Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is Mimi's love. He rarely sits for a picture and has been hiding out since we have had dogie company.

Mimi at 88 is still quick with her humor. We were advised by email a couple of days ago that an auctioneer would die and go to Heaven if a certain piece of our history was offered for sale. Upon hearing this Mimi stated "It is not our job to get them to Heaven."

Sam is like most animals who live on the hill, he is spoiled. Mimi feeds him shaved oven roasted turkey as a treat. It is serve on an antique dish and if I happen to need a small plate and I am near that cabinet, I always proclaim I will use Sam's dish.

Every afternoon Sam and Mimi take a nap and if she gets up and he is still in bed she covers him up. Sometimes in the mornings he does not get up right away so she cannot make up her bed.

He loves to hunt and has been quite successful of late. Instead of shutting the sliding door completely to the porch from her room, she left it ajar so Sam could come in whenever he wanted and In he came with a mouse. He had played with it until it was tired.

Mimi called for my assistance and I located the mouse in a corner of her closet. The mouse proceeds to come out of the closet head down the hall and make a sharp right into the other hallway. Then he makes a quick left into the first bedroom. Now here I am asking Puppy and Mimi to get a glue trap and they are off to search for one while I follow the varmint's progress around the room. Finally, he goes into the closet and luckily there is a glue trap and he becomes stuck.

Sam was sitting back with the cat grin "Why are you bothering my mouse?"

The kitty justice was the mouse was caught and Mimi avoided a dither and she does not leave her door ajar for Sam.


Corn Dog said...

Wonderful picture of Sam I am and loved the blog entry too.

Lady Di Tn said...

What I thought was great was Mimi's quick wit about the historical item. Nothing like a good mouse hunt to start the day.