Monday, December 24, 2007

Thanks to all my many blogging friends to yank me back from Stressville and help me get a prospective.
Merry Christmas to all.
Now for a little story that I made up for Puppy many years ago about Santa.
Kitty was counting to three to get Puppy to do something and then she told him the reason parents count to three.
As Kitty held Puppy on her lap she began the tell of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
Parents learn to count to three to get things done because Santa only comes by three times on Christmas Eve.
Puppy's eyes grew very wide with this statement."Why is that Mother?"
Well, Santa is very busy on Christmas Eve as he has to go to every house to deliver toys to little boys and girls BUT (Puppy was hanging on to every word at this point) he cannot deliver the presents until each child is asleep.
If he comes by your house and you are still awake, he goes to the next house and then he will circle by again the next time around. On the second try, if you are still awake he will go further down his route and then he will circle by for a third and final time. If you are awake he leaves a note telling you he is sorry he will have to come back next year as he has millions of boys and girls to visit and he can only come by three times each year. Otherwise it would not be fair to the other children who are fast asleep awaiting presents on Christmas morning. So that is why we parents count to three as we learned it from Santa.
Hope you enjoyed my little tale and the Kitty Justice is that if you do not go to sleep tonight in time Santa just might not stop by your house.


Changes in the wind is said...

This is priceless! I always knew there was a reason that parents counted to three:)

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Very cute. I knew there was a reason that we always had to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. And now I know why we count to three when we tell kids to do something. LOL I count the grandsons down once in a while. They dislike it, but they get moving when I start counting.

Dad never counted to three. He said, "I told you to get moving and you better do it." We moved...

Merry Christmas, my friend. May abundant blessings come your way.


Marcel said...

Thanks for the nice story and thanks for all your kind words on my blogs. 23 degrees is about 12 to 15 degrees colder than we are today. Merry Christmas!

Lady Di Tn said...

Monica, Mary & Marcel
Thanks for enjoying my imagination. I loved telling Puppy stories when he was young, I guess I took after Pa (Mother's father) as he could really spin some yarns during the Christmas season.

It is 43 degrees and raining today and will likely rain most of the day. This is unfortunate as Nephew # 3 will he hauling some of his furniture back to Mobile. He has it covered with heavy plastice but we can only hope it will hold during his trip south.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merle said...

Dear Lady Do ~~ Thank you so much for sharing that lovely little story with us. It was very cute. Thank you very much for all your comments and I am glad to be back with my blogging friends. Thanks for your nice words about Scotty being a heart-breaker which he is as he has lots of girlfriends and Michelle is going steady (if that's what they call it these days) and she and her boyfriend are planning to build a house in 2008. I love all my grand kids and it is great to see them grow up and become people instead of little kids.
I treasure many of my regular bloggers too and you are one of them Di. Have a wonderful New Year
with every good thing you desire.
Take care, Much love, Merle.