Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have you ever had a buzz saw in your head? This morning mine is rambling this way and that not making a straight cut anywhere.

I asked George this morning "How do you feel about all the MONEY being spent of the elections?" I advised that one of the Democrats had put five million of her own money in her campaign. He got this look of discuss on his face and proceeded to enlighten me that he had never seen five million dollars. I quikly informed him I had not either. Wonder what it looks like? I would say that most of us American do not know.

I have ordered my diabetic meds and called the contractor about painting the house. Needed to get on his list before he got to busy. I watered all the plants downstairs. Mimi still likes to water the ones upstairs. It is not easy for her but it helps to make her feel useful. When she no longer wishes to take on the task, I will jump in as I could do it without the effort she has to deal with. She puts the plastic watering can on her walker seat and wheels it around and water each plant. She is a cutie doing this.

The top picture is a copy of a copy that I scanned and then framed it in photo shop. It is Prince's Great Grandfathers sister. Her name was Frances Agnew Wilson Harris and she was Susan West"s Great Grandmother. I have mentioned in older posts about Cousin Susan and her wonderful old house, Glen Leven. I had always heard her refered to as Fannie and she had three children. Her son Albert Harris. They had three children Mary Lucy, William and Albert. I have written story about Waveland and Cuden Mary Lu and Cuden Will. These two never married.

After Waveland was torn down by Nashville Metro Airport to build a run way in 1943 both of the Cousins were moved to the Asylum in Nashville. Where they finished out their days. The reason I tell you all this will become apparant.

One of the blogs I read wanted to know if you have ever google yourself. Well I did and yes I am there but then I google Great Grandpa Thomas B. Wilson. LOTS OF Thomas B. Wilson. Therefore I started scanning each page and on fifteen was what I was looking to read.

Imagine my surprise to find that from 1992-1998 family scrapbooks and photo were discovered in an inventory of the State Archives. For six years, two people worked on trying to identify and state rather quickly "Unfortunately little is know about the provenace of this collection. They assume is Mary Lu which is probably correct and was given to them at the destruction of the Asylum. Lots of the photo are unidentified. I bet Mimi could put a name and date to them.

It also states "There are no restriction on the use of materials in this collection".The connection between the Harris and Wilson familes is unknown but due to the amount of identified material in the collectio, those tow names where chosen for the title. "

Another job for Kitty Justice. The Kitty Justice is I can supply them with more provenance and history that their dear ole heads will go spinning around.

PS Spell Check is still not working. Anyone know why?


Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

A very interesting post. Don’t you just love old photos? I know I sure do. My wife Connie has been going through boxes and boxes of old shot trying to get dates and names on as many as she can. Her mom is helping her, but even then they come across old family photos that it’s anyone’s guess who is in the photo.

Good advice on deleting the Jon post. I had to reset the permissions on one of my Southeast Cedar Home and put it like the one I have for the daily photo blog. It’s a crying shame that there are folks out there who get a kick out of sending computer viruses. They are just plan SICK!

Greatfullivin said...

Hi Lady Di, Family history is so much fun! We have ours, on my fathers side back to 1624 in Scotland. I find it to be exciting, looking for all the connections. It sounds like you may be able to solve some mystery. Have a grand day!

Lady Di Tn said...

I love history and old photo and I am sure the personal fires help contribute to my fasination.
I really think there is a special place in Hell for those who harm the unwary.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is abosolutely wonderful to have history back to 1624. Do you know what your family plaid etc are?

Changes in the wind said...

Don't know why the spell check isn't working and I can't even figure out how to complain about it!

Mary said...

I enjoyed seeing the portrait of you ancestor. She was a beautiful lady.

My aunt has been doing a family history for years. She dug up a lot of information. I don't have any idea how you go about it, but would love to try. I like digging up skeletons. LOL

Take care and thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this post and I love George.