Friday, October 12, 2007

These two precious ladies have been friends longer than I have lived. They travel across the ocean together and were often asked if they were sisters.
The children clothes at the This N That shop were loving washed, ironed and mended for years by these two dear ladies. Everyone at the shop have an immense respect for their work and dedication of years of service.
Alas, over a year ago Mz Mary could no longer live by herself. She was physically capable but her short term memory had a short circuit and she was not taking good care of herself. Therefore, her son moved her into an assisted living establishment near his home. It is a really nice well kept place and she was lucky to get a small apartment rather than just a large room. They furnished it with items from her home therefore she was very comfortable in the transition.
Mimi's daughter is over 50 and before she was born these two ladies had a sewing club and made tiny beautiful gowns for the children. One of those gowns that Mimi had sewn, Puppy came home from the hospital wearing the hand sewn gown of his Aunts.
I found that Mz Mary could recall all sorts of older memories and I kept steering her to tell me stories.
One such story was her Mother in Law held a sewing club at the Church for the St. Luke's babies. She was very organized and had the outfits cut out ready for the ladies to sew. A couple had portable sewing machines which they brought and the others did work by hand. Mimi said they all did whatever the MIL asked them to do.
Mz. Mary repeatedly made three statements. 1. She was so happy to see both of us. 2. It was like living in another country. 3. She missed the shop most of all.
It was so nice to see her so well kept and she said it was the best place for her.
As Mz Mary walked us to the front door of the place, I pondered , Mimi has a sharp mental capacity and Mz. Mary has the physical capacity. The dining room was near the front door and Mimi looked around at similar walkers and said "Lets get out of here quick, before they keep me".
The Kitty Justice is I made two old best friends happy . I need to take Mimi back at least once a month. Also, I was rewarded with their happy smiles and stories.


Changes in the Wind said...

If only we would ALL take a little more time to listen; No telling how our lives would be touched. Most of the time we sit waitng for the other person to hurry up and stop talking so we can start. Thank you for the sweet reminder to listen.

Lady Di Tn said...

Your welcome. I have always liked listening to my elders and it has not changed with age. However, I have fewer people to listen to now.

Lee said...

You know...death is not sad, old age is sad, but what a love must exist between these two wonderful women.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ What a lovely thing for you to do to help these two lovely ladies to get together. You have a kind heart. Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent me. It was a lovely surprise and that was so nice of you. I have dear male friend near death, so beneath the smile, I have a sad heart, so this was a really nice gift from you. Many thanks Di. Thanks for your comments too, Mike often does small jobs for me as I do for him. I pay for any bigger ones. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think old age is the Eulogy of Life. Death is sad for those left behind not for the one it happens to take.

You are a daily blessing for me and I can never thank you enough. Glad you enjoyed the card.

Peace be with you both.