Friday, December 28, 2007

Our old boss use to call her the Italian Pope and he was a funny little man. Whenever, you told him so and so wanted him to call them his statement was
"What do they want me to CALL them?"
But back to this year, on Saturday before Christmas, LPC, her husband Paul and mother Arna came for their annual visit.
I had made a big pot of coffee and left the makings out for more pots to be made but to my surprise, neither Paul nor Arna drank coffee like they had in previous years. Arna was forever heading outside to smoke a cigarette. LPC had told me she need another cigarette holder but I just could not let myself buy anything to encourage her habit. She collects Coca Cola items so I got her this big soup mug with coke on it.
They got here around eleven in the morning and left about eight and I always look forward to their visit. Prince will usually entertain Paul and LPC and I will take a few hours just the two of us.
Puppy use to think that Santa was really a 4'10" lady from Georgia. It was rather redundant after she came as she would bring a truck load of toys for him. She now has a Great Nephew to spoil like she did Puppy.
LPC has two Christmas trees in her home and she never takes them down nor does she take down her decorations. She has already started shopping for Christmas 2008. When she gets a gift she immediately wraps it and puts it under one of the trees. Now I would simply forget what I had in all those packages but not her.
Sometimes she will comment that she does not recall what is in the package but then when whoever starts unwrapping it she will say "Oh yeah, I remember that."
This statement is always made before you can even see the box to get an idea what the item happens to be.
I fixed for lunch, a honey ham, corn pudding, green beans and rolls. Topped off with chocolate chip bunt cake and cool whip. Still no coffee was drank. They did have their caffeine in the form of cokes.
The kitty justice is the day did not last as long as either of us would like and it will be another year before they will all come back to spend the day.


Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

It sounds to me as if you are a very luck person to have such a good friend. The older I get the more I understand the importance of good friends and family. Are the Christmas trees that LPC keeps up livings trees, or fake trees? Just curious as the idea of leaving up a tree is most unusual, but fun. It sounds like you had a good Christmas and that is great!

We had a good Christmas here with the kids. To answer your question, yes Connie and I do Santa and Elf every year. I got to thinking this year I think was maybe the 14th year? Each year it is more fun and each year I need a little less white in my beard not to mention a little less padding.

Lady Di Tn said...

She was the first person I got to know when I started to work in Nashville back in 1969. We are now as close as any sisters could become. She has allergies and back problems therefore her Christmas trees are fake.
Your tradition to play Santa and Connie one of the Elves is priceless. Lol at your last statement.

Marcel said...

Lady Di,

It is interesting that you say sisters because in the photo you look as if you could be sisters.

Corn Dog said...

Yum, one thing I miss is corn pudding. Have a grand new year, Di.

SweetAnnee said...

Hope you had a great time with LPC
and your old boss sounds like a hoot.

I leave a tree up all year, but the ornies
change to match the season or holiday

Valentine's will come next!!
thanks for sharing..
fondly..your friend. Deena

Lady Di Tn said...

I am already trying to plot how to get a corn pudding across country. hee hee

You would have enjoyed the old boss as he was extremely funny.
I have heard of people doing that to their trees but never known one until you.

People have actually asked us if we were sisters.
Peace & Happy 2008