Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I have framed the Blue View, which is a signature picture of the view from the hill, I have painted numerous of these in different colors and styles . I know it so well, I do not even need a picture to paint from anymore. This one will be given away as a Dirty Santa gift at the Art Ventures Christmas luncheon.
Mz. Spring and Turks Cap have been signed and Turks Cap has been framed and I will take them today to the Art Center to be put in the Christmas Exhibit which will run from December 7Th through the 28Th. I might get lucky and someone will buy them. That would be a great way to end 2007.
I hope I make it to the Center without any mishaps as the morning started off rather ruff. First of all, I was heading toward the coffee pot with the basket full of coffee and I BUMP the side of the silly pot and up in the air goes all the coffee. What a mess to start the day.
Next, I was gonna cut the top off one of the recycle cans and low and behold the stuff in the door was jammed and I had to work at it to get it open. Finally I got it open and lots of jar lids had been stuffed in that drawer so I took them all out to be put with the other lids high up in the cabinet.
I have now had my coffee and fixed lunches so next order of business will be what I have nicknamed "THE STOCKINGS FROM HELL" . I have gotten faster and better at putting the stockings on Mimi and if she had not said "they make her legs feel better" I would be figuring out a way to not have that job on a daily basis. When my back hurts so bad, I head for the massage pad before I do anything else.
Also, do any of you realize how a few dark chocolate M&M at night can make your blood sugar go haywire for days. I had a few of them last week and my waking blood sugar was the highest it has ever been. Then the next few days it did not go down but 20 points. So I went back on 2 pills a day. Remember the Doctor told me if I suffered from one of the bad side effects to stop the morning pill.
Well, I did suffer that side effect so I had stopped the morning pill as my waking blood sugar was normal. Not after M&M. He does not wish for me to take my blood sugar every morning so since the bad numbers have appeared I have not taken it for several days. I will do it tomorrow just like Scarlett.
The good news is the house smells like Christmas. We got our tree Sunday before the rain and the pleasant odors fill the house. I will probably put the lights on tomorrow and then spend Thursday decorating it. I love to put on Christmas songs as I decorate.
The Kitty Justice is that I have not had to take any PERIPHERAL JOURNEYS SO FAR THIS WEEK.


Marcel said...

Sorry about the bad start to your day. I hope it gets better!

I love the paintings. As I think I said before you are very talented.

Take care of your self too. And Merry Christmas.

Lady Di Tn said...

When I went out to the garage to leave and paint, my bag fell over and all my brushes hit scattered along the floor. I should have known not to try to paint today. I left the paintings without further incident and came home.
Thank you for your kind words.
Merry Christmas to you also.

Mary said...

The paintings are beautiful and I do hope that someone buys them. You are a talented lady.

I do hope your day improved and that you ended up having a great one.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di,, Sorry to hear your day got of to a bad start.. well You are a very talented Lady and your painting should sell very easy as there ver pleasing to the eye. at 1st glance I thought your turks caps was a lovely Fuchsia bush... Hope you get lots of sales...

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Mary and Jeanette,
I just started laughing at each item I dropped therefore it made the day go better.
Thanks for your kind words about my talent. There are so many talented people that I am humble to have what little talent God gave me.
Peace to you both.

Anonymous said...

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