"
Well as you can see by the picture, I will be heading to the cell phone store to replace my mangled phone.

The Kitty Justice is you do not leave anything down within Maggie's reach.


Lee said...

Dear Maggie...and she is trying so hard to look contrite! ;)

Lee said...

Oh, those eyes!

Lady Di Tn said...

I think Maggie is trying to say "Not me, you have the wrong dog"

Alas, last evening as I was cooking dinner, she managed to find another glue trap. She only chewed the corner off so it was not so sticky this time.

Corn Dog said...

OH DI! I laughed but that is so messed up. Good luck with the new phone.