Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The driveway is empty now and the grass is greener than it has been in months but soon there will be family and friends coming up the driveway to spend a few hours or days with us.

It is a hectic time . We plan to get ready but no one really cares if the brass is shined and the clutter put away as they are here to enjoy time together. Not inspect the house.

Prince took a few days vacation the coming two days so he can help get some things in order. The laundry room is in a mess as the whirlpool tech just came and in order for him to service the dryer we had to take down the shelves with all the cookbooks and laundry stuff. The worst part is the problem would never had come about if those two gorillas (I dub them this as they tossed my old washer and dryer around and dented them up and I was donating them to the thrift shop so they did not bring as much as they could have) had installed my dryer correctly. I paid 87.00 for a left kit conversion and that is not covered under warranty so I can either get nasty with H H Gregg or pay again to have it done. I can do nasty but I literally get physically sick afterwards from acting not like myself.

The restored items arrived today and they are sitting in our living room. So it is imperative that they are taken to Prince's little brothers. Furniture in one of the bedrooms must be moved and here we are two days before company arrives and it still is not in place. This had to be done for my nephew and his new wife. They got married on December 15Th.

I am beginning to panic because all jobs take longer in reality than in statement.

Mimi and I did go buy out the grocery store today to have some food on hand to feed the mass invasion.

The Kitty Justice is when the first car arrives, the panic will go hide and the hugs will begin then all the work will be history and not thought about again.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Yes, they will be arriving and they won't care what is out of place. They come for your love and companionship.

I was stressing a little too. Nothing is getting done as I wanted it to, but we are getting ready for our trip and hubby is busy and can't give me much time right now. Then I thought "What if Jesus was coming to my house for Christmas." The answer was plain. He wouldn't be here to look at my house, but to visit and enjoy the company of those around him.

Try not to stress. Enjoy the holiday and the company of your loved ones. It will all get done. The bedroom will be moved and the laundry room will be back in shape.

Love and blessings,

Changes in the wind is said...

Kittyjustice.....not nasty...justice! and hugs fixes everything:)

Marcel said...

Have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family, that's waht it's all about!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you all for helping me get a prospective on the stressing. I have pushed the Grandma Christian cleaning gene back into the box and what will be will be.
They all came to be with us not the house.