Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking down the steps at Monell's in Franklin.
Monell's is located in the Old Jail and they keep Christmas trees up during the year and decorate them according to the Holidays. This is a Valentine tree.

The Art Ventures group getting ready to put on our feed bags.

Peaches in black is either listening intensely or day dreaming.

We had finished eating and were on dessert.

Kitty Justice and Jo Jo the two hostess for January's luncheon.

I fixed this door prize with flamingos I had gotten from the antiques store, there was also wine in the black and white wine box, some bath lotion and salts plus a candle to light while sipping the wine during a good soak.
Our public television station has this wonderful local show called "Tennessee Crossroads" which is aired on Thursday evenings. They did a segment about how Monell's had opened an eatery in Franklin's old jail building. I thought this might be a fun place to host the Art Ventures luncheon in January.
Jo Jo and I went in December to check the place out and talk to them about having the luncheon there. We were impressed with the food, service and atmosphere. Therefore we called the ladies and got a response of seventeen out of twenty four to attend. Before time came two had called to say they were unable to come.
Jo Jo picked up some small heart boxes of Russell Stover chocolates for party favors and she was a little late getting there and she is usually early so I began to get worried. Bless her heart she is remodeling her kitchen and somehow her gas furnace started smoking so the fire department had been called a few days before. So the long and short she was rushing to get things ready for the painter and had to send for some paint. Thus, the skinny was she was late and in jeans.
I wore one of my new hats I had gotten with my Christmas money from Mimi and it was so COLD I had on my long johns and smart wool socks. What a contrast of clothing items. It never got above freezing that day. I took Mother along with me by wearing one of her pins on my sweater. It may be silly of me but I always try to wear something of hers so she can be with me when I go out to lunch.
Most of the table downstairs would only sit twelve so we went upstairs to a large table that comfortable sat fifteen together.
Monell's serves food the old southern fashion way. On the table were plates of all different designs and in the middle was a lazy susan with small plates, a mason jar of dessert spoons and all kinds of condiments. On each side were pitchers of sweet tea, unsweetened tea, lemonade and water. Bowls of cold slaw, vegetable salad , beets and chocolate eclairs pudding were awaiting to help ward off our hunger.
Big bowls are brought to the table and you keep passing to the left until everyone has been served. They brought fried chicken, fried catfish and hush puppies, lagazna, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, green beans, beets, white beans, rolls and cornbread. I may have left something out but if you took only one spoonful of each your plate runneth over.
It was an enjoyable interlude as we found out who had a show, who was having a show and we plan to collect money and give in memory of our members who are no longer with us.
We told jokes and general just had the best time begin ladies with talent to spare.
The kitty justice is NEVER EVER LET BUNNY TAKE your picture while she is sitting down and you are standing. From this FAT CAT, my hat was suppose to draw attention from my fat head. Nuf said.


Dust-bunny said...

That's a GREAT hat!! Looks like a fun lunch!

It's funny, but when I first saw the photos, I thought that this was a restaurant I had eaten in around London. It honestly looks the same! But I'm thinking from what I read that you're located in or around TN, which I hear is just beautiful country! And it sounds like the southern cooking is just yummy!

Marcel said...

What a great idea for an old jail. I bet your lunch was much better than what you would have been served back in the days it was a jail!

I’m not fashion expert; in fact I know nothing about fashion men’s or women’s. But I think the hat is nice. It is a hat like you would never see in our part of the world because of all our wind and rain.

Lady Di Tn said...

dust bunny
Thanks for the complment. Monell's is in Franklin, Tn. which has lots of HISTORY. I am a native Tennessean and I grew up about sixty miles east of Nashville but alas now I have lived longer in Nashville which is a nice place to be. As a true Tennessean, I love our state as we have a broad spectrum of landscapes and climate. If you ever get a chance to visit our state you will love it.

I am sure we were served MUCH better fare than the inmates of the old days. I forgot to mention there was this one fellow named Rabbit Veach or Veech (not sure of the spelling of the last name )but no sooner would he be put in the jail than he would be back out on the street.
If I get to Sitka one day, I will be sure to bring the proper hat.
Thanks for taking the time to visit as I know you are very busy these days.


Brandy said...

That is awesome!!! I love the resturaunt, where is it at? Thank you for stopping by my page and wishing me a happy burpday! That is adorable. Please come back anytime!

Lady Di Tn said...

We January babies have to stick together. The restuarant is in Franklin, Tn.
Come again.