Monday, February 11, 2008


Wonder when he was playing with Uncle Owen's telephone that he would be in telecommunications one day?

The Kitty Justice is that he is as cute now as he was then.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

This is a wonderful photo. He is so cute. I guess even back then he had a love for communications. LOL Thanks for sharing.


Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ Great photo of your dear
husband at an early age. Thank yo for showing us this picture. I hope your weather soon improves and there are no more bad storms. Glad I was able to provide a smile to start off your week.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

He does like a telephone much more than me. Thanks for enjoying the old photo.

The weather is up and down here again. This morning at 4am it was thundering and lighting plus as we say "raining cats and dogs". I hate this for the people who are trying to clear up the storm damage. It will go down to 27 tonight high of 36 tomorrow with the chance of snow showers. Last Tues it was 71 degrees which created all the havoc.
I took one of Prince's early photo to my workplace after I had just had Puppy and everyone thought it was Puppy. He looked alot like his Dad when young. Both were cuties.

Peace to you both

Changes in the wind said...

How cute!!

Brandy said...

How cute! I love the pic. I assumed that the reason that I was heavy to was because I was a mom, but then I started having menopause symptoms and I am only 29. So I called the dr and he called me back and told me that it sounds more like the POS. Well I am off to the DR now woohoo fun fun. I will let everyone know what he tells me when I get home.

SweetAnnee said...


he's sweet !!!
what great Kitty Justice