Sunday, October 21, 2007

Again, I must give credit to Prince for the picture taking.
Those big TVA towers were what made Prince's father so mad after he had built this house in the sixties. When I paint pictures of the view, I eliminate those towers and some of the pictures you can hold the camera up high enough to have them visible.
The deer cross at that spot and this afternoon we had nine munching on the corn that Prince puts out for them. The buck in the picture was a good six pointer.
The maple tree is in our neighbors front yard and it is usually the prettiest tree on the hill. This year the colors are not as majestic as usual but it is still flashing it colors to show that fall has arrived.
Our weather forecasters say we will get rain for most of the week and it will be in the high 60 during the day and into the 50's at night.
Prince and I did the last of our planting for the year. We put in the flower bed behind the garage 2 dwarf Cherry Dazzle Crapemyrtles and a hibiscus. We moved the hosta down to the log cabin as they were suffering from too much sun since the big oak was killed by lighting a few years back. The tree cutter said the oak was over 200 years old .
Also, that oak provide Puppy with a 23 inch oak leaf when he was collecting leaves for a project in third grade.
The Kitty Justice is that we may not have such a spectacular fall but at least we can enjoy a little of one.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Prince is doing so well with his photos - they are both great. I love the colors of maple trees - I have a small one (I keep it small) and at present it is beautifully green after being bare
and it will be nearly 6 months befor it colors for Autumn. (Fall)
We ahve had a couple of bery hot days, so I am lucky John got my cooler turned on. Take care, my
friend, Love, Merle.

Changes in the Wind said...

I think your fall looks wonderful...maybe not to you but you wouldn't be too moved by the cactus here in Arizona LOL.
I must be careful though because when all is covered in snow other places I can still see the cactus:)

Mary said...

Beautiful photos. We did not have a good showing of color here in Ontario either. Mostly yellows and if you see the photo on my blog, you will notice the tree in front of my house is still totally green with all the leaves still attached.

Enjoyed my visit. Have a magnifient Monday.

Lee said...

I can empathise with your father-in-law's anger with those towers. I know I would be if I were in his place.

The seasonal colour changes in the maples are wonderful.

Lady Di Tn said...

The 3 M's (Merle, Monica & Mary)
That poor maple pales in comparison to previous years.

Mary I am glad you visited and I took a trip over to your blogs and had a nice visit. Love the house , Meeko and the tribute to your friend.

I never knew Lewis as he died in 1975 but from all I hear about him he was not happy with TVA. He had bought the first 50th acre before the war(WWII) and my MIL would not marry him until he returned. They lived in a little log cabin when they were first married so when he built this house to have TVA come in and just take the land rights and put those towers there was a real thorn in his side.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ You will be pleased to hear that I have planted some of
my tomatoes and put paper and straw around them. Thank you for the tip.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Corn Dog said...

Oh the maple is gorgeous against that blue sky. Prince is a good photographer.