Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am six years older than him but before it was fashionable for women to hunt, he was dragging me all over steep hillsides. We have spent many a happy moments out in the wilderness and then gone for pecan pie and coffee.

He is not a very tall man and for some reason, he will be minding his own business and others will try to bully him.

As a young child of five, we did not do him any favors by dressing him in Buster Brown outfits and sending him to school. A many of fights ensued with him defending his boyhood.

He has been a diabetic for years and needless to say he does not take kindly to anyone who wishes to do him harm.

The story is funnier when he tells it but I will try to do it justice. One day he pulled out onto highway 111 going into Cookeville and these two men in another car thought he cut them off. So the following too close began.

They tailgated him and sent obscene jester and cussed him all the way into town. Since highway 111 is a four lane highway, he slowed up hoping they would go around him but that just made them madder and they continued with their rude jesters.

Being short with a Kirby temper kicked into play and little brother shot them a BIRD. Still they continued right on his bumper yelling four letter epithets.

When little brother got into the city limits, he pulled off at the first gas station so he would not have to endure any more of their company.

Those two idiots pulled in the gas station and the driver got out still cussing my little brother and headed in little brothers direction.

Little Brother said "Now wait a minute fellow, what is your problem?" More cussing ensued.

Now my little brothers word is like money in the bank. If he says he will do something he will do it. He never says anything that he does not mean.

As the driver continue to approach little brother, he told him "I do not know what your problems is but I have a glock automatic here and if you take another step in my direction, I will put a hole in you big enough to throw a dog through".

It was like a light bulb had gone off in the passengers head and he yelled at his buddy "I don't think he is kidding".

The Kitty Justice is that the driver stopped abruptly and turned and got back into his car never to be seen again.

I think I might have one big enough to blow a hole large enough to throw a cat through. Nuf said.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Nice to see some new posts from you. Your present to each other were really nice.
This road rage is no joke is it - people take it too far. Glad your little brother fixed them up with his threat. Thanks for your visit and
I am looking forward to the visits of
my granddaughters. Take care. Love,

Lee said...

Kitty Justice strikes and rules again! ;)