Wednesday, June 20, 2007


For Father's Day I picked up this cute little gas pump for Prince . With gas prices this was the biggest pump I could afford.

The hanging baskets were presents to me from Prince. He first got two of the dark pink , one for his sister who was going back home to Mississippi and one for me. I wish I had gotten the picture of him smiling as he was bringing them to the house from his truck. When she left the next morning, I took the closest one to the door and packed it for the journey down south. Within a few days of looking at that empty spot, Prince came home from work with the deep purple one.

The Kitty Justice is that some day a cute little gas pump is all any of us can afford and "Don't you wish your Prince would be so thoughtful and spontaneous as mine?" I am a lucky Kitty.


Lee said...
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Lee said...

That looks like a "Nodding Violet" from what I can tell from the pic, Lady Di. I love them...I have a couple hanging out in my patio area. Glad you both enjoyed Father's Day. :)

(I deleted my first comment as I made a typo in it)