Saturday, October 13, 2007

In the early 20Th Century, ladies used their talent to china paint. One such lady was Mz. Mary's Great Aunt.
On our visit, Mimi asked Mz. Mary her "Did your Mother paint those plates?" which were on the second shelf of her corner cupboard. Mz. Mary was quick to tell us that her Great Aunt had painted those and given them to her Mother as a wedding present in 1914. At this point, I jumped up and asked if I could take a better look. Being a lady of the south, Mz. Mary said "Sure."
I carefully stepped over the telephone wire and gently picked up the plate. She told me to be flip it over and read the back. Her Great Aunt had listed who it was when they were born and died and their ancestry.
There were a total of five plates and I soaked in each ones beauty. I was transformed back in time and could smell the kilns being fired and the paint. The faces are exquisite. I marveled at the details and thought she must have used a one hair brush to paint those tiny delicate lips.
After I had admired each one, Mz Mary told us her Mother had bought the corner cupboard with the chain letter money she had gotten. Chain letters were very popular during that time and when you got one, you sent the person at the top a dollar. I wanted to ask how much she got but you do not ask that in the south if you are polite.
Mz. Mary informed us that there were a dozen of the plates but she only had room for five to display. What a wonderful gift her Great Aunt gave her Mother and now they can be passed down through her family.
The Kitty Justice is the art of the past is a true treasure of today.


Lee said...

My, oh, my! What beautiful, delicately created artwork. What a wonderfully precious set.

Lady Di Tn said...

Almost as precious as Mz Mary. She was always doing something to help others and she never told anyone and the reason I know this is because Mimi saw some but I am sure not all she did.

I hope her family keep them together.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ What a beautiful set of painted plates - they are so lovely.
And it sounds as though Mary is a
wonderful lady too. How great that her great aunt put details on the back of the plates.
Thank you for your comment and also the fun test too. I sent it on.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.