Saturday, February 23, 2008

THE EXAM ROOM. You guessed it this is my favorite.
These are framed postcards above the first cabinet shown. I took these for Mary as the one on the right reminds me of her and the one on the left reminds me of me. Just think we are together on the walk in Dr. H's exam room.

This one is also on the same wall and it reminds me of my friend Deena. Bless you.

These are close ups of the sign on the right wall when you enter the room.

I hated Vicks as it was sticky but we kids were forced to be rubbed down as it was called during a cold. Dad used it until his death and Sis still keeps a jar on hand.

Still going after all these years. This was over the teapot and near the sink.

This was my favorite display. I tried to move the tissue out of the picture but I see a corner made its appearance

Even up high on the cabinet above the sink we have lots of items. Sorry, this was as high as my arms would reach.

Close up of the top of the cabinet under the signs

Another shot of the sign wall on the right.

Two delightful bike rider sitting in the corner by the chair.

Oops, Kitty in her red is visible. Not intended. Close up of one of the cabinet's shelves.

Close up of the cabinet on the right shown below.

Close up of the top of the cabinet on the left shown below.

This is to the left of the one above.

The cabinets and Kitty's purse that Prince got for her birthday and her black calender that she keeps notes to remember.
As I waited I took these pictures and also counted the frogs in the room. I first counted 22 and then as I kept going around the room I would come across one I had not counted. I think ended up with a total of twenty six.
Dr Horowitz had the flu so I did not get to see him but the nurse practioner and that was fine except I missed seeing his boyish grin and hearing a blurp of latest rumbling of his mind.
This is not my favorite exam room but an interesting one. Maybe someday I can show you my favorite room. Each room is filled with so many interesting things that it makes one hate to go to those plain rooms that other doctors keep with maybe one or two pictures on the wall if you are lucky . The worse of all of any of the doctor exam rooms are the one with charts and graphs along with items from pharmacy companys. Ugh.
The Kitty Justice is I have not located the 35 cent bottle that Mimi found in her closet and I took to him as a gift. I know it is there but WHERE? I remember when I gave it to him in a little gold gift bag and he opened it up and made the statement a reusable bag too. He then jumped up and started showing off the tiny bottle like it was a treasure which made me feel very good to have given it to him instead of the landfill.
Hope you enjoyed my doctors visit. Peace.

OOPS. Lost count of the pictures. This is in the left corner.

The wall to the left as you enter the room.

A close up of some items.

Another close up.

Wonder who wins? On top of the cabinet on the left wall shown below.

Sorry I will do better next time. Oh, don't you just love those little chairs.


Marcel said...

I did enjoy the visit to the Doctor's Office. Thanks for posting all the photos.


Susie said...

What an interesting collection of signs. Must make visiting the Dr. a bit more "fun"

Lady Di Tn said...

Well Marcel you can always tell other about the one visit you enjoyed at a doctors office. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

It truly is an interesting place and I wish other doctors would follow his lead.
Thanks for taking the time to visit as I know with your Grandpa condition is it is hard to take time to blog. I appreciate your visit and I come over to read yours but most often do not leave comments as you have so many to read. Peace

Brandy said...

I went to the mail box today and found the most wonderful suprise, a little book called the Wisdom of The Celts! Thank you soo soo soo much you brightened my day and almost made me cry! How did you get my address? Not that it really matters, but I am just curious! Thank you again so much! I cant wait to read it!

Corn Dog said...

It must be a delight to wait in his waiting room. There is so much to see.

Merle said...

Dear lady Di~~ So many things to look at and signs to read as well as the frogs. A few of the old things still are in use like Vicks etc. Yes, I still have some in the bathroom cupboard. Must take a lot of dusting for his staff. Thanks for your visit and I am so glad you liked "The Box of Love." I am glad that boy had such a caring teacher. Glad you liked the
little Jewish boy who was scared to death. Got the wanted results!!
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

A little blue bird told me. When I read about your son's leg I just wanted to send you something I had enjoyed and cheer you. I loved the book and hope you do too. You are more than Welcome. Peace be with you.

Lady Di Tn said...

My favorite exam room has civil war items. I could spend lots of time waiting but alas they usually run right on schedule. Go figure. The doctors who have nothing to share keep you waiting FOREVER and then the doctor who does come right on schedule. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

My Big Sis swears by Vicks and when the Germ Monster comes a calling I swear by Lysol. Too bad the kids of today cannot be scared like the little Jewish boy. If you look close you can see the dust behind the objects and it appears I need to let him know about using the canned air to dust those things. He might learn something from me, ha ha. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Who does the dusting??? I would be so distracted I would forget why I went:) Maybe that is the idea?

Lady Di Tn said...

Maybe it is but I may offer my services free so I can handle all those wonderful treasures. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Thank you for taking us on a tour of the doctor's office. I love that frog teapot and all the other frogs, as well as the postcards. They are beautiful and he has them all framed under glass to keep them in pristine condition.

Those little chairs are adorable. I love this post. I wish my doctor's office was half as inviting. Thanks so much for brightening my evening.