Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another good one by Prince. He held the camera over his head to avoid the TVA power lines and this is the results. I think it is COOL.
Those TVA lines were put in after the house was built. They take your land and pay you for a ride away. A good story about Prince's Father was after they paid for the land , one of the workers killed a huge rattlesnake and being proud of his kill, he brought it to show Prince's Father. Lewis told him "I sold you the land, not the snake". He was rather put out with them for invading his view.
Back to the story, this was taken yesterday morning as today it is overcast. A CHANCE of rain. At 6 AM there was a slight sprinkle.
Sunday it was 90 degrees(tied a 10-10-1980 record) and yesterday it was 92 degrees on the gauge in the car on my way home. TOO TOO HOT FOR OCTOBER.
All the weather people said it would start raining Monday night and continue through Tuesday and then a cold front would come through making the temperature more like October weather.
So far the rain is not here therefore, will the cool weather arrive. I will let you know.
When Maggie goes out for her runs, a dust trail follows her every where. Prince aerated the front yard and put out some grass seed but if it does not rain we have fed the birds expensive food.
The Kitty Justice is that only Mother Nature knows if we will get rain .


Changes in the Wind said...

Love the title:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince was looking at his pictures and made the comment and I stole it. It was a pure accidental as I said he was holding the camera above his head.

I hope you got a chance to visit the sites I suggested.

Merle said...

Hi Di ~~ Great photo again by Prince. I am so glad for you that your cup runneth over.
We only have to look around us and appreciate the wonders of this world. Looking forward to seeing the painting of the church and any others you care to share with us. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di .
Love the title and the photo.
and all the other photo's ive missed. Still havent got my computer back so will be back regulary when i have it back, take care I shall return..

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince just has a natural talent even with the camera over his head.

Glad to see you and miss your post.