Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wish I could sleep like Maggie and rest these ole bones.
Reflecting back upon the last few days, if I was in my youth I would not give them a thought. But like all us that are heading down the other side of FIFTY, I cannot accomplish what I USE TO COULD.
So now I must pick and choose my poison or pleasures with more care than the once upon a time DOING THINGS WITHOUT THINKING.
The body did not ache or the back hurt nor did I wonder if I could move when I awoke. Now I must accept the other chapter of my life. I must make choices and as I stated in previous posts, I plan to do a little more of the things I like instead of the things I am expected to do. Case in point, painting.
Yesterday was a grand day and I finished my last Geisha for the time being. Hazel told me I had done enough of them and I replied but they make me feel good to paint them. Little did she know I had already decided to use some of Marcel's Sitka pictures to paint. I shared with her the pictures I had printed from his blog and there was one which looked like some of her paintings so I handed it to her to paint. She was thrilled and stated "I will use this to demonstrate to the class".
Afterwards I felt a little guilty, as I got permission to paint his photos but not to hand them out to others to paint. I felt a little of regret and selfish that I wanted to try my hand at all of them and I had handed one to the Master of Color. How could I paint it now? Easy, I would use my own perspective.
My fellow artist loved seeing Marcel's photo and the one I had planned to paint next. I told them just a little about him and his family and they were all ears. When I spoke of how Angelic his grandson was, Knoxie said she would love to paint him. So Marcel if you are reading this, please give me the okay to print his picture.
The Kitty Justice is you must learn to share even at 58 and make hard decisions to stay upright. Two days standing is toooo much so guess which one I pick? Wasn't hard was it? Art here I come.


Marcel said...
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Marcel said...

Not sure why I got a double post in the same post so I deleted teh 1st one and here is waht I had said:

I would be honored to have you or anyone in your class paint anything from my blog. Thanks for asking and I will look forward to seeing some more paintings posted on your site.

I can see why you like painting the Geisha Girls. I love the flowing gown and the colors. To me there is something relaxing in just looking at the painting, so I assume it is relaxing to bring her to life so to speak.

Like you I too am on the down hill side of 50 and I’m finding out that all those old folks before me weren’t lying about the all those aches and pains! LOL

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di, I left a comment last night? blogger must have gobbled it up.Maggie looks so cosy with sun streaming through the window.
Your 1 talented Lady, love the colours you have used on your Geisha girls kimono.
Thank you for your lovely comment I truly was spoilt ans a never ending glass

Lady Di Tn said...

Sometime blogger just sends things out into blog land never to be seen or heard of again. Thank you for giving me permission to use your photos. Thank you for your nice observation about how the Geisha make you feel. That is the point of looking and painting. I hope we both make it a LONG WAY DOWN THE OTHER SIDE.

Thank you for your comment on my talent and I do love to paint Gesiha as it makes me FEEL GOOD.
Maggie loves laying around when she is not trying to get you to play with her with her toys.
Wonder how it feels to have a NEVER ENDING GLASS? You lucky lady.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Love the photos of your sleeping baby. Wouldn't it be great if we could sleep like that whenever we wished. Even though I was dog tired (pun intended) last night, I had trouble getting to sleep. I do hope you had a good night's rest.

I agree with you that our heavenly Father knows best and answers our prayers using His wisdom. He knows what is best for us even when we do not.

Thanks for adding those folks to your prayer list. It's very much appreciated.