Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Let's talk about the telephone. When I was out in the work force, I had to answer the telephone and then fix problems. I am really not a fan of telephones unless I need them. Say to call someone long distance or make appointments etc.

I cannot see the love affair with cell phones. Yes I do have one but use it for long distance and quick calls if I need to make one. Say when I stopped yesterday and called Mimi to see what I needed to pick up at the store.

When you make a call is it convenient for both of you? Rarely is that the case unless you have nothing to occupy your time. I cannot fathom the love affair with telephones. But there must be with so many cells in operation and yes that driver behind the wheel over there is talking on the phone. Have you ever counted just how many you see doing this while you are driving along? SCARY!!!!!!

Prince and Mimi will break their necks to answer a ringing phone however, Puppy is a chip off Kitty's block and we could let them ring forever. We both feel that if they really want something they will call back or leave a message.

I just HATE to be in the middle of any given task and the phone ring and you have to stop to answer it. But with caller ID, you have to get close to the phone to see who it is so you might as well answer it. Yada Yada Yada.

Now if it is a repairman just like a few seconds ago, I really do not mind the interruption because we are making progress at getting something fix. Or a good friend calling to chat a FEW MINUTES (DON'T KEEP ME ON THE PHONE FOR AN HOUR).We can make plans to visit and then chat face to face. I love people an I would much rather see you than hear from you.

I LOVE e-mail because you write when you have time and I read when I have time. It works both ways.

The Kitty Justice is I would rather have three times the e mails rather than one call. Then there is the double edge side, when I call you do you feel the same way? Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

SPEAKING OF GRRRR THE LSU TIGERS ARE THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPS. Maggie knew what color her collar should be. Maybe the odd makers should check out Maggie's collar color next year. hee hee hoo hoo


Marcel said...

I’m with you on the phone thing. I agree that e-mailing is better because both people interact with the e-mail when it is convenient with them.

As always thanks for all your kind words on my blogs.
Peace to you too!

SweetAnnee said...

Same here..when I worked in the world, the phone always meant
and I had to do it..everyone else's priorities
become mine..
sooo yes..I am no phone fan..and I am embarrassed
when my cell phone rings in public..I have it on
for my family to reach me in an emergency..

Changes in the wind said...

I too agree with you. Cell phones are one of my pet peeves. Yes, almost every driver is talking on one and yes, they are distracted...no argument. The plus of the driver talking on the phone is that they fill up a space of time that over-all is boring but then they could listen to a book tape, or a good radio station or whatever. They could even make the effort to be friendly to the driver next to them! My really, really pet peeve is the person out to dinner with another person and sits and talks on the cell phone @#$#$%%^ that is really bad manners. Oh my....I should not have got started on this:):)

Lady Di Tn said...

Marcel, Deena and Monica
Sounds as if we are on on the SAME PAGE.

The last funeral I attended during a quite beautiful musical moment, a ladies cell phone went off. I GLARED AT HER. She reached down and acted as if she was turning it off. Then in a few moments it rang again. NOW THAT IS RUDE IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE.

I think people should have to attend a Users Class and get a diploma in proper use of a cell phone and then have to pay for a license to operate it. There should be Phone Ediqute Police in every place and if you cause an infraction, your phone is taken and CRUSHED. That should make a BELIEVER OF THEM WHEN AND WHEN NOT TO USE A PHONE.