Monday, December 10, 2007

The snowman bucket was given to me by my good pal, Pammie Poo. I use to put it by the fireplace in the living room but Sam cat kept stealing the little Scoby dog that my sister gave to Puppy when he was small.
The rabbit in the bucket was under the tree on Puppy's first Christmas. The snowman box was given to me by my oldest and dearest friend, Linda. Each year at Christmas we spend a whole day together. When Puppy was small he thought Santa was a 4' 10 " lady from Georgia.
The nutcracker was something I bought years ago when I lived alone with my two chow chows, Chu Tu and Ling Ling.
The reindeer is battery operated and will walk and the red nose glows. My Mother gave this to Puppy when he was just a tiny boy and he loved to watch it.
The Angel was another present from my best friend Linda and the cake candle was given to us by our dear neighbors. I love the smell and just will not burn it. I drag it out each year to make the house smell like Christmas.
These decorations have taken the place of the shamrocks as they were beginning to look rather limp and raggedy so they were banished to the basement. After Christmas I guess that corner will look rather empty.
Like the little red hen, I finally got the tree decorated. I finished putting the icicles on it Sunday evening then I turned out all the lights except the tree and sat and gazed at the tree. Mimi and Prince joined me on my staring mission. Yes, they had wine but I had my own design cocktail. I make it with Peach vodka and Crystal Light Sunrise. It has less calories and sugar for us diabetics so it is better for us than wine.
Saturday evening Prince and I went to his company Christmas party at an old house named Riverview out off Gallatin Road. This couple bought it and fixed it up and they have all kind of events and parties there. The couple live upstairs and Prince worked with the lady at one time. They have did alot of work since we went to Cat's daughter wedding a few years ago.
Today I took Mimi to her Garden Club party and I do believe she was the youngest member and she is 88. Most were either 90 or announced that they would soon turn ninety. It was a nice meal and I enjoyed hearing stories of by gone days. I do believe that none of them garden anymore. Thus it is a Garden Club in name only.
Before we left I baked two loaves of Amish bread and made four new starter for future loaves. When we returned we or mainly Me stirred up the first batch of fruitcakes. The batter got so stiff, Mimi went and asked Puppy to help and he whipped the remaining dry ingredients into the fruit mixture in no time flat. We got six nice cakes and we used this fresh nutmeg that my pal, Carol had given us. That will probably make them the best ever.
I know lots of folks laugh and make jokes about fruitcakes but if you have not had one of ours then you really have not had a really GOOOOOD ONE. The secret is not to be stingy with the ingredients especially the whiskey and if you really want to make them cry for more use Jack. If you do not know who Jack is then you do not know whiskey. The finest whiskey is made in Lynchburg Tennessee.
Now for a funny on Maggie. Prince was getting her to chase the squirrels off the bird feeders as he ate his breakfast. Finally Maggie went and got her Hedge hog and showed the squirrel that this is what will happen to you if I catch you. I thought Prince was gonna fall out of his chair laughing.
The Kitty Justice is that it has been a long day and now I plan to put the fur to bed.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Love the ending. That is hilarious.

How nice that you took Mimi to her Garden Club party. I'm sure she enjoyed the time with you and her friends and you would certainly have enjoyed the stories of bygone days. I always enjoy listening to seniors tell those kind of stories.

Thanks for commenting on my post about the boys' presents. We have lots of things planned to do but thank you so much for the tips. They certainly will help.

Love and blessings,

Marcel said...

I agree with Mary; funny story about Maggie. I'll remember the tip about Jack. Someone gave me a bottle and I don't drink so now I know what to do with it.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~ ~ Great post again and I am glad you have your fruit cakes done and I am sure they are yummy. Nice to Christmas break up parties, and I smiled at the Garden Club, where no one is able to garden any more. A nice day anyway. Thanks for your comments, We are all trying to feed the good wolf, but the other one hops in for his chop. We keep trying!
I won't bang my leg on a bumper bar again (for a while at least) I wear socks most of the time these days.
I only have to pay taxi fares to get my nails cut as I am a war widow. Safer for we diabetics.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you liked Maggies antics. As we were talking last night at the dinner table, Mimi was amazed at all the information I had ferried out from those little ladies at the Garden Club.
I remember well how little boys have to be entertained on long trips. I was just wondering How many times they will ask "Are we there yet?"

Glad to give baking tips on fruitcakes. One of the best secrets is to soak the fruit overnight in a cup of Jack. Enjoy.

Not all the fruitcakes are done. We have one more batch to do today and that will give us a dozen fruitcakes to give away as gifts. I told my sister one year that we might not hav time to make them and she was devasted and said I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO MY FRUITCAKE. If you remember she is Baptist and they do not drink so I laugh at how she likes to get her Jack Daniels. Puppy had to stir the batter for us on the end as it got so stiff so I asked if he would be home today to stir.
Peace and take care of the leg.