Thursday, June 21, 2007


Prince and I went outside on the porch at 9:52 and looked to the Northwest sky.

It was a very pleasant night with a few wispy clouds but lots of openings for stars to show through.

At the precise time, the satellite appeared and it was not as bright as we had hoped because Atlantis had already disengaged and was following behind the satellite in the same orbit.

As we stood with wine glasses in hand to toast the crew, Prince comment was "How many people do you think watched it?"

Tonight the sky will have them show up in the North headed in East with a four minute duration.

If you would like to check it out in your area, go to

This morning on the news, they showed the crew of the Atlantis and it was almost like we were getting to know them after seeing their flight last night.

The Kitty Justice is that most of you were inside last night and really did not get to check out the real nightlife in the sky.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ How great that you and your husband saw the satellite. Sorry I was late with this post - I nearly took the day off as I have very sore throat and sneezes galore. I don't get many colds
so will probably live. Take care, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry about the cold. Glad you did post today as I really enjoy reading all the jokes, stories and quotes. Prince & I love to watch the sky and have seen the satellite often. It is brighter when the shuttle is docked to it and we were surprise to see it had left the satellite and was following it last night.

Lee said...

I never cease to be enthralled, be awed and amazed by those men and women who work in outer space. My admiration of them is limitless. I watched a brilliant documentary the other night on the parallels between Mawson's expedition to Antarctica and space travel and the work done on the Russian space station, "Mia". It was fascinating.

Lady Di Tn said...

Merle & Lee
When I told Prince I had put it on the blog, he corrected me and said it is the International Space Station. Looks like a satellite to me.

Yes, Lee it takes special people to work in outer space.