Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Prince took the picture of the doe from the white house's porch at the end of our road.

Each morning when I would take my walk with Maggie, she would appear either on the road or the turn around at the white house. One morning she turned around and came within 30 feet of us. Maggie did not try to chase just stood with ears up and wagging her tail. Then the doe proceeded to leap down into the woods.

Some days she would be in our yard at the tree line and other times I saw her laying down in the Jones' yard. I guess she slept there during the night and had not gotten up from her nap yet. She never moved. We walked our usual mile and had to pass the Jones going and coming and she just lay there watching us.

Maggie does not chase big animals but is more interested in cats, chipmunks and bugs. So the deer was safe.

The kitty justice is that there were two doe and we saw both of them one of the last evenings we were there. There is also kitty justice in walking as my blood sugar has gone down 24 points. Yeah, I will keep walking.


Lee said...

That is just so beautiful...I can see myself the words of Maxwell Smart.."and loving it!"

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~Great photo of the little doe and it is good that Maggie doesn't chase them. Well done on your walking - are you diabetic - I am but
can't do much walking or exercise. I expect to be put on tablets later this month, has been just diet up to now. How good of you to have a Senior day with your MIL and get her hair done and take her shopping. 10% is a good discount. Take dare Di,
Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I could live up there year round but our cabin was built for warm days only.

Glad you like the photo. Yes I was diagnois in Jan. Both my parents had it and that was the cause of Mother's death. She beat cancer and heart disease but her kidneys gave out and her body was so weak she could not handle the 2nd round of dializes (misspelled). So, the doctor wants to treat mine aggressively. On 2 pills a day. You are lucky it has only been diet up to this point.
There are videos for chair exercises for those who cannot walk. You might check into that.
Take care love and prayers