Sunday, February 24, 2008


ART VENTURE HOSTESS FOR FEBRUARY standing is M & M and seated is CT.

Barbie was the last one to arrive. Her prize, to hold the bread.

Winnie was also fashionable late.
Mz PB&J uses the table decorations as curls. She is so fun to be around.

Lady Purple and Shirley clowning around.

Lucky J and CT with party favors. OOPS whose head is that?

Lady Purple looking for her mask. Shirley and Mz JC are ready.

Lu Lu listening and munching. Jingles and Mz Fire trying to figure "What to eat?"

Mz Hen doing two things at once and Sister smiling her pretty smile.

Kitty Justice waiting for M&M to snap the picture. My first thought when I saw this picture was "WATCH OUT BATMAN."

The Art Venture Group met at Chappy's and the two hostess planned a Mardi Gra theme. Chappy as you recall from a previous post is from New Orleans. I arrived ten minutes late, as I had just come from my doctors visit.
Our party favors were these neat mask and play gold coins and lots of Mardi Gra beads. Since I had on a hat, I wrapped my beads around my right wrist to make a gorgeous bangle braclet.
I sat beside MZ PB&J and she had some exciting news. She was painting a series of canvases that are 4x4 and she took them to a local frame shop and they liked them so well they asked to hang some of her work. You go Girl.
There is so much art work and different venues to hang it is hard to get a place to show regularly so this was very exciting news. I grabbed her an gave her a big congratulation hug.
Jingles was collecting money for a donation in memory of all our precious members who are no longer with us on this planet. But I am sure Bee Bee and Mz Ann are gorgeous in their Wings.
I am stuck in the mud when it comes to eating at Chappy. Since Prince does not like scallops and Chappy's are divine , I had what I always eat, Scallops from the Pan served with angel hair pasta with mushrooms and scallons along with the best tiny carrots ever. I asked Mz PB&J to try one so she could help me figure out what they cook them in. She said it was honey and nutmeg. Yummy.
Unfortunately, I thought I was gonna have to call and cancel my place at the lunch table as the bad ole Diverticlosis hit Kitty hard Wednesday afternoon. So needless to say, I looked longingly at the wonderful salad plate that was served first . I pushed the lettuce around and ate the croutons with the grand blue cheese dressing. The from the pan items would serve to be on a low fat diet but I should have stuck to a liquid diet. Kitty Justice seems to always go backward.
I must remember the correct way is liquid diet first, then low fat diet and then begin to add fiber as you can tolerate. I am trying to avoid antiboctics. Nuf said.
We laughed and CT told one of her famous jokes and we laughed again. I declined to tell any as it was a long long table and I was on the very end. Late comer must sit where available.
Mz PB&J won the door prize which was a nice ice bucket with a bottle of wine. Everyone was asking what time to come over for refreshments.
Chappy's wife came by our table this time instead of Chappy. Sorry no picture of her. She was gracious and invited us back anytime. As we hugged one another goodbye, I handed MZ JC my beads to give to her grandchildren. M&M offered me some extra mask and I took them to give to little girls. Cousin Bill came yesterday afternoon to show off pictures of his little adopted chinese grand daughter in Texas so I gave him three to take to Gracie. One for her, one for her Mom and one for her Dad.
The Kitty Justice is we all had fun at the Mardi Gra in Nashville put on by our wonderful hostess. I am speaking for this Furball but I am sure the others would agree.


Greatfullivin said...

Hi Di!!!...This looks like such a fun party! Everyone looks so happy! What a blessing to belong to such a great group of women. Have a great day!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

It looks like you had a lot of fun at the Mardi Gras. The meal sounds delicious and the ladies are all lovely. Thanks for sharing this wonderful event with us.


Brandy said...

Love the mask! You look like your ready to take on the world! Only one problem there was already a cat woman... Kitty Justice sounds better though! I wish there was things like that around here, it would be so much fun!

Greatfullivin said...

Hi Again...Just stopped by to let you know...I have tagged you for a meme, I hope you can play along...hugs!

Lady Di Tn said...

I feel honored that they asked me to join them a couple of years back, unfortunately, that meant a member either had to quit or had gotten her WINGS. I will check the meme. As stated before I am not one who likes to talk about me but you. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

We do have so much fun when we gather for lunch. It is something to look forward to each month. Peace

Thanks, we all had fun with our party favors. Now if you ever had a Cat, you know Kitty Justice is more powerful than Cat Woman. Kitty gets even in the most unusual ways. Peace