Monday, October 29, 2007

MMMMMMM , Turkey is good to eat but not these. Wild turkeys legs are tooooo stringy and the breast is coarse. Or maybe I just do not know how to cook wild turkey.
Prince was working in the yard yesterday and as always he carries his camera and he got several good pictures. They came walking from our neighbors yard heading to the corn pile.
He was as still as he could be taking the pictures but those sharp eyed birds never took their eyes off of him. They did not hang around in the yard very long until they started to fly down the hill. For big birds they can take off very quickly.
The Kitty Justice is that they must know that Thanksgiving will be here soon and they do not wish to be mistaken for a domestic bird.


Mary said...

Nice photos of the wild turkeys.

I have never tasted wild turkey. I imagine the settlers that came to this country ate it, though I'm not sure how they would have prepared it. Possibly stew?

Food for thought. I enjoyed my visit, as always. Have a great week.

Corn Dog said...

Great pictures. I didn't realize there were so many on the farm.