Thursday, April 26, 2007


This was taken six months ago when they were on a wonderful vacation.

Now she is in for the fight of her life. The Big C, stage 4, in operable. Monday April 16th, she started radiation and has a chemo pump she takes everywhere. Constant companion of the worse kind.

She is only forty-one and has a little girl who is twelve.

I ask all who read this to put her and her family in your Prayers and just maybe a miracle will happen.

Thanks be to God.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

THERE BACK !!!!!!!

Since 1992 the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak have graced our feeders.

They are very shy birds so I have to sneak up on them from our kitchen window. At present we have a dozen or more eating away. How I would love to get a picture of this many gathering to feed.

Alas, I am lucky to get the pictures posted. A mere movement causes them to fly away to the safety of the trees.

The kitty justice is they will stay until the first hot day and will not return until next spring. It would be nice if they stopped by in the Fall.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


First of all, Mz Kitty has been down for the count ALL WEEK with a hurt back. I cannot emotional handle this very good as I love to be active. I can always find something to do even if it is clean a toilet.

One day a week Mimi goes about a couple of miles not on any main streets to get her hair done. This like the grocery store is a MUST.

Every time she returns from getting her hair done she has a happy expression as she does have the prettiest white hair anyone would ever want. I try to always find out what has gone on at the beauty parlor as we southern call it. She was in a DITHER DITHER.

I wanted to know what had happen and she said she had lost her checkbook. I asked the normal questions, Where did you have it last? Did you look in your car as it could have fallen out of your purse? To all my inquires she had done it at least four or five times.

With much pain and effort, I check each side of her car both front and back. No checkbook. Puppy happen to come home from college so I asked him to check her car. With a huff she told us "we have already done that." Puppy immediately went and looked and could not locate it.

Mimi was sure she had dropped it when she got out of the car to get a check cashed so she could tip the girl who washes her hair. I advised she needs to go through the drive threw window so she does not have to get out but she had a answer to that one too. "I needed some ones she pouted". I advised there is a call button to ask for certain denominations. It was if I had spoken to the air. I was on OLD PERSON IGNORE.

I called the local bank number and was transferred to some foreign area of the world. I was told they would put a stop payment on the two hundred dollar check written for cash and also a stop on the block of checks in her checkbook. I started asking questions which the expert could not answer so I was transferred to the Fraud section of the deep bowels of this wonderful banking organization. The teenager who answered said in a I cannot believe this voice "that the check for cash could be altered by one penny and be cashed and the stop payment only lasted six months. The best thing Mimi could do was change her account number.etc.etc. etc. "

I grab my ice pack and tell Mimi I need to lay down for 15 minutes and she said she had her bank statement and wanted to check them off against her ledger. I knew that would be awhile so I left her to her madness.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 3pm and that is closing time for the bank. I told Mimi we need to go. Now she wanted to put it off and I knew she would only WORRY WORRY WORRY until the case of the missing checkbook was closed.

She reluctantly put her ledger in the back seat and then got in to drive. I had not driven since I hurt my back and really had not even been out so I was not looking forward to our journey. I could hardly move my right arm so I had to reach across with my left to close the passenger door.

She started backing out of the garage and then could not judge the distance of the garage opening so she see sawed the car. We roared down the driveway and with a jerk and a quick step on the gas we were on the lane. She rolls through the 4 way stop and then gas and go down the hill. Scree to stop at the red light. Gas and go again and by this time I felt like a puppet on a string. Finally we get to road to pull out so we can turn into the bank. As soon as we turned right she hit the gas and the eight cinders leaped into action and then she let off the gas and we almost came to a stand still. At that point, I was determined to DRIVE BACK HOME. Hurt or not, I could not endure another ride with Mimi.

I am already out of the car going around to the back seat to get her ledger and there it is THE MISSING CHECKBOOK. With all the erratic driving it had slide from its hiding place and was in the floorboard of the back seat driver side.

I laughed that horse laugh of mine and said "LOOK WHAT I FOUND". She was so relieved that she did not have to change her bank account that she had forever.

We laughed all the way home. First she would giggle and then I.

The kitty justice is that she got a good nights sleep and I will never ever let her drive me again. Now watch next week she will want to drive me to the shop. YIKES AND DOUBLE YIKES.


Some genius came up with the idea that it would be great to save our senior citizens of this fair state ten per cent on their groceries the first Wednesday in each month.

Those who do not have this entertainment or live with a little ole person who looks forward to this day cannot fathom what it is like to exist on these days.

First of all, the little old people start a list as soon as they get home from the last SENIOR DAY. If you go to the grocery store and pick up said item, you will be rebuffed that that should have waited until they could get their ten percent.

The day arrives and it is the first Wednesday of the month. It is like sloths heading for the ocean as you pull into the parking lot. If you have lived right for the last month you will locate an unoccupied handicap parking space.
If not, I pull to the curb in front of the doors and let my favorite ole person out. She will complain loudly that she can walk from wherever I park but I tell her that I know she could but this would be better. After she gets out, I always hold my ground even if I have a whole parking lot of cars behind me and I watch her go through the doors before I releases the lane and head out to find a place where no one will run into the car and the safest spots are those FAR FAR AWAY but I am aware that Mimi will protest too loudly about "I can walk that far so I take the closest and safest spot available.

I am positive that there will be new dings and if I have truly lived right the last month no one will back into the car in its precarious place.

As I walk toward the store, I look around and feel a surge of youth coursing through my veins. You either have to be too young to care or an Idiot to go grocery shopping on Senior Day.

I am the keeper of the holy list of items to be purchased on Senior Day so Mimi can be found looking at all the fresh vegetables and she might have even picked out a few. When I arrive she will tell me what she has gotten so I can mark it off the list. Also, I need to give my approval of all that has been squirrelled away in the basket. Green salads are a main stay for our home, so we always have to debate over lettuce.

We must move on as we are being overtaken by the motorized grocery carts. Those are the dangers ones, not the ones who can still push a basket. I begin to feel like a rookie Nascar driver or unsuspecting spectator. You have to watch from all angles or else you can be pushed into the wall or just bumped because you happen to be in THEIR LANE.

As we start working our way down each aisle, Mimi starts to panic and she will yell quite loudly for a small person "Kitty get out of the way"OR "MOVE!!!!" or if not so crowded she will politely say "Kitty, they need to get by" By the time we reach the freezer section I feel as if I have been doing jumping jacks for the last ten miles.

This last time I was pondering some items because I have just been diagnosis with Type II so I try to read the labels now. She rolled on to find "coolwhip". As I stood there reading I hear this shrill voice that could be heard to Memphis "Kitty, COME ON". Every gray haired wonder looked my way with an accusation that I had tortured this cute little lady. As calmly as an injured cat, I approached her and told her what I was doing and then in a tiny voice, she was apologetic. I was the one who was yelled at like a wayward two year old but I felt bad that she realized how bad she had been.

She was a broken record there after wanting to go back and get the item that I had been looking for and I told her I would just go to Publix as they had them.

As we unloaded the over stuffed basket at the checkout, she told me to give the cashier the Kroger card. I stated again what I had told her three times when I handed her credit card back from the day before. "Mimi I filled up your car with gas and put the Kroger card along with the credit card and gas receipt in the little folder you gave me." She was in a dither and was wringing her hands as the cashier kept checking the groceries out. I explained to Mimi we could put in her telephone number and she should get senior credit. I put in the number and must have hit a wrong key as the credit did not appear. The cashier is a wonderful lady and we always try to go through her line, so she said to me "Honey did you put in the correct number?" I told her I thought so but let me try again" ALAS MIMI GOT HER TEN PERCENT.

Mimi was happy and that was all that mattered. She will be eighty-eight today and I hope to grow up to be as kind.

I have no idea why little ole people like to GROCERY SHOP. I HATE IT. FIRST YOU HAVE TO GET THE ITEM FROM THE SHELF, PUT IT IN YOUR CART, TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR CART, PUT IT IN YOUR CAR, TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR CAR AND THEN PUT IT AWAY. By the time I have touched those items that much I am just sick of them.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Big O turned SIXTY this last week and his little red headed wife wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. Big O was not gonna have that so it was turned into JUST a fish fry at the river.

Prince and Big O became best friends after they had married sisters. The sisters are history but they are still the best of friends. Big O is in the middle.

O's little red headed wife is the one in the green sweater and her nickname should be Chatter Box. She can say more in five minutes than most southern can say in a week. Could it be because she works for the phone company. Nuf said.

Prince and I were a couple hours late for the party. Prince is not an on time guy. I accepted that fact before we wed and I have not tried to change him. Why mess with an original.

As the Z71 headed west it continued to rain and then drizzle but never stop. The party was located at the storage buildings that Big O has for boats to rent. He will even take your boat out and launch it for you so all you have to do is step on the boat and push off.

Since we were late most of the fish had been devoured but there were a few good strips for Prince and I. J D the body builder (you have to guess which one) and Chatter Box cooked the fish and it was delicious.

I was rather taken aback when I saw that Wife #1 was at the party. To say Wife #1 and Chatter Box & Big O have had a stormy relation is an understatement. It is more like a F5 tornado.

Little O was there with his cute little sweetheart. Big O was upset with the bling Little O has put in his ears. I would be upset too if Puppy did that but what can you do once they turn 21. Big O just shook his head as Little O told me that he was not going to school and no longer worked in the restaurant business. He was following a band around the country selling t- shirts.

Little O said he was having fun just seeing all the new places. He is young with no children or wife so this is the perfect time for him to have wander lust.

Prince and I were the life of the party with our bottled water in hand. He was driving and Type II has put a damper on my social drinking. We did not feel the need to explain and continued to sip straight water. The beer companies would have been proud of this gathering. I am sure after we left someone made comments about us not being sociable.

Prince and Mr E who we had not met before were conversing about the roads and the small towns of the area when Mr. E stated "Hwy 49 is as crooked as Hell." I thought to myself "Now just how crooked is Hell".

Everyone there had known each other for most of their lives and if you needed something, one of them would jump in an help. Good people.

I was rather amused by Mr. Kubota because if he did not fly planes he would not have had anything to talk about. I guess he needs something to spin yarns about since his wife ran off with another woman. Not done in the country.

There was an x mayor of a small town and just good down to earth county people who had worked hard and made good. Raised children and were now Grandparents.

Big O's sister who was dressed in camo had in her arms a tiny dog in a sweater with toe nails painted hot pink. Big O was disgusted with painting a dog's toe nails as much as he was with his son's ear rings.

Wife #1 was talking about this leather couch she had found and she went on and on about how unusual and comfortable it was. When looking at it she had her girl pal sit down on the couch beside her so she could tell whether or not her girl pal would sit too close to her. Closeness was a problem if the person next to her was a girl . I could not help but think of the show on television where the main guy character had trouble scratching another guys back. Like it took away some of his masculinity. I guess sitting too close to another girl would rob her of some of her girlishness.

As the majority of the women smoked like trains heading out of town, I listened to the blond section talking about how to potty in a portable boat potty. I wanted to laugh a horse laugh with the description they were all giving however I could not do so as they were being SERIOUS.

I was unable to get a good picture OF THE BEST GUEST as he was so black. His name was Superman and he was a real polite working lab. He stayed by his Masters side at all times. I was informed by Big O that he had been to school and he would retrieve on hand signals. I petted his wet head and told him what a GOOD DOG HE WAS. He looked at me as if to say "I know this now where is the FOOD".

The kitty justice was we had a nice drive back in the Z71 and when I got home I told Maggie what a good girl she was and Puppy how proud I was that he was still in school and did not have tattoos or ear rings. Hopefully he will stay true to himself and not follow the crowd.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Her birthday is tomorrow and she would not have approved of my long smoke in hand but she would have absolutely loved my hat and the color of my outfit.

Vinia (pronounced vI Na) Mai Christian Kirby love bright colors and sparkling clothes. The more bling the better. She loved to yodel and buck dance. She could sew outfits that looked as if you bought them in the most expense stores.

Gardening was her passion and therapy. As I have stated before she could grow anything anywhere. Even on rocks. All she had to do was touch the seed or plant and her green magic would make it burst forth into something we would all admire.

Every time I would go home, Mother and I would walk around the yard to see what was coming up and blooming. I can thank her for my love of digging in the dirt.

Mother would spend as much of her time outside as possible and then she would bring in the fruits of her labor and proceed to can them for all of us to enjoy in the winter. She did a little freezing of vegetables but she would rather can than freeze.

Mother had soft light brown eyes just like her fathers and also she sported his cold black hair. In later years she would dye it so it would still be that cold black. Her laughter was like the tinkling of a wind chime. She truly enjoyed life even the most simplest things would give her pleasure.

I would like to list some of the things she imparted to me.

1. Always treat people the way you wish to be treated.
2. DO NOT ask someone to do something that you would not do yourself.
3. Don't leave your manners at home.
4. If you cannot say anything good, keep quiet.

There are others but those can wait for another day. I can still hear her voice as she would say each one. Her voice was high pitched and always a hint of laughter in it like she knew of a secret joke.

The most important thing, she was truly religious and not once did she proclaim that she was a Christian. She lived by example.

You would never enter her home without her asking "Are you hungry? Can I fix you something to eat? Do you need something to drink?" After these three questions would be answered then she would relax and visit.

The last years of her life, she spent more days in the hospital than at home.She NEVER complained and the last thing she said to Dad was "I will stay with you as long as I can." She survived cancer and heart problems. But alas Diabetes made her kidneys give up and she was not strong enough to survive dialysis. After the second time in dialysis she closed her eyes goodbye.

Mother and I were not often on the same page as she was with my sister and brother however, I loved her dearly. So the kittyjustice is if you still have a Mother enjoy her even if it drives you CRAZY because someday she will be GONE.


Saturday, April 07, 2007


As I stepped outside this morning for Maggie's first run, I was smothered with the smell of frozen cucumbers. My chest tighten and I could not breath. Then my eyes began watering and I could not see. I rushed Maggie to hurry up.

After getting back inside I stood at the front windows wiping my eyes so I could see and it was just an overwhelming sadness that made me begin to shed real tears instead of forced ones.

Mother nature had delivered a killing blow. The weathermen had said this would happen but I figured the earth was warm enough to counter balance the air. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

As I looked out I survived the damage as an ole country gardener would do. The nearest objects were the large box woods. They looked like shaggy green round balls. All the new growth was hanging limp as a over cooked noodle. The hosta's leaves were all curled up trying to protect themselves. The iris which had just started to bud and bloom looked like green ostrich looking for a hole in the ground to stuff their heads.

Then I looked up an the large hickory tree's leaves were scagging like an old fat woman's wrinkles.


All the buds for nuts and fruit and flowers are dead. There will be no nuts for the animals or cherries for me and Mimi to make our famous cherry preserves.

The weathermen are predicting two more nights of twenty degree weather so what did not get killed last night will surely die the next couple of nights.

Maggie did not know why I was standing at the windows so long . She was ready for her breakfast and she kept nudging me with that cute cold nose of hers.

I put her food in her bowl and pulled the kitchen curtain back to let the sunshine in and then I saw the frozen hummingbird feeder. The hummingbirds knew it was not warm enough to come to Tennessee. Ah, they are the smarter than the rest of us warm blooded creatures.


Friday, April 06, 2007






Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just like my Mother, I walk around each day to see what is blooming and if other plants have even lifted their heads out of the dirt. These plants and a few trees are what I found yesterday.

Still looking for that first hummer. When the aguga purple spikes arise the hummers always show up and sometimes come to the sliding glass door asking why their food is not outside. We have had it out now for over a week and still we have not seen one. Maybe they have gotten sneaky and are coming while we are not watching.

When Prince and I married there were very few flowers and hardly any grass because the man who worked on the farm cut the grass so short that it would die .

The kitty justice is that I took over the yard and like my Mother and Grandfather, started digging in the dirt. They could grow things on rocks however, I am not that good YET.