Friday, February 08, 2008

Wynnewood, the largest log structure in the US, is one of the victims of the tornado that spread its vast damage around our fair state on Tuesday night.
On Puppy's spring break in 1999, we went on a tour of Sumner County and this was one of the old buildings we saw that day. Since it was so early in the year, most of them were closed but the caretaker of Wynnewood saw us walking around the grounds and gave us a private tour. Southern hospitality in its finest.
This building was built in 1838 and served as a stop on the way to and from Nashville. President Andrew Jackson stayed there. After its tour as a Inn, it was a private residence. Mimi as a young girl when with her Aunt Byrd to visit the owners and can remember sitting out on the front porch as the elders visited.
The tornado made the big trees look like matches scattered along the ground and some of the second floor is no longer there. I hope any of the old precious items that have been blown far away, come back for future display after it is repaired.
Wynnewood is located on highway 25 in Castalian Springs and that was one of the small area that was hit the hardest. As the vilian black cloud crossed our state, it got worse and wider on each stop. Castalian Springs was next to the last hit , and then the full rage hit Macon County.
The Kitty Justice is that we can repair Wynnewood but cannot restore the lives lost that night


Marcel said...

I hope they can restore Wynnewood. I have a special affection for historic building a feel they serve a very important part in our heritage. It is always sad to see buildings like this hurt by natural disasters. But, you are right the loss of human life is the real tragedy. I feel for the family’s who have lost loved ones. My heart goes out to all in Tennessee.

Thanks for posting the photo. Now I’m going to have to Google Wynnewood and see what I can learn about this very interesting building.


Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ I have been so worried about you so it was wonderful to hear from you and also see a post.
I am so glad you are safe, but it came far too close. And the lovely
Wynnewood to be so damaged and so many lives lost. Such a tragedy. I hope your son is on the mend very soon, and that all the doctor trips have good results. Take great care,
Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am sure the historical society will work at getting it back in shape but the work will take lots of time.

It did come way too close for comfort. Our large trees lost a few limbs but nothing drastic. Puppy is back at school and the first of four trips was successful. Thanks for thinking about us.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Wynnewood reminds me of a pioneer village near here. I'm saddened to hear of the destruction left in the wake of the tornado. I am praying for the families who lost loved ones and also to all those who lost their homes.

The photos of Wynnewood are beautiful. Thank you for teaching me its history. I have been in Tennessee many times but never had the pleasure of visiting here.


Lady Di Tn said...

Wynnewood is not popular as other buildings, such as The Hermitage, Belle Meade Mansion etc. but with such a tragedy it might become more popular.

Beverly said...

I am so sad to hear that the storm got such a wonderful old house. I am from Memphis and it did some destruction here too.

I enjoy your blog. My daughter in law posts pictures daily of her life, friends, and family.