Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Pepper's family came home today from Alabama so the little dog gave up his residence on Puppy's pillow. Pepper is nine and not very active but she is a sweet little dog.

Cricket, a tiny Yorker will miss Pepper. But I am sure she will soon take up residence on Puppy's bed.

Neither of the little dogs are very comfortable with Maggie. Since Maggie is still very much a puppy, not nine months old yet. Maggie would look with longing eyes at those two little fur muffins. All she wanted to do was play with them but neither wanted to become her new toy.

Today was Senior Day at Kroger so need I say more. While we were gone, each dog had a bedroom. Only Cricket had a bed on the floor.

We have had more rooms shut off than I can ever remember. Sam Cat has stayed in hiding except the few times he has gone out on the back porch.

We will try to let Cricket and Maggie visit each other in the living room this weekend.

The best news ever is that David has fixed my computer. Just think soon I can bore y'all with pictures again.

The Kitty Justice is that my paws will no longer need a massage when I type. I cannot wait to get to type on an adult keyboard.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you David.

NEXT: To get the nice box home.


Lee said...

Yep...thank you from me, too, David! There's nothing worse than being without one's computer! I suffer from withdrawals...bad withdrawals! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince and I will meet David and Carol for dinner and he will bring me my wonderful fixed box. I feel like Christmas in June.

I cannot wait to part ways with Satan.