Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love rocks and like to pick up ones with different shapes and place them around my flower beds. I especially like the big yellow rocks in our regions as they are so soft that it is easy to make bird baths out of them. I also use them as a base to set potted plants during our warm weather.
Just outside the front door to the right I made a tribute to our vacation through the inside passage. Prince bought me a solar lighthouse a few years back and I wanted to display it properly. It has evolved with more rocks of different shapes and sizes around the big one. First I planted from seed some blue fescue which is a small ornamental that grows in clumps. I put the first three pots of it around the front and then to the right side. During the drought this summer some of it just up and died even with watering so I put in some thyme to the right.
The little light house was trimmed in red but the weather has faded it out until it is almost white all over. This summer I might try to find some plastic paint and trim it back to its original colors.
At night the sweet little amber light comes out of the openings and if I concentrate on it I can feel the crisp air on my face and the sway of the big ship going through the inside passage. It is a wonderful moment that Prince and I shared on our trip. Others would head for ship entertainment and Prince and I would go up to the glass in area at night to watch the shoreline and lights pass by.
The vast open areas in Alaska fool you and then you see a cargo ship with big machinery loaded on its deck go by and the machinery looks like micro machine toys. Then you realize just how far away an object really is from you.
Prince capture the sun shining on the little tribute last week and put it on film and I wanted to share the beauty with you.
Some people have and may continue to laugh at my silly little tribute but the Kitty Justice is it makes me feel good to gaze upon it and it brings back wonderful memories. Shhhh, do you feel the ship?


Susie said...

What a wonderful way to bring back beautiful memories of that trip. Bill and I have taken 3 Alaska cruises and I would go again anytime!
The scenery is just breathtaking isn't it!

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it is a beautiful area. I have only been twice, once in the late 70 and it was the interior, flew into Anchorage then took a train to Fairbanks and went into a moose camp in Chugak mountains. The inside passage cruise was Prince and my very late honeymoon trip taken just one week befoe Mother died. It was a magical trip.

Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

Wow, I just never know what I’m going to find on your blog. Connie and I love light houses and of course living on the in the pan handle of Alaska it was fun for me to see that you are honoring the trip you made. I hope you will get to take another trip up the inside passage and this time head to the outer cost just long enough to poke into Sitka.

Oh, the waterline should never break, if it does the fresh water persure is greater so the fresh would run into the ocean. More than likely if it did break they would lift it with a crane and repair it. The line that is going in is a HDPE (plastic) that is a very heavy gauge and should be good for 100 years or more. Well that is if some body doesn’t snag it with an anchor.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love it! The solar lighthouse is so unique. I have never seen one before but will keep my eyes open. I also enjoy rocks and have some in my flower gardens as well. One is heavy enough it had to be rolled from the spot where we uncovered it near the corner of our house to the garden. It has little holes in it with so much personality.

Your tribute to the Inside Passage is awesome.

I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about my walk with Meeko last night and "hush" was a great word to describe it.


Mary said...

PS. Thanks so much for keeping Deena in your prayers.

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Love your lighthouse and it is a wonderful memory of your trip with Prince. Thank you for sending me such nice e mails from time to time. Especially when you lead a busy life. The garage sale was good, although as I had visitors I didn't see much of it. There was a brass bed, a dog kennel, wooden children's furniture,
tons of books, some jewelery, toys, cushions, My friend has since started work at the local Fruit Preserving Cannery and she works from 11 pm until 7 am and has to sleep during the day. I cooked her a couple of meals today.
Take care of yourself my friend, Love,

Lady Di Tn said...

What a wonderful friend you happen to be to fix your friend those meals when she works such hours. Being a morning person I appreciate those who can work the late shift.