Saturday, August 04, 2007

Last night on the six o'clock news a picture such as the last one was show in connection to a story of "How safe are the bridges in Tennessee?" This story was brought about after the tragedy in Minnesota.
Prince made mention on one of our trips to Smithville that the surface on the bridge was really bad.
It does not have as much traffic since it is a rural bridge but it is a very important part of many peoples lives. Us included.
Most of our roadways and bridges were constructed years ago when traffic was not so prominent. We continue to add houses but forget to improve how to get to them.
The Kitty Justice like too often it took a tragedy to get the powers that be to look into something that should have been done LONG ,LONG AGO.


Steve G said...

I heard on the news that bridges are inspected every two years. The question is how well they do it.

Lady Di Tn said...

If they drive over them and they make it the bridge is okay but if they fall into the lake then they are not.
Inspected as well as the levee in New Orleans.

Lee said...

'Tis a concern...and one I hope is not pushed under the proverbial carpet.