Sunday, October 14, 2007

There are still ten left on the porch and all the annuals and herbs. The last two days have been plant days. It was nice and pleasant but if you worked hard you could raise a glistens to the brow.
There were about a couple of dozen out front around the box woods and in the corner . Plus there were 3 Peace lilies and a palm around the hickory tree. Friday I took scissors in hand and cut the ones out front back plus removed any dead. I had a whole wheel barrow full of cuttings. I also sprayed those with bug spray to remove any critters before they were placed in the basement under the grow lights.
I have saved a few to put upstairs and in the family room downstairs. However, a very few. The ones upstairs, Mimi feels she has to water so the less I have up there for her to water the better off she will be.
Since she does not venture to the family room except to watch TV with us, I will put the most of the plants there and in the basement. Those I will water. Before I put those inside, I need to spray and wipe off the pots and then wash out the saucers. Like Scarlett, I will think about that tomorrow.
Prince helped me move the plants around back and into the basement and today he is mulching the ginkgo, pink dogwood and pin oak out front. I told him I would do it next week when the body would let me but he said since he was "on call" he would help me out.
Mimi has made asparagus sandwiches for lunch so I need to go eat while they are hot.
The Kitty Justice is if I had more than one type of plant they have been sentenced to a life if they survive under the holly trees.


Lee said...

I've just come in from watering my potted and hanging plants on my patio. I've added a few new ones as I neglected them throughout winter, much to theirs and my detriment! I also potted up a couple of poly-styrene boxes from my greengrocer with tomato plants. I've so many plants coming up in my little garden, I decided not to waste them. Hopefully, I'll have fresh tomatoes by the barrel full!

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ What a big job to move so many pots, so you would be glad of your husbands
help. Thankfully, I do not need to do that. I love some
at times but our winters must not be as severe as your.
Thanks for your comments/ Glad we all got a wake up call about not putting things off.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

It must be nice not to move pots in and out. If I left mine outside then come spring, I would have to go by new ones as the frost and cold winter will kill them.
I have not rolled my lemon and orange tree inside yet and I have one hibuscus to take downstairs but did not have it in me to do anymore than I did today.
On top of plants, I washed all the windows downstairs.
I will go to art tomorrow to REST.