Friday, January 11, 2008

I had a 7 AM dentist appointment to get a crown. Kitty would rather had one for her head than a tooth. But alas, these teeth have to last forever so I elected for the one for my tooth.
The weathermen had for casted a bad day for middle Tennessee with chances of hail, straight line winds and the T word. Kitty hates the sound of it nor do I like to complete the word as it might happen. Oh no I am turning into Grandma Christian with all her superstitions.
It Kitty Justice cannot have superstitions then who in the world can?
I had put the silver bullet in her space in the garage and came in to have a light breakfast and noticed Mimi was on the phone. Her first statement was "Here she is." Then unceremoniously I was handed the phone.
Prince uttered the statement "You are gonna hate me. I locked my keyes in my truck". I just started laughing my head off as this is not something he would normally do. However, this is the 2ND time in a month that he has done this and also the second time since I have known him. I assured him I was not mad and I thought it funny and we would be there as soon as possible.
We got Mimi's sock from HELL on her and afterwards I had a nice warm bowl of oatmeal that I had dumped a handful of raisins into. Yummy. I did not have my second cup of coffee as tinkle Monster would attack before I could get too far down the road.
I took Maggie out and told her we would be back later and I edged the silver bullet out of her resting place and off we went on our peripheral journey. I had heard about these kind of journeys from one of the Fathers at our Church. He spoke of them one Sunday morning. He was not one of my favorites but that sermon has clung to the reseives of my mind.
Mimi thoroughly enjoyed the ride and we passed the old barn and Roosters on our way to and from the hospital. When we got to Murfreesboro, we pulled over and called Prince so he would be on the look out for us and to help me get into my mind the correct turns to make. Yes I am one of those directional impaired people.
Prince was waiting outside the hospital and thanked us for rescuing him from Murfreesboro. We told him we enjoyed the ride and he said to be sure to go down two blocks and see the house that Mimi stayed in when she was a college girl. The college for women is gone but the house is there and she enjoyed seeing how well kept it was. The historical part of Murfreesboro is something everyone should see. We went up to the square and she was giving me details of things she remembered.
When we got to Franklin, I drove her downtown to Five Points and out Hillsboro Road to see all the mushrooms of buildings that have sprang up.
As we drove up the driveway, eight male turkeys were in our neighbors yard so I knew Maggie would need to be walked on a leash. After our two hour journey, I do not know who was the stiffest, the 88 year old Mimi or the 57 year old Kitty. I do believe I was creaking when I took the first few steps.
We warmed up the shrimp & vegetable gumbo I had made the night before and when we sat down, the predicted bad weather appeared. It rained really hard and the weatherman was on the television describing where rotations and REALLY BAD WEATHER HAPPEN TO APPEAR.
I told Mimi this was perfect napping weather and she agree so we took a long afternoon nap. I think all the Holidays rush and work had accumulated and I was so very very tired.
The Kitty Justice is that I knew not about the bad weather going on as I slept through it all.
I need to give Thanks to all My Angels for watching over us and not letting the rain etc appear until we were home.


Lady Di Tn said...

The adventure was yesterday Thursday the 10th. The weather is suppose to be really nice today and tomorrow. The calm after the storm.


Marcel L said...
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Marcel said...

I’m glad you had a good little adventure yesterday, and that all worked out ok.

I figure almost any weather is good napping weather and I pride myself on being able to nap just about anywhere any time. But, my naps are normally 15 minutes or less.

I can understand why you don’t like the T word. We never get them here, but when I was about 10 or 11 our house in Colorado blew down while we were in it. It all happened so fast that we didn’t know what hit us until it was all over. It was a very unusual T as it was early in the morning just at sun up and everyone was still in bed except me. I was sitting on the couch reading comics when all of a sudden a big beam smashed the coffee table in front of me. Needless to say everyone else was out of bed in a flash after 50% of the house was demolished. (A side note. I spent the next 2 years or better pulling nails and salvaging lumber for my dad. What I couldn’t salvage I cut by hand into fire wood. So the T was a double whammy for me!)

As always thanks for the kind words you posted on my blogs. I will look forward to seeing your paintings from my Alaska photos.


Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Happy Birthday !! It is the 12th here, so it will soon be your big
day. I hope you have a wonderful day with
some nice surprises.
Glad you and Mimi had a safe trip to rescue Prince. The weather sounds awful, but then so does ours - only in reverse -
too darn hot. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the blonde jokes.
Take care, my friend and have a great day.
Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di.Just popped in for a quick visit I still have Visitors.
wishing you a very happy birthday my friend,
Were having very hot weather was 41c=103f today. We need a cool change but not as cold as your having..Give me warm weather anyday.. Take care ill be back visiting more regulary when all my visitors leave for there own homes...oooppps getting called bye...

SweetAnnee said...

I left you something on my PINK BLOG