Friday, February 29, 2008


This is the view I see each morning from my perch at the computer. Since it was 43 degrees and raining this morning, I thought I needed to take this photo from the safety of inside. When the weather permits, I love to sit in the white rocker and just sit and have coffee or wine and enjoy the peaceful setting.

I thought this morning I would start a series to be continued whenever called "Reminiscences of Uncle Owen" Most of these are taken from his remembrances that were written in the 1950.

First Chapter

I was born in 1870 only five years after the Civil War in re-construction days. My father had been reared as a rich man. His mother, dying in 1863, had willed away a million dollars but most of it was a large cotton plantation in Yazoo County, Mississippi. The 200 Negroes walked off and taxes under reconstruction were increased 1400 per cent. There was nothing to do but to abandon it. My father bought a 500 acre farm in Sumner County for $7000.00 where we were raised. It is still called the Wilson Farm, now owned by Mr. Comer.

I was sent to school with my elder brother when I was five years old because there were two later arrivals and baby sitters had not been invented. My brother who was two years older and I rode a bay mare (old Fanny) to the school two miles away. Old Fanny had been ridden to Ohio by on of Morgan's Confederate raiders. Next year she broke her leg and had to be killed. Then we took my father's wartime Calvary horse.

Thomas B who is my MIL father is the two year old brother. Their father Thomas B Sr. was a Captain in the Confederate Calvary. The farm is still referred to as the Wilson Farm and has been much in the news lately . Some want to conserve it and others wish to keep building buildings. We hope for the first to happen. My MIL was the last Wilson to be raised on the farm and reads all the stories about her home place with anxiety.

The Kitty Justice is that I hope you enjoyed a little of the family history on this wonderful rainy day. Peace to all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marcel at Sitka Daily Photo was so kind to let me borrow some of his pictures to paint. This one is Sunset at Pyramid Peaks. This is the first time I have painted one picture on two canvases. They are gallery canvas therefore you paint all four edges. The cost is more on the front end but you do not have to frame them. I think that is rather the beauty of gallery canvas. The other you get to see the beginning of the painting no matter which way you approach. Thank you Marcel for sharing.
My thoughts are like lighting this morning. Flash and I have it and then it is gone. Only the rumblings are left behind. It was 22 degrees this morning and the sun is out. The dusting of snow will be gone quickly.
There were two doe at the fence coming into the yard when I first drew back the curtain to peer out at morning light. When Prince came into the kitchen he wanted to know "What is that at the corn pile?" It was the Grandfather of all raccoons. He had to weigh in at 40 or 50 pounds. I thought it was a dog at first because it was so huge.
Maggie ran out on the snow covered porch to chase a bird seed stealing squirrel and that big ole coon just kept eating. We got the binoculars out and checked the fur monster out and yes he was as big as a small dog. I commented to Prince that "I would hate to meet him in the daylight much less at night."
The varmint trap that we had borrowed from Bo is too small for that one. Yikes. Hope he stays in the field and does not venture upon the porch.
I kept looking at the trap and figured if we put a tempting treat maybe he would squirm and squeeze his way into the trap. Then how in the heck would you get him out to free him along the Natchez Trace.
The Kitty Justice would to be to LET THAT FUR MONSTER ALONG.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


First of all the pictures were taken in 2007 when it was warm and green.

The rather empty parking lot should have been a clue. Being a curious kitty, I had to go in and see what was the reason the parking lot was virtually ghost lot. There it was on the door in bold black letters. "NO CLASS TODAY AS HAZEL HAS THE FLU."

I left the print outs I had done for Hazel on her desk and then poked my head into the office doorway. I mentioned it would have been nice if we could get some sort of email alert when classes are closed. You would have thought I had poured grease on a fire. She tried to be polite but it was a true struggle. She huffed "I do not have the time to call everybody."

I told her that is why I had said E-mail alert not telephone. It was as if she could not digest the different terms. To avoid her blowing a fuse, I asked if she had heard anything about Hazel's son.

Hazel's son had a kidney disease and was already on dialysis when Hazel called me to give me the GOOD NEWS on Sunday evening. "Eddie was getting a kidney transplant on Sunday night."

This subject was a safer one and the lady told me that he was doing so well he was out of ICU and had called her the day before. Then she took up the forbidden subject again and I wished her a good day and out the door I was in a flash.

Now my question is Why cannot Metro Nashville put in place a website for E-mail alerts. That would put the shoe on the public to check the site. In this day an age they need to get on the task. Money the problem? If waste was cut there would be no problem. I know this lady who can get more out of a penny than most people can get out of a dollar. I say draft her and she could fix the problem.

With gas prices being what they are and the time it takes to get prepared for a class, the miles travelled you would think Metro would get on the Internet ball. It was a 46 mile round trip for me.

Maybe we should ask the Governor for some of the $20 million (just the start up price) for that hole he is digging in the Governor's yard or for some of the lottery money which is suppose to go for scholarships but we have a HUGE SURPLUS.

Whenever, I think of any surplus, I see our officials standing in line with rolling dollar signs for eyes. Hey, this would make a neat cartoon.

The kitty justice has two sides today, one is good-Eddie got a kidney, the other is bad-NOTES ON DOORS. Unacceptable.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It is Tuesday and I am stating the obvious BUT every Tuesday this month has had some unholy weather. Cast in point the tornado that kill so many in Tennessee.

Today the wind is howling like the banshee and those huge trees are swaying to and fro.I will be glad when February Tuesdays hides its ugly head and March Tuesday comes in like a lamb.

Now for a story from Daily News in Murfreesboro. It was a cold night and a very cold cat was meowing at a strange door. The person inside took pity on the stray cat and open the door for it to come inside to stay warm. Five feet into the home, the cat turns UGLY . He turns around and attacks the person with the fiery of only a cat can display. Well the person was taken to the emergency room with multiple scratches and bites and the cat is being checked for rabies. This is a true story.

The Kitty Justice is I do not like WIND nor do I open the door to stray cats. Wow, I am still feeling that guys pain. The cat will be forever known as the FUR BALL FROM HELL..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Prince took these pictures a week ago but I had not had a chance to post them.

Prince took this picture of the little Downey woodpecker this Saturday when we awoke to a dusting of snow. We might get a few flakes tomorrow .
We have lots of little Downey Woodpecker who visit the porch daily with Red Belly Woodpeckers and a few Hairy Woodpecker and a occasional Sap Sucker Woodpecker. On some occasions we have even had the ground feeder, Flicker Woodpeckers to join the others on the porch. But to see a Pileated on the porch was wonderful.
When you venture outside, you can hear the Pileated funny sound and if you search up in the trees, you can locate them. Several times I have seen them from the kitchen window high up in the trees. When I do see one, I grab the handy binocular and enjoy the show .
Only once in my years on this planet did I get close to one actually it was two. I was headed to the garbage can with a sack of trash from the kitchen when I rounded the corner of the garage and there at eye level were two Pileated Woodpecker chasing each other around this large walnut tree. I was within six feet of them. Both of them stopped and so did I. I was in awe of them. Then they flew away. As I lifted the trash can lid to deposit my sack, I looked down the hill and within twenty feet was a big doe standing stock still. I told her that I saw her and put the lid back on the trash. I was smiling the rest of the day from my wildlife gifts.
The Kitty Justice is you never know when they will appear so keep looking.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


ART VENTURE HOSTESS FOR FEBRUARY standing is M & M and seated is CT.

Barbie was the last one to arrive. Her prize, to hold the bread.

Winnie was also fashionable late.
Mz PB&J uses the table decorations as curls. She is so fun to be around.

Lady Purple and Shirley clowning around.

Lucky J and CT with party favors. OOPS whose head is that?

Lady Purple looking for her mask. Shirley and Mz JC are ready.

Lu Lu listening and munching. Jingles and Mz Fire trying to figure "What to eat?"

Mz Hen doing two things at once and Sister smiling her pretty smile.

Kitty Justice waiting for M&M to snap the picture. My first thought when I saw this picture was "WATCH OUT BATMAN."

The Art Venture Group met at Chappy's and the two hostess planned a Mardi Gra theme. Chappy as you recall from a previous post is from New Orleans. I arrived ten minutes late, as I had just come from my doctors visit.
Our party favors were these neat mask and play gold coins and lots of Mardi Gra beads. Since I had on a hat, I wrapped my beads around my right wrist to make a gorgeous bangle braclet.
I sat beside MZ PB&J and she had some exciting news. She was painting a series of canvases that are 4x4 and she took them to a local frame shop and they liked them so well they asked to hang some of her work. You go Girl.
There is so much art work and different venues to hang it is hard to get a place to show regularly so this was very exciting news. I grabbed her an gave her a big congratulation hug.
Jingles was collecting money for a donation in memory of all our precious members who are no longer with us on this planet. But I am sure Bee Bee and Mz Ann are gorgeous in their Wings.
I am stuck in the mud when it comes to eating at Chappy. Since Prince does not like scallops and Chappy's are divine , I had what I always eat, Scallops from the Pan served with angel hair pasta with mushrooms and scallons along with the best tiny carrots ever. I asked Mz PB&J to try one so she could help me figure out what they cook them in. She said it was honey and nutmeg. Yummy.
Unfortunately, I thought I was gonna have to call and cancel my place at the lunch table as the bad ole Diverticlosis hit Kitty hard Wednesday afternoon. So needless to say, I looked longingly at the wonderful salad plate that was served first . I pushed the lettuce around and ate the croutons with the grand blue cheese dressing. The from the pan items would serve to be on a low fat diet but I should have stuck to a liquid diet. Kitty Justice seems to always go backward.
I must remember the correct way is liquid diet first, then low fat diet and then begin to add fiber as you can tolerate. I am trying to avoid antiboctics. Nuf said.
We laughed and CT told one of her famous jokes and we laughed again. I declined to tell any as it was a long long table and I was on the very end. Late comer must sit where available.
Mz PB&J won the door prize which was a nice ice bucket with a bottle of wine. Everyone was asking what time to come over for refreshments.
Chappy's wife came by our table this time instead of Chappy. Sorry no picture of her. She was gracious and invited us back anytime. As we hugged one another goodbye, I handed MZ JC my beads to give to her grandchildren. M&M offered me some extra mask and I took them to give to little girls. Cousin Bill came yesterday afternoon to show off pictures of his little adopted chinese grand daughter in Texas so I gave him three to take to Gracie. One for her, one for her Mom and one for her Dad.
The Kitty Justice is we all had fun at the Mardi Gra in Nashville put on by our wonderful hostess. I am speaking for this Furball but I am sure the others would agree.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

THE EXAM ROOM. You guessed it this is my favorite.
These are framed postcards above the first cabinet shown. I took these for Mary as the one on the right reminds me of her and the one on the left reminds me of me. Just think we are together on the walk in Dr. H's exam room.

This one is also on the same wall and it reminds me of my friend Deena. Bless you.

These are close ups of the sign on the right wall when you enter the room.

I hated Vicks as it was sticky but we kids were forced to be rubbed down as it was called during a cold. Dad used it until his death and Sis still keeps a jar on hand.

Still going after all these years. This was over the teapot and near the sink.

This was my favorite display. I tried to move the tissue out of the picture but I see a corner made its appearance

Even up high on the cabinet above the sink we have lots of items. Sorry, this was as high as my arms would reach.

Close up of the top of the cabinet under the signs

Another shot of the sign wall on the right.

Two delightful bike rider sitting in the corner by the chair.

Oops, Kitty in her red is visible. Not intended. Close up of one of the cabinet's shelves.

Close up of the cabinet on the right shown below.

Close up of the top of the cabinet on the left shown below.

This is to the left of the one above.

The cabinets and Kitty's purse that Prince got for her birthday and her black calender that she keeps notes to remember.
As I waited I took these pictures and also counted the frogs in the room. I first counted 22 and then as I kept going around the room I would come across one I had not counted. I think ended up with a total of twenty six.
Dr Horowitz had the flu so I did not get to see him but the nurse practioner and that was fine except I missed seeing his boyish grin and hearing a blurp of latest rumbling of his mind.
This is not my favorite exam room but an interesting one. Maybe someday I can show you my favorite room. Each room is filled with so many interesting things that it makes one hate to go to those plain rooms that other doctors keep with maybe one or two pictures on the wall if you are lucky . The worse of all of any of the doctor exam rooms are the one with charts and graphs along with items from pharmacy companys. Ugh.
The Kitty Justice is I have not located the 35 cent bottle that Mimi found in her closet and I took to him as a gift. I know it is there but WHERE? I remember when I gave it to him in a little gold gift bag and he opened it up and made the statement a reusable bag too. He then jumped up and started showing off the tiny bottle like it was a treasure which made me feel very good to have given it to him instead of the landfill.
Hope you enjoyed my doctors visit. Peace.

OOPS. Lost count of the pictures. This is in the left corner.

The wall to the left as you enter the room.

A close up of some items.

Another close up.

Wonder who wins? On top of the cabinet on the left wall shown below.

Sorry I will do better next time. Oh, don't you just love those little chairs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

DR. DAVID HOROWITZ'S WORLD. When you go to his office for some of his expert wisdom, you walk into a world filled with FROGS AND OLD MEDICAL MEMORABILIA.

When you walk into his front door you see this giant frog standing with an umberilla besides one of the bathroom doors. The antique coat rack and medical bottles are in the little box to the right of the stand.

You are asked, by the lady to your left, which doctor are you seeing today? There are only two and they are not in alphabetical order. Dr. Harwell's list is the second lady behind the counter. You sign in and then you turn around to see a rather unusal picture for a doctors office and two small ones who really do not go with the middle one. These two small pictures have a drawing of a primative instrument on top with the actual instrument on the bottom. Then you are acosted by these huge cabinets from the floor to the ceiling filled with all kinds of different remedies of the past.

On the wall to the left of the cabinets are signs and pictures and then your eyes are drawn to the red machine in the corner only to quickly take note of the next cabinet again brimming with of boxes and bottles topped with what NO frogs.

The first time I went to Dr. David his hair was dark and curly. Puppy had just been born and my doctor was concerned with this mole on my big toe. In the window of Dr. D's office were around four or five different shapes and sizes of old medical bottles. That was IT no further evidence of his passion . Collecting. It effects us all but in different way.

Now his waiting room and exam rooms are full of interesting things he has collected over the years.

I have often wondered how much stuff he had squirrel away the first time I saw him. I had not had any reason to see him over the years until recently .Today his mane is silver but still curly .His officeis a fascinating place to visit. Since I love old things and history I could spend a whole day in one exam room.

Dr. David comes like a fresh breeze into an exam room flashing that boyish grin and before he even speaks the first word you know he is a friend. There is no superior doctor armour surronding him only wisdom and kindness.

I will try to show what was in my exam room tomorrow. Until then this furball is trying to figure out to start a tour.

The Kitty Justice would be for the Insurance Companies to pay for the tours as BRAIN EXTENTION.