Tuesday, June 12, 2007


There were lots of tall bushes about 3 to 4 feet tall at the turn around so yesterday I put on my farmers outfit and proceeded to whack them down. I stepped back and was amazed how much just a few bush removals would open it up.

Then I proceeded to clean out the iris beds. One of which is in the right corner. I do not march to the drum that you have to cut them off in a fan shape as many gardeners because I feel they appear natural to leave the leaves alone.

I know it does not appear to be six hours of work but it was with an hour in between for a cooling off and lunch break. We have really been lucky the last few days because we have not had the humidity which comes with this time of year. The weather has been eighty-sixty weather. On top of that we have had a really nice breeze.

What we need now is rain and as I was walking around on the earth taking pictures, it felt like I was on concrete and not ground. The weather peoples keep saying there is no chance of rain for the next seven days. I guess I will get out early tomorrow and water.

The kitty justice is that it was hard work but visual effects were worth all the pain.

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Merle said...

Hi Di ~~ You sure accomplished a lot of yard work in this post and you can see the results. Well done.
Thanks for your comments on Moonlight Ride and I agree. The young ones
feel 10 feet tall and bullet=proof.
Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Take care, Love, Merle.