Sunday, December 02, 2007



I think I overdosed on football games yesterday. First University of Tennessee, my school, played Louisiana State University for the Southeastern Conference Championship. UT lost 21-14 to LSU.

Then there was the Oregon Ducks playing Oregon State Beavers and all the commentators were referring to it as The Civil War. The Beavers won in double overtime. First time since 1993.

Then it was Oklahoma playing Mizzou and Mizzou was rated Number 1 team in the nation. I think Mizzou won but at this point my mind was fuzzy with football overload.

At 10:30 pm Hawaii played Washington. It was not over until the wee hours of the morning. Hawaii finally won. I must admit Prince watched it all but I fell asleep during some of the games. At 2:30 this Morning person went to bed. Might have well stayed up.

At the appointed time of 5 am Maggie started whining to go out. I rolled over and told her to go back to sleep. Almost every thirty minutes she was back and finally before 7 I got up.

The wind was worse than the other day and it was blowing the tears from my eyes. I let her go ahead an get the paper as I did not wish to return out in my housecoat in the wind. The paper was HUGE, over half of it was ads as to what stores have on sale. I gave Maggie extra beggin strips for bringing back such a huge paper.

As I began making coffee, etc. etc. I took the recycles out and the door shut behind me and it was locked. The kitty justice is that I am THANKFUL that Prince was too tired to diligent check the doors to see if they were locked so I did not have to wake anyone to get back inside. THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW PRINCE KNOW THAT THIS IS VERY VERY VERY RARE.

Lucky Kitty so now I need to buy a lottery ticket. Now that would be RARE FOR ME.


Marcel said...

You are obviously a very talented painter. I liked the photo of the bell in the previous post, but I like the painting even more.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Love the painting ~ you have done well. Thanks for the mention too. I think that would be too much football for me too, and I am so glad you didn't get locked out. Maggie did well with the large paper. My letterbox is full os all the things they want me to buy pamphlets
and the papers are too. I hope you have some luck with the lottery ticket ~ just in time for Christmas. Thank you for the nice winter snow scene care ~ it made me feel cooler!! And thanks for your comments and kind words and I am glad you get a laugh. Take care, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Marcel, I appreciate your kind words on my limited talent.

Merle, I am glad you liked the painting and it help cool you off. We awoke to 25 degrees this morning. I didn't buy a lottery ticket as I have worked too hard to gamble but someday I might buy one when I am having a really good day.