Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marcel at Sitka Daily Photo was so kind to let me borrow some of his pictures to paint. This one is Sunset at Pyramid Peaks. This is the first time I have painted one picture on two canvases. They are gallery canvas therefore you paint all four edges. The cost is more on the front end but you do not have to frame them. I think that is rather the beauty of gallery canvas. The other you get to see the beginning of the painting no matter which way you approach. Thank you Marcel for sharing.
My thoughts are like lighting this morning. Flash and I have it and then it is gone. Only the rumblings are left behind. It was 22 degrees this morning and the sun is out. The dusting of snow will be gone quickly.
There were two doe at the fence coming into the yard when I first drew back the curtain to peer out at morning light. When Prince came into the kitchen he wanted to know "What is that at the corn pile?" It was the Grandfather of all raccoons. He had to weigh in at 40 or 50 pounds. I thought it was a dog at first because it was so huge.
Maggie ran out on the snow covered porch to chase a bird seed stealing squirrel and that big ole coon just kept eating. We got the binoculars out and checked the fur monster out and yes he was as big as a small dog. I commented to Prince that "I would hate to meet him in the daylight much less at night."
The varmint trap that we had borrowed from Bo is too small for that one. Yikes. Hope he stays in the field and does not venture upon the porch.
I kept looking at the trap and figured if we put a tempting treat maybe he would squirm and squeeze his way into the trap. Then how in the heck would you get him out to free him along the Natchez Trace.
The Kitty Justice would to be to LET THAT FUR MONSTER ALONG.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Your painting is awesome!!! I love it and Marcel was so kind and generous to allow you to use his photos. He's a great guy and I always enjoy visiting him.

I could see those does that you described and that coon... they sure can get big. When we moved here in 1992, we had a huge coon living in the tree at the end of our driveway. The tree is estimated to be about 200 years old. That coon weighed about 30 pounds and usually had triplets each spring. She just went on her way and ignored us as if we weren't there. At that time we had an American Eskimo dog and he weighed about 45 pounds. He was yapper and would bark at Mama Coon. She would just look at him and stare him down, turn her back and climb up that tree. It was so cool to watch.

Enjoyed my visit here and also your visit to my blog. Yes, you are correct. The Civil War wasn't just about slavery. I am a Civil War buff and have studied it extensively. Did you know Canadians fought in the Civil War. Several from my area did and many from Hamilton, Ontario as well.

I believe that both Union and Confederate soldiers should be honored, as well as the flags, monuments and other tributes to that war. It was indeed a sad time in history, but an interesting one as well.

Love and blessings,

Greatfullivin said...

Yikes! I too live in the woods and I can't seem to ever like racoons or snakes. He does sound like the grand daddy of them all. I think it is a wise decision to leave him alone. Your painting is awesome! You certainly have some talent, girl. I paint as is so relaxing and challenging at the same time. Great Work!!:)

LZ Blogger said...

I love the paintings... especially that last (bottom) view that shows the sides. ~ jb///

Gwyn said...

I love your painting of "The Pyramids." It's beautiful! Is this your first painting of Alaska?

My husband and I lived in Sitka for many years. We were even married there. We have many fond memories of walking along the beach when the sun was setting on "The Pyramids."

Is your painting for sale?

Corn Dog said...

Very pretty painting.

Marcel said...

Nice painting. Remarkable especially considering that they are done from a photograph.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Yes, I knew other nationalities fought in the War. Do you have any stories to share?
LOL at your coon story.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and yes I plan to leave him alone. I tried to tame a baby coon back in my twenties. Found the little dear in the woods while hunting. He was never a dear all teeth and growling. At that time I raise Chow Chow and Racky as I called him would make them wait to eat until he was full. Peace.

Thanks. Peace.

Thanks for the comment and the visit. This is my fourth painting of Alaska and the first from someone else's photo. I have one of Mt. Robert hanging in my bedroom
and I do sell my paintings but usually I try to exhibit them first. Peace


I am glad you liked it since you were the one who photograph the subject. I usually work with photos as it gives a base reference.


Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

I have just returned home from Juneau after being gone for a week. Connie posted the above comment on the painting using my account and I agree with her. You did a superb job. Anytime you want to grab one of our photos to paint feel free to. I bet Marv would not care either, but I’d have to ask him.