Saturday, December 08, 2007


These are a couple of my Christmas teapots that I get out during this wonderful time of the year.

There is something about teapots that just make me feel good all over. I love them and I don't mind a good glass of ice tea or a cup of hot tea either. Both looking at a beautiful pot and enjoying the flavor of good tea are part of the nice things in the world.

The dirty Santa party was a really good one this year at the Bistro 215 in Green Hills. The Manager came over and apologized for not having our little private room for us as they usually have done. A new person was in charge of reservations and yes they booked two parties for the same time and day. Since Peaches, who was one of the December hostess called after the other person to confirm she had to take the second choice. We had an alcove to the left but it was not as cozy as the private room. WE HAD FUN ANYWAY.

When you get that many Women Artist together we will have fun even if we had had to set up on a dirt road.

Mz Hen was her usual late self and everyone had ordered their food and gotten it and drawn their dirty Santa number. I was lucky and got 16 so I got to watch a lot of stealing and could check out where the gifts were that I wanted to steal. It was so funny that Mz . Hen drew number one and she was constantly having to open presents and then have them stolen from her. Finally she said "Did I get number one for being late?" We all laughed at that one.

CT was rather done out as she announced "she was gonna have to buy all new winter clothes since she had gained so much weight". Usually she is the happiest one at our gathering and always has jokes to share with us. Not today. I guess being Heavier makes your mood change.

When Bunny and Peaches called each member to confirm that they were coming to the luncheon, they requested that you bring something you had painted or made. So there were lots of wonderful paintings to be stolen from each member.

Then it happen, Sister's painting that she had open was stolen and she went and picked another present and it was a bought Christmas item. Jingle bell door knockers. Cat proudly said she had made them with her own hands. We all laughed but knew full well she had gone to the store. Again that did not fit her personality as she always brings a painting.

Several more packages were opened and then it was Annie turn, she opened her package to find two boxes of nice candy but it was kind of like a kick in the teeth as most of those paintings would be worth so much later on. To me they are Priceless as they are what one of our members have created. She quickly asked "just who made these chocolates, Spent all day in the Kitchen Huh. Mz. Fire in a sheepish voice and she was sitting to my right, said "Sorry."

Sister's and Annie's gifts would not be stolen and I knew how they felt as last year only about half of the ladies brought paintings or something they had made and Mz. Ann and I got store bought items. I hated it since Mz Ann was so disappointed with her gift because it was her last Christmas with us. Bless her she is now painting the skies for us all to enjoy. I wish I had gotten that beautiful painting that Mz Ann brought to the luncheon last year. Maybe I can get Bruce ,her son, to let me buy something she had done. I miss her very much. She was the most proper lady I had ever met. So it was very odd to hear of her displeasure with the gift she got at the luncheon last year. Very out of character.

It finally came my turn , so Mz PB & J had had CT beautiful scene painting stolen by Jingles so I thought I would just take it from Jingles. The items can be stolen 3 times and then they are retired. There were not many numbers after mine and I thought it would be safe with me. Not! Bunny took it as she followed me. So I could either steal or open one of the two presents let unopened and one of those was my painting so I thought I would rather steal.

Barbie had her painting hidden under the table but I remember it was Bunny's painting so I took it with no regrets and then she had to either open or steal. She stole Jingles painting and that retired CT painting.

Da Ford had to either steal or open so she took the last present to be open and it was mine. I was beginning to feel a little forlorn as no one wanted that package. I made a note to package it not in Blue next year.

The ladies all liked the handmade Christmas cards that I had worked so hard preparing and Cat even stated that it was a good day when I joined the group with all my ideas and talent.

After the luncheon, I took Knoxie her card and raspberry jam I had made for her to her home and visited with her and her hubby. Her BP is out of whack and the meds are being changed to see if it can be controlled better. Bless her heart she is the tiniest member but tall so she looks like a stick person so it is hard to fathom that her BP is so high.

When I got home I spent time with Mimi watching her favorite soap opera. I will NEVER ever watch another one after she is gone. However, she likes it and it gives us something to share together.

Prince said traffic was awful so we were an hour late getting to the Exhibit. We were told the crowd was constant for the entire two hours. We stayed until it closed.

It was funny the first people we saw was Cat and her hubby, Frankie and we had a really nice visit with them. I was careful not to say anything about store bought presents at the luncheon.

The Kitty Justice is when we got home , Prince built us a fire downstairs and we watched one of the high school play off games. A peaceful end to a hectic day.


Marcel said...

I even think the tea pots are very nice. Hey, even big macho guys can like pretty things. Thanks for posting them.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Lovely tea pots and you don't see too many around these days.
Thank you for your comments, and your card for Geoff and some of the family news etc in your e mail.
Thank you also for enjoying my blog.
I am having a night off again. Have to finish my Christmas cards and get them away. Hope to be back tomorrow.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Changes in the wind is said...

The tea pots are beautiful! What a lovely tradition.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad macho guys appreciate pretty tea pots.

Well at my house you see lots of tea pots. Prince got me two new ones for our anniversary. One is a fat Santa and the other is a fat Snowman. I send most my Christmas cards as email cards which saves on paper and postage.

Thanks. I love all the tea pots in my collection and believe it or not, I do not have any the same.

Peace be to all

SweetAnnee said...

Oh the party sounds so fun!!
What a day.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Your teapots are exquisite and I can see why Marcel would comment on them. My daughter collects teapots and she would love them.

It sounds like you had a great time at the luncheon. That game of stealing presents is a lot of fun. I've played it a couple of times and always enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed my visit, as always.


Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di, Love your Christmas Teapots. Hehehe. that game of stealing presents sounds like a lot of fun lot of fun.
Belated Happy Anniversary Di and Prince, thanks for sharing your lovely photo's..

Lady Di Tn said...

There is a picture on a previous blog of all my teapots. I do not have a hundred yet.
That is nice to know of another lady, your daughter who collects teapots. I do not know any others around here.
Peace be with you.

Thanks for your best wishes. As long as you go with the attitude that you will not get to keep what you pick you can have lots of fun.