Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maggie has made a choice. Last evening the democratic candidate HC was on television and our dear sweet little dog began to GROWL. I looked at what she was growling about and their on the big screen was HC talking to an audience of Idiots and Maggie was growling at her. You talk about LOL. Even a dog knows better than some American. Maggie was not even born during all the Clinton skenanigans so she has no history to forget like the more claimed intelligent spies es.
This award was given to me several days ago by Mary from Mary's Writing Nook . Since behinder I got the slower I get I am just now displaying it. I wish to say Thank you very much.

I would like to past it along to any of the blogs I regularly visit but most of all to Merle at Third Try as she is wonderful at making you laugh when you might wish to cry. Thanks Merle for as said "the good times.

I had rather laugh than cry besides it does not give you a headache like ole tears do.

The Kitty Justice is that Maggie dog is one smart puppy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking down the steps at Monell's in Franklin.
Monell's is located in the Old Jail and they keep Christmas trees up during the year and decorate them according to the Holidays. This is a Valentine tree.

The Art Ventures group getting ready to put on our feed bags.

Peaches in black is either listening intensely or day dreaming.

We had finished eating and were on dessert.

Kitty Justice and Jo Jo the two hostess for January's luncheon.

I fixed this door prize with flamingos I had gotten from the antiques store, there was also wine in the black and white wine box, some bath lotion and salts plus a candle to light while sipping the wine during a good soak.
Our public television station has this wonderful local show called "Tennessee Crossroads" which is aired on Thursday evenings. They did a segment about how Monell's had opened an eatery in Franklin's old jail building. I thought this might be a fun place to host the Art Ventures luncheon in January.
Jo Jo and I went in December to check the place out and talk to them about having the luncheon there. We were impressed with the food, service and atmosphere. Therefore we called the ladies and got a response of seventeen out of twenty four to attend. Before time came two had called to say they were unable to come.
Jo Jo picked up some small heart boxes of Russell Stover chocolates for party favors and she was a little late getting there and she is usually early so I began to get worried. Bless her heart she is remodeling her kitchen and somehow her gas furnace started smoking so the fire department had been called a few days before. So the long and short she was rushing to get things ready for the painter and had to send for some paint. Thus, the skinny was she was late and in jeans.
I wore one of my new hats I had gotten with my Christmas money from Mimi and it was so COLD I had on my long johns and smart wool socks. What a contrast of clothing items. It never got above freezing that day. I took Mother along with me by wearing one of her pins on my sweater. It may be silly of me but I always try to wear something of hers so she can be with me when I go out to lunch.
Most of the table downstairs would only sit twelve so we went upstairs to a large table that comfortable sat fifteen together.
Monell's serves food the old southern fashion way. On the table were plates of all different designs and in the middle was a lazy susan with small plates, a mason jar of dessert spoons and all kinds of condiments. On each side were pitchers of sweet tea, unsweetened tea, lemonade and water. Bowls of cold slaw, vegetable salad , beets and chocolate eclairs pudding were awaiting to help ward off our hunger.
Big bowls are brought to the table and you keep passing to the left until everyone has been served. They brought fried chicken, fried catfish and hush puppies, lagazna, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, green beans, beets, white beans, rolls and cornbread. I may have left something out but if you took only one spoonful of each your plate runneth over.
It was an enjoyable interlude as we found out who had a show, who was having a show and we plan to collect money and give in memory of our members who are no longer with us.
We told jokes and general just had the best time begin ladies with talent to spare.
The kitty justice is NEVER EVER LET BUNNY TAKE your picture while she is sitting down and you are standing. From this FAT CAT, my hat was suppose to draw attention from my fat head. Nuf said.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks Mary for this award and it says how I feel about all the blogs I read.

I love rocks and like to pick up ones with different shapes and place them around my flower beds. I especially like the big yellow rocks in our regions as they are so soft that it is easy to make bird baths out of them. I also use them as a base to set potted plants during our warm weather.
Just outside the front door to the right I made a tribute to our vacation through the inside passage. Prince bought me a solar lighthouse a few years back and I wanted to display it properly. It has evolved with more rocks of different shapes and sizes around the big one. First I planted from seed some blue fescue which is a small ornamental that grows in clumps. I put the first three pots of it around the front and then to the right side. During the drought this summer some of it just up and died even with watering so I put in some thyme to the right.
The little light house was trimmed in red but the weather has faded it out until it is almost white all over. This summer I might try to find some plastic paint and trim it back to its original colors.
At night the sweet little amber light comes out of the openings and if I concentrate on it I can feel the crisp air on my face and the sway of the big ship going through the inside passage. It is a wonderful moment that Prince and I shared on our trip. Others would head for ship entertainment and Prince and I would go up to the glass in area at night to watch the shoreline and lights pass by.
The vast open areas in Alaska fool you and then you see a cargo ship with big machinery loaded on its deck go by and the machinery looks like micro machine toys. Then you realize just how far away an object really is from you.
Prince capture the sun shining on the little tribute last week and put it on film and I wanted to share the beauty with you.
Some people have and may continue to laugh at my silly little tribute but the Kitty Justice is it makes me feel good to gaze upon it and it brings back wonderful memories. Shhhh, do you feel the ship?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It all started when Marcel posted a photo of "Hoar Frost" on his Sitka Daily Photo. I had never heard of the term and being the inquisitive kitty that I am, I had to google the term. In real specific terms it told exactly what this type of frost happens to be and if you care to know look it up you lazy head.
What was truly amazing, I came upon this site that had a photo of such frost in Oregon. Everyone who reads this post needs to hurry over to see Q T Luong's photos of the WORLD. It is gonna take me days to look at all those beautiful and exquisite photo. They are truly music to the soul but in living color.
As I was looking at the National Parks in Alaska, I wanted to grow up and be him. He has gone to all the National Parks. I cannot phantom that much less have done it.
Am I impressed? You bet I am. Today I toured the island of Kauai. I have no idea where I will go tomorrow by way of QT guided tours.
His web site is
The Kitty Justice is that I was not selfish and kept this site to ME KITTY SELF.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The two ladies sitting behind Carol are new to our family and the individual pictures I took were not good so I will try again next week. I must remember to hold the camera steady or did I have toooo much caffeine. Is there such a thing?
Our very upbeat and lively Darlene was back yesterday and it was the first time I had seen her this year. She loves to talk and thoroughly entertains us all with her tales.
Also, Nancy was there and she and I exchanged tales of our four legged loves. We are kindred sprits when it comes to loving our dogs.
Mz Hazel had more important things on her mind than our class but we tried to keep her busy and her mind occupied with our drivel instead of her son's health problems. He has the same kidney disease that took the life of his Dad and he was having his first dialysis. Eddie, her son, was born on the same day as I was only four years later, so he is only 54.
When I hear about such things, it put life in perspective in a rush.
The Kitty Justice is if you can find me in the mirror and the easel with my monkey.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I had worked in pastels, oil and watercolors but never acrylic until I joined Mz Hazel's class. The first stroke of the paint brush I was in LOVE. I had finally found the medium which I would enjoy the rest of my days.
I studied oil painting under Gus Baker and whenever I get a whiff of turpentine, ah the wonderful days at UT come flooding in like a tidal wave. If there ever was a person who could pass for a Hobbit, I think it had to be Gus.
I will never forget my first encounter with Gus, as he was head of the art department and I was to meet him with my portfolio to see if he would accept me into his class. My stomach was in knots and I had my best figure drawing sketches in this large black cardboard portfolio.
I entered the empty classroom and saw a rather funny little man. He turned and smiled and I saw the kindness flicker in his eyes and the knots went away and I was immediately put as ease.
Gus had curly dark hair streaked with gray and giant bushy eyebrows which stood up in a hook over his nose. He was dark skin with a plaid shirt that stretch over his round little belly. He motion me inside and we spread my portfolio over a table and he began to silently thumb through them. Again, my heart started to race and I was feeling pins and needles go up and down my spine.
He cleared his throat and said "Very good." I almost fainted from the relief. Then he said "Go ahead and sign up for class and I will give you a grade from this work to cover the drawing classes".
Well when I got the grade he had given me an "A" and a whole year of credit. Boy was I a proud "Kitty".
I had to work during the day to support myself but my first class at night in oil painting class, I felt as if I had arrived at the opening of Heaven. Then Gus gave this long speech and told of the requirements of the class and I swallowed hard but was determined to stay.
The second night of class I was prepared to give the Hobbit a try and when I got to class only half the students had returned from the first night. Gus laughed and said "we have gotten rid of the slacker, so lets have some fun".
Ah what a wonderful teacher he was but I never liked to wait on the drying of oil so when I got into acrylic it was the beginning of a true love affair with PAINT.
The Kitty Justice is you just have to keep searching for the medium that will take your heart in hand and carry you into eternity.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Today it has started out at 13 degrees but at least we are not in the single digits like we were yesterday morning, a cold 7 degrees.
This morning I saw on the news a large fire in Boston. I always shutter when I hear such news.
Marcel and Mary's term shack made me think, yes those houses we lived in would have been considered 4 room shacks. However, I guess we were lucky that we could afford to rent even those but beginning shacks they were also fire traps.
I can empathizes with those who have lost their home to fire because not once, nor twice but three times our shacks burnt.
The first it happen, Pa and Grandma were living in the house with us and Pa was a tenant farmer on Al Gore's Aunt and Uncle's farm. I was 8 years old and at that age, I did not understand the magnitude of the situation. As in most old houses the chimney was in the middle of the house with a fireplace in each bedroom and Grandma put a couch in front of the fireplace in their bedroom. Well you can guess what happen a spark from the fireplace in our bedroom ignited the couch and up in smoke everything went.
One of the teachers at school pulled Sis and I out of the bus line that afternoon and told us our house had burned down. Sis started to cry and I took the cue from her and cried too but still not knowing the magnitude of the situation. We stayed for two weeks or more at the big house on the hill of Al's kinfolk. There was running water and indoor plumbing and boxes of clothes were brought to the house and it was like Christmas and a vacation all in one to me. I had more clothes than I had ever owned before.
Later on in life, I was told by my Mother that those two pillars of the community had collected and kept the money collected for us and had taken the best items from the boxes that were brought for us. So now when I hear of people who take advantage of those in such tragedies as tornadoes, etc I think of those two rich old people not poor people who are doing the stealing.
After our two week vacation, we moved to Elmwood on the right side of the Armistead store and lived there happily for years when up one day Mother and Dad said we were moving to the little house on the other side of that store. It was a tiny four room house on stiles so the cold wind could rush up under it and behind it not ten feet away ran the creek. My little brother and I spent many happy hours playing in the creek. Mother would buy us little plastic boats and we would dam up the creek with rocks to play with our boats.
The creek behind that house would rise and get under the house and it was rather scary. The picture above is of the back steps to that house. The front porch was almost on highway 70. Early in the mornings the mail bus would pull over in front of the house and you could look out and see them sorting mail.
The house in Elmwood also had a chimney in the middle but the fireplace in the bedroom was not used. In the living room area, sat a huge cold burning stove which could heat all four rooms of the house but rarely did that happen. My parents wanted to save coal so we usually only heated the living area and opened up the kitchen when it was in use. The bedrooms were not heated at all.
I was in my second year of high school and had been out on a date and I was very tired and sleepy. Dad worked the second shift in a factory thirty miles away and had gotten home to find the closet next to the chimney was on fire. He and Mother rushed to get as much as they could out of the house but first Dad carried a sleeping little brother to the car and then Mother turned me over in bed and said the house was on fire. I turned back over and went back to sleep.
When Mother got back outside she looked around and I was not there so in a panic she came back into the house and literally threw me out of bed. That woke me up. She said hurry or you will burn up. I could see flames licking the ceiling of the bedroom but noticed I did not have on any shoes, so I went back to the bed and slipped on my shoes. Mother poked her head in again and yelled "I said get out of there". I obeyed.
It was a horrible feeling standing out in the freezing cold watching everything go up in flames. We all got in the car and headed down to my big Sis's home to stay. Again I got to experience running water and indoor plumbing. We stayed there about a month and Mother and Dad finally found a small house in South Carthage and it was the beginning of never having to carry water again. How sweet? The bathroom was added onto the house on the back porch but it was a shear luxury.
I really like this house and it was close to high school so the bus ride was not long but little brother was still going to the school several miles away therefore, Mom and Dad opted to move back to the small community of Elmwood. We lived in a big old house across highway 70 from where the little house burnt.
After I started working in Nashville and communing back and forth we moved farther up highway 70 . I began buying furniture, a bedroom suite with a ball bed and a dresser that came with it that had a huge round mirror and had two large drawers on either side and it was lower in the middle with a stool to sit in front of to put on your makeup. I also bought a long wooden record player.
Finally I convinced my parents that it was hard riding the Greyhound bus to and from Nashville and I moved into the YMCA downtown which was less than a block from the building I worked in. During this time, that old house burned due to faulty wiring. The house had been converted to use big 220 heaters and apparently it needed to be rewired but was not done. Therefore, for the third and final time our house burn down. This time all was lost.
I guess that is why I like old things and pictures as what pictures I have were given to us by family members and none of my childhood toys or books survived.
The Kitty Justice is don't think it cannot happen to you as it can and has happen to me THREE TIMES.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


You hear the phrase quite often and see emails with the captions "The Good Old Days".
Yes, there were plenty of good times but those good old days did not have indoor plumbing for this Kitty.
Those of you who have never had to toke a two gallon zinc bucket of water should have to go back and see how good you think those days were and carry some water.
My sister and I were the water girls and I do not ever recall little brother having to carry water to the house. Even when he was big enough it was still my duty to preform.
It was never a question "Do I need to go get water?" You knew what had to be done and you did it. I had to make sure we had water to drink, water to wash dishes, water to cook with, water for bath and lots of water to wash clothes. Next time you run water out of your faucet think of how many trips Kitty would have had to make.
So the good old days I had to make sure there was enough water for five people and enough to preform whatever task that needed to be done.
There were three options, the big spring which was over half a mile away, the spring by the Methodist Church or the outside water hydrant of one of the small stores in our little community. Even though it was farthest away, I liked going to the big spring. It was at the head of creek and it came flowing out of the rock cliffs. You had to go down highway 70 a little ways and then head up a dirt road to the Condit Hollar. After you crossed a wooden bridge over the creek and went over a cattle gap, you would turn right into a lush green meadow. I loved listen to the water tumble over the rocks and feel the cool breeze as I got closer to the spring. The rocky cliff was on my left and the rambling creek on my right.
There was a two feet by two feet opening at the bottom of the rocky cliffs and out poured the cold water. About three feet from the opening was a huge flat rock that you could take a big step and get upon and then if thirsty, get on your knee and lean over and drink a refreshing sip. Water has never tasted as good as that since I grew up. After quenching my thirst, I would take another big leap back to the bank of the creek. Lowering one and then the other pail I would fill two pails full of water. I would then walk back home and deposit the pails on the kitchen cupboards shelf for all to quench their thirst.
The Good old days as far as water goes is NOW.
The Kitty Justice is I truly appreciate turning a knob to see water flow.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It is great to be because I live in a country where you can practice your Religion (whatever it may be) and go to through any Church door you choose.

It is great to be me to have two wonderful friends, Carol and Pammie Pooh, to have girl days to act silly and laugh like teeny boppers.
It is great to be me to have unconditional love of a pet. Maggie is the best.

It is great to be me to have LPC as my oldest and dearest friend.

It is great to be me to sip my morning coffee and watch the world come alive from the hill.

I would be remiss if I did not say it is great to be me to take a blank canvas and have the talent to make it come alive. I wish to Thank all my teachers, Juanita Green Parks, Gus Baker, John Kiser, Paul Ziplinsky and last but not least Hazel Crye King.
There are so many reason it is great to be me that I chose only to list the ones above. Mary at Mary Writing Nook tagged me on a meme and if you wish to play go for it.
I am not Toby Keith and want to talk about me. I would rather read about you or listen to you talk to me . Mother always said "You learn when you listen not when you talk." I would rather read about daily life somewhere else and trips and stories of your experience. Mary and Corn Dog have a special knack of writing about by gone days. Marcel and Jerry are great photographers and can spin a good tale also. Merle and Jen with their yarns keep me laughing. Deena and Susie keep me "prop up with their fortitude" Monica just makes me happy with her sense of style. Those who are not blogging now such as Lee leaves a blank page in my soul.
The Kitty Justice is it is great being me, I just don not like to talk about it. BY THE WAY WHO ELSE WOULD I BE ?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank you, Mary.

I am strutting around like only a proud kitty can. Why? I just successfully pick up and posted an award. LOL but this is a major accomplishment for this Kitty.

The Kitty Justice is any who read my blog may take a copy because if you visit you are loved.

BTW: here is the fortune I got in my fortune cookie at the China Cottage. "Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new"

I went to Michael's to pick up a few items for the basket I was making as the door prize for the Art Venture Group luncheon and I came across this beautiful candle holder. It was originally $30.00 and I got it for $9.00. The amber tones are beautiful at night.
I have always wanted to try these when they come on TV but I am not one to order from infomercials. However, before Christmas I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond and they had them so I had to try them. THEY WORK. If you like to extend the life of your fruit and veggies I would suggest you go out and buy some. No, Debbie is not giving me a cut of the profits but when something really works , I like to share. In September our old carafe gave up the lever with which to pour out your coffee, so again I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond while Mimi was getting her hair done and bought an Oggi which was made in China and it was stainless steel. Well, it never ever kept the coffee hot. I would heat water and pour into it to get it good and hot and then I would use the hot water to clean some dishes and fill the carafe with the brewed coffee. Since I get up two hours and sometimes three before anyone else in the house it is a very necessary item. When Prince and Mimi would wander into the kitchen the coffee would be stone cold and they would have to heat it up in the microwave. Thus the Oggi carafe was a USELESS PIECE OF JUNK FROM CHINA. Well I went on line and found a Hormel carafe and it was guaranteed to keep the beverage hot or cold for hours. Duh. I did not see the decimal and thought I was getting one bigger. Prince wanted to send it back and get the bigger one and Mimi wanted to make do. The coffee pot is across the kitchen and the carafe I place on the counter behind were Mimi sits. Reason, for the carafe location is it is close to the table and all Mimi has to do is stand up and pour the coffee. So knowing it would take awhile to exchange the carafe, I opted to see if it works before I order a larger one. Mimi just came back through the house and announced the carafe kept the coffee hot. Yeah for the Japanese.

The Kitty Justice is I will keep the smaller one for her as it will be easier for her to handle and get a big one for the COFFEE LOVER (me).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wish I could sleep like Maggie and rest these ole bones.
Reflecting back upon the last few days, if I was in my youth I would not give them a thought. But like all us that are heading down the other side of FIFTY, I cannot accomplish what I USE TO COULD.
So now I must pick and choose my poison or pleasures with more care than the once upon a time DOING THINGS WITHOUT THINKING.
The body did not ache or the back hurt nor did I wonder if I could move when I awoke. Now I must accept the other chapter of my life. I must make choices and as I stated in previous posts, I plan to do a little more of the things I like instead of the things I am expected to do. Case in point, painting.
Yesterday was a grand day and I finished my last Geisha for the time being. Hazel told me I had done enough of them and I replied but they make me feel good to paint them. Little did she know I had already decided to use some of Marcel's Sitka pictures to paint. I shared with her the pictures I had printed from his blog and there was one which looked like some of her paintings so I handed it to her to paint. She was thrilled and stated "I will use this to demonstrate to the class".
Afterwards I felt a little guilty, as I got permission to paint his photos but not to hand them out to others to paint. I felt a little of regret and selfish that I wanted to try my hand at all of them and I had handed one to the Master of Color. How could I paint it now? Easy, I would use my own perspective.
My fellow artist loved seeing Marcel's photo and the one I had planned to paint next. I told them just a little about him and his family and they were all ears. When I spoke of how Angelic his grandson was, Knoxie said she would love to paint him. So Marcel if you are reading this, please give me the okay to print his picture.
The Kitty Justice is you must learn to share even at 58 and make hard decisions to stay upright. Two days standing is toooo much so guess which one I pick? Wasn't hard was it? Art here I come.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Like the train time goes speeding along life's tracks and it does not come back.

When I stepped outside on Maggie's morning walk, I would have liked to share the sparkling frost that covered the earth and twinkled back like fallen diamonds on the ground.

For those who are unable to go outside,I would like to share the crisp nip of a gentle breeze on your face that whispers that winter is here at last. I took a deep breath and felt the rush going to my head.

Today the sun is shining bright even with a temperature of 24 and the grass shows so lushes green where Prince has wrangled the leaves from its blades of glory.

My wish for you is MORE TIME TO DO WHAT YOU WISH TO DO not what you have to do.

The Kitty Justice is to enjoy your TIME no matter what the weather because one day you will be a LONG TIME DEAD.

The picture was taken in Memphis .

Sunday, January 13, 2008

OOPS! I forgot to post the Seafood Supreme which was served in a potato basket with a cabbage rose on the side.
It was almost to pretty to eat but I overcame that attitude with the first bite. JANUARY 12 2008, Watched the sun rise and waited for Little Brother and his son to go hunting. We had coffee and I listened to little brother's stories. He is like Grandpa Christian, he can tell a story from beginning to end without missing the smallest item.
The fried bananas were brought to the table and they sang to me twice. First Happy Birthday in English and then in Chinese.

Mr. David took this picture and took off the top of me head. See the pretty hand band/scarf that Carol gave me. Prince and Mr. David preparing to enjoy the fare at China Cottage.

Carol smiling for the camera all the time saying "It's not my birthday."

Prince gave me this beautiful teapot which was hand painted in Hungry.

I save my cards and open them after coffee on my birthday. I guess you can say that is my tradition. Prince had not gotten up yet so the pink box had the teapot inside but I wanted to wait for him before I opened it up.
The Kitty Justice is that it was a wonderful day EXCEPT I did not hear from Puppy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

JANUARY 12, 1950
The young man was speeding along down highway 7o on his way to take his pregnant wife to the nearest town that had a hospital. It was very dark and cold and he kept praying that this baby would be a boy. In his Walter Mitty mind, he was already celebrating with his buddies at the favorite pub. They would all by him a beer and tell him congratulations and that he was a real man to shire such a healthy son.
The dark hair beauty next to him was praying for a boy also but not for congratulations and extra beer but that she would not have to be subjected to another pregnancy. If she had a boy he would be happy and not ask her to have another child.
Speeding along the highway, the young man felt a rush as he always did when he drove fast. The young wife begged him to slow down, which brought him out of his fantasy world. He gruffly, told her to be quite and with his temperament she did not wish to make him mad so she complied.
When they arrived at the hospital which was a good thirty miles away, he sighed a sigh of relieve to have done his part and he walked into the waiting room for expectant Fathers and he stretched out and began to relax. Again, he began to live inside his fantasy world.
It was almost midnight when I arrived. Whew, I just made ONE DOZEN by a few minutes. I made a loud entrance and was unaware of the drama around me. The young woman was panicking as she could not see. The doctor was trying to calm her that she was only temporally blind due to the fact she was so small in frame and the baby was an eight pound er.
Her sight slowly started returning and she began to cry and the doctor and nurses thought it was from relief that her sight had returned but she was upset that I was a GIRL. The doctor became rather indignant and told her very sternly that if she did not wish to have this healthy baby girl that he would just take me home with him.
She told him in between sobs that she loved her baby it was the fact that S. B. would try again to have a son and she really did not wish to have any more children.
I think the wish for me to be a boy was why I was and still am a tom boy.
The Kitty Justice is I am so glad I was not a boy and when little brother came along six years later it was love at first sight for all of us.