Sunday, June 24, 2007


Maggie awoke me at 6 AM wishing to take her morning run. Since I was up, I perked the coffee and watered the plants on the back porch while coffee was getting ready.

The Sunday paper is way tooooo big for Maggie to carry so I took the dummy paper down for her to retrieve and picked up the Sunday paper. As I was on my mission, Maggie awoke Prince who could not figure out why she was in such a dither.

Maggie still runs down the hill but comes back up with a more relaxed gate. After , her payment of beggin strips and a big dog biscuit, we took our coffee outside .

Prince was saying what a nice day it was when "The across the border bunch arrived to cut Senior Pat's grass." It was early Sunday morning and the beautiful solitude was broken by grass cutter. Most usually we are at early Church so we do not get to hear the singing of mowers and weed eaters .Why would anyone who was considerate have lawn care done early before 7AM on Sunday. I guess the main word in considerate.

After the silence was broken we headed indoors and I fixed breakfast. We had the good fortune of getting to eat the preserves from our labor.

Since the second back operation where screws and rods were inserted, I cannot stand, sit or lay too long or else I will suffer so alas all that standing to do the preserves got the best of me.

The Kitty Justice is that I will have dropsy day. Ever time I see a bed I will drop down on it. If it is true that your spine opens and you get one to two inches taller, I will surely be seven feet by this evening.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ I do hope your back is
feeling better today. I am so sorry you have this pain. You asked about watering gardens in winter. Well, we are in drought and have not had much rain. Mostly it is container plants and my hanging baskets that need
water, also some Broad Beans about a foot high, I'd like to keep them
growing as I love them. Thanks for
your comments and glad you enjoyed the post. Take care, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Maybe you will get some rain. Seems like we are all having water problems. The south is very dry this year and we are 10 inches below our normal total of rainfall.
Thanks, the back after hours of rest is getting better. My legs still felt like they were waking up this morning that ole tingling feeling. I have had this problem so long I usually can go into taking care mode and it will go back to feeling okay. But as long as I can stand upright I will be fine. Thanks for caring.

Lee said...

I hate the sounds of motor mowers, whipper-snippers, chain saws and the like. One Christmas morning when I was living up in Cairns, north Queensland a silly,inconsiderant clown decided to mow his grass! He couldn't hear me over the noise of his obvious Christmas present! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

Makes one want to take out the shotgun and put the machinery out of it misery. Can't you just gather the expression on their face if we shot the machinery. heehee