Friday, September 14, 2007

They suffered through the August heat and at times I wondered why I was still watering them. They get all afternoon sun and as you recall August was triple digits.
It has been in the high 50's in the morning and they have perked up to say "Oh, what a glorious morning" and are blooming their heads off to prove I was justified in keeping them alive.
Yesterday there were 32 blooms and this morning 24 blooms. I will once again save the seeds as these are the ones I spent so much on at Co-op.
The Kitty Justice is it is Friday night and lots of football to watch. Peyton Manning will be in town this weekend to give the Titans a lesson in AIR BALL.


Lee said...

Oh! Dear...I went out this morning and cleaned up around all my potted plants, which, unfortunately suffered from the ravages of winter and my lack of watering them! I hope I can salvage and resurrect most of them, otherwise it's going to be a few trips to the plant nursery for me, I think!

Lady Di Tn said...

Add a little osmocote fertilizer before you water and that will revive any life left in them. I know all the plant nursery here are just salivating over all the money they will earn replacing all the trees and scrubs and flowers that the triple digits in August killed.

Lee said...

Yep, I do use osmocote, Lady Di and need to get some next time I head off to the supermarket...with it being spring, now is the perfect time to throw it around.

I chopped all the dead leaves etc., off all the plants yesterday and had a general big clean up. The Morning Glory grows wild here as a weed.I was surprised to see you have it in a pot. I don't treat it as a weed, though...I love it and it creeps all over my gardens to the front side of my cabin. It always reminds me of when I was a child as it grew profusely over one of our fences.

Corn Dog said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I know you are glad you kept watering them now.

Lady Di Tn said...

The ones that grow wild here are pale blue and this one is deep purple with a white border. Some are even a dark pink. I saw these at Co op and spent over two dollar and open the pack to find only 4 or five seeds. Needless to say why I collect the seeds each fall.

CD there are several plants I am glad I continued to water as they are now blooming profusely.