Monday, March 31, 2008

Barbie was the last to get to the luncheon.

CT, Sister and DaFord sat at table one and Barbie joined them.

Shirley, Mz Fire and Mz PB&J sat at table two along with me and those below.

Bets, Lucky J and Mz JC and I sat beside Mz JC. Lucky J and Mz JC were the hostess this month.
Only eleven of the twenty four members were able to make it this month. It was more intimate but those who did not show were missed.
We met at Macaroni Grill in Opry Mills and we had a grand time as usual. I had a monster scallop and spinach, walnut salad with orange vinaigrette dressing. I had a glass of peach ice tea that matched the salad. Then they brought out little six inch round loaves of homemade bread. To say I acted like a little piglet is an understatement.
The salad came in a bowl the size of what I would use at home to serve our entire family and Ed's family too. Why do they bring such enormous serving and then the news keeps saying we are over weight society. I got to eating and talking and then I ate some more and before it was over I had ate way too much but NOT ALL OF IT. I could not have eaten it all if I had been a starving Marvin. I also did not finish the tea. Then I get a guilty feeling of spending money and not eating it all and some poor person would have loved to eat what I was sending back to be thrown away. Since I do not go to the Mills very often (like once in two or three years) I had planned to shop so a dogie bag would have died in the silver bullet.
Sister, MzPB&J and I started on one end and work our way all around the mill. I indulged myself with different colors shoes. It was fun to touch feel and smell along the way. I had never shopped with them before and both are a hoot to hang out with.

This was suppose to be Barbie but it is only a red X so I reloaded her and it took up top.

I think Prince counted eighteen box woods and he trimmed all of them. The April frost and drought last year were really hard on them. Then I racked all the debris and leave from under them and he hauled them off to a place on the farm that was showing it was washing in the recent rains. This picture was taken last year so they are not as bushy now. I noticed today that they are beginning to put out new growth and it is music to the eyes.
The Kitty Justice is that you miss the big numbers but a small group now and then helps you get to know one another better.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I usually do not like meme but this is a fun one so I decided it would be a hoot to play. Here goes
A. Attached or Single: VERY ATTACHED AND LOVE IT
B. Best Friend: The Italian Pope= Linda Consolazio
C. Cake or Pie: Pie hands up unless it is Cheese cake.
D. Day of Choice: Tuesday = Recharging the batteries
E. Essential item: Cup of coffee first thing in the mornings.
G. Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears any day who wants worms? Yuck
H. Hometown: Carthage, TN.
I. Indulgence: Buying shoes.
J. January of July: Ice Cream instead of Ice Storms.
K. Kids: My one an only Puppy.
L. Life is incomplete without: Prince
M:Marriage date: December 7Th (Prince picked it so he could remember
N. Number of Siblings: Two and I am the Middle Button.
O. Oranges or Apples: Apples as they are not as messy as oranges.
P. Phobias or Fears: Drowning or being trap under ground. No caves for me.
Q. Quote: From a Magnet back in the late 60's "What you see is what you get."
R. Reason to Smile: Prince, Puppy, Mimi and Maggie
S. Season: Spring= Color arrives; Fall= Last Color Burst; Summer=Fruit from our Labor; Winter= Rest by a warm fire. I love em all.
T. Tag: I normally do not tag people but this time I am making an exception. Don't you love being an exception to any RULE. I tag Nick at Nick Bytes, Corn Dog at Rubber Corn Dog, Merle at Third Try. If you were not tagged and wish to play just let me know and if the ones I tagged do not wish to play that is okay too.
U. Unknown fact about me: Sometimes I have a hard time taking my FEELINGS OFF MY SLEEVE.
V. Veggies or fruit: Veggie Rule.
W. Worst habit: Over extending myself. YIKES to little of me.
X. X Ray or ultrasound: Again X Ray same reason as before , ultrasound is MESSY.
Y. Your favorite food: 1 Peanut Butter 2. Salmon 3 Squash 4 Cauliflower
5 Okra 6 Beans (any kind) 7. ASPARAGUS Darn now I am hungry
Z. Zodiac: Capricorn the Goat
Hope you enjoyed and now the Kitty Justice is you get to play.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Brother and his daughter in 1984.

It was after lunch on Father's Day and they were sitting at Mother's table coloring. This is one of my favorite pictures as it show the caring and gentle side of my little brother. He has on a shirt that I gave him after he missed several deer and it read "Look familiar."

He is suppose to come and hunt turkey this weekend on the farm. I hope he does not kill anything the first day so I will get to keep him around longer, otherwise he will be headed back East.

The Kitty Justice is that pictures bring back crashing waves of fond memories.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Parthenon at Centennial Park.
The Nashville Skyline behind it.

This building is why we are called the Athens of the South. It serves as an Art Museum and is one of the places y'all would need to visit when you come to town. The park is full of beautiful flowers and paths to walk and ride and there is a pond where you can sit and watch duck and geese frolic.

The Kitty Justice is I get to gaze upon it when I go paint.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Uncle Owen passing the times with cards before he heads out to an event.

Chapter Three of Uncle Owen. Continuation of his letter of July 12Th 1887 to Aunt Fannie

Danville is a very large place, about the size of Dog town and has two or three saloons in it and four other stores. Most all the houses are built ten feet above the ground to prevent overflow. It is on the Tennessee River and I am now close enough to the river to see the boats from the door.

Just after breakfast I went to Tom's house. It is a two-room frame, situated on a small flat place on the side of a hill, as high as Pilot Knob, but much steeper. It has cracks all in the walls and floor. Nails must have been scarce when it was built for the flooring is just laid down, and not fastened, and you can't imagine how much fuss it makes when you walk on it.

He boards with a German, named Grafied. He keeps a very good table and is about the nicest man in the neighborhood and cares more for comfort than appearance. Last Sunday morning, he came to breakfast without coat and vest, and barefooted. Fortunately, his feet were tolerably clean and my appetite was very good, otherwise, my breakfast would have been spoiled. By dinner he had improved enough to put on a pair of socks, even if they were a little dirty.

They have breakfast at five o'clock every morning, besides Sunday (so they say). Tom manages some way or other to get me down about half past five and then we have the table to ourselves.

Mrs. Grafied does her own cooking, and must get up about four o'clock. Do you think "Pet" could ever do such a thing as that, I doubt it very much. I think Cousin Nate is too lazy for that sort of business any way so she won't have to.

Tom's road is progressing finely (how could it do otherwise under him and myself?), and will be finished in about one month. Tom may still work for Major Falcomet, but he wants to go back to school, and I expect he will do so.

Major F. is down here now for a few days. He comes around at nigh, and talks to Tom and bores me awfully.

For those of you who need a quite reference back:

Chapter one is on post 2-29-08

Chapter two is on post 3-13-08

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Glen Leven on post 2-18-07

The Kitty Justice is I am an "Outlaw " (my term for in law) but the keeper of the family history. I love history so I fell into the correct family.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Big Sis and Little Brother.
Lamb's ear. Several plants had jumped the rocks so I transplanted them back behind the rocks in the flower beds.

Grace Ward Lithodora and Johnny Jump Ups. I planted these Friday.

Complete view with a sprig of lavender in the middle.
I met my siblings at Applebees for lunch on Saturday and we had a grand visit. We just started this kind of get together with only us and no spouses allowed. We laugh and cut up like we are small children again. It is more fun to reminisce about our parents and grandparents at this time. Things that may have not been funny at the time are at least kidded about now. Some subjects we avoid which are better left in the past to not rear their ugly heads.
Little brother loves to talk about hunting stories and he had taken some pictures with his phone while hunting and he asked me did I recognize the place. It was in Horse Shoe Bend where I had killed my first really big deer. Big Sis wanted to know how I could tell where that was at and I told her if you spent as many hours up in a tree looking at that scenery you would know where it happen to be located. She is the prissy one of us three, not an outdoor mans in the least.
The weekend I killed that big deer it was cold and raining. I had gone up to my parents house on Friday evening and spent the night so I would not have to drive so far to hunt the next morning. Mother wanted me to eat breakfast that morning but I was running late to get in the woods before daybreak so I asked her to just wrap me up a couple of sausage and biscuits and I would eat them later.
I had my coffee in hand and I loaded up my 1973 Nova and started for the bend. My tire went flat so I pulled back into the family driveway and ran in the house telling Dad I needed his car. Now his car was his most prized possession so I was asking for the moon but I had seen that big buck while bow hunting and just knew he would be in the woods this cold morning.
Very reluctantly Dad helped me unload my car and load up his with tree stand, gun and ammo. He told me he would fix my tire and bring my car down in the bend because he did not wish to have a deer put in his car. So he thought ole dead eye Kitty would get that big boy too.
As I left in Dad's car I could not figure out how to work the wind shield wiper so since it was not raining too hard I just poked my head out the window and kept driving. It was a good ten miles or more to the spot. I had hunted there lots of times by myself so I had no fear of being alone.
At that time I weighed about 120 soaking wet and I carried a stainless steel hunting stand that said it would hold 300 pound man. The reason I used that stand it had two parts one for the feet and the other for your seat and you climbed the tree and hunted facing the tree. The teeth on the stand would let you climb any tree in the woods except a slick bark hickory. I tried it once and for each foot I gained I would slide back down three.
Getting back to that morning, I unloaded everything ready to back pack into the woods and then I noticed I had lost a glove. I was beginning to think I should turn around and go home but no way I was determined to harvest that big guy. It had already started getting light by the time I got into the woods and secured my tree stand for the climb. I had just settled into my hunting seat and pulled one of the biscuits out to eat when I heard a snap of a twig. I was on alert, I poked the whole biscuit in my mouth and raised my 308 Remington wood master. Just like a majestic warrior here he came and I thought "You are mine". Not to brag but with one shot he dropped like a rock to the ground.
I swallowed what I had in my mouth and then pulled out the other biscuit as I knew I would need all my energy to get him out of the woods. After I had finished my meal, I inched myself down the tree and took my tree stand off the tree and leaned it up against the tree for easy retrieval. I walked over to where he lay and proceeded to field dress him and when I tried to drag him, I could not move him. I could barely get him turned toward the road. Mine you it was up hill on a river bank.
I knew there were lots of hunters in the lower part of the bend and I would just have to go and try to find someone to help. I slung my gun over one shoulder and the tree stand over the other and headed to the car. When I got to the road, I started laughing so hard I almost dropped my equipment. Dad had fixed the tire and brought my car down as he really was serious that he did not wish to have any dead deer in his car.
I had put my equipment in the car and was taking off my heavy boots and coverall when a truck came by and I flagged it down. I asked if he knew my brother and if so was he in the lower part of the bend. I told him I had killed a deer and was not able to pull it out of the woods. He said" I have not seen anything all morning and I will be happy to help you out." So this stranger and I went into the forest and when he came to the point where he could see the buck, he used some four letter adjectives and then apologized for using them. It was all he could do to drag that buck up hill and then load him in my trunk.
He looked at me with admiration and said "Little lady you sure got a nice buck and with one shot is hard to believe." I thanked him and cannot remember his name if he ever mentioned it. I drove out of the bend with a smile on my face and an occasional life as I could see Dad rushing to fix that flat. I went back to my parents house to show off my big buck.
The Kitty Justice is that I am still a good shot and one little picture on a telephone brought back a very exciting morning years ago on a cold rainy hunt.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flowers in the hall.
Flowers on the kitchen table.

Kitty's Easter basket.

Ceramic egg I painted of the hill. Sorry I shook the camera.

Puppy when he was two.
I hope the Easter Bunny is good to all my wonderful bloggin friends and also all the good people on planet Earth.
One evening last week, Prince brought the flowers from the farm house to decorate the house.
Yes, Kitty's blood runs orange and the Easter Bunny was aware of this. (EB=Prince)
This is only one of many of the ceramic eggs I have painted and they grace several people residence. At one time, I sold the eggs and I lost count of the amount I sold.
I keep this photo of Puppy on my night stand and his little face is the last thing I see before I turn out the light for the arrival of the sand man.
The Kitty Justice is we should all be thankful today for the sacrifice which was made by God. If it had been me, I could not have sacrificed Puppy so you would not have had such a bright eternity.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The kitty justice is I plan to take my own advise. May this Good Friday be good to you. Peace.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A beautiful sunny first day of Spring but a wee bit chilly, 33 degrees.
Turkeys from a day or too ago.

Big Sis saying "Who Me?"

In the late forties, Big Sis being held by Dad and looking somewhat blue.

Happy Birthday Sis who today is sixty two. May your day be filled with all you love to do.
The kitty justice is I hope never to catch up with thee.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is trying to appear. These photos were taken out behind the Art Center where I go to get my batteries recharged for another week.
There are some blue metal round tables with umbrella and chairs to sit and have lunch between the back of the center and the fountain when the weather permits.
It RAINED today and it was the kind of rain that when it hits the ground it would jump back up into your eyes. When I took Mimi back to have her leg checked from the surgery last week, I drove really slow down the driveway and looked off the hill at the pond. I think it may have filled up to the top or at least it looks like it from a distance. Yeah.
The doctor told Mimi she was doing perfect which made us all happy. We schedule the surgery for the left leg and after that is done maybe we will not worry about another episode.
The kitty justice is it looks like spring, smells like spring, but way too chilly to really be spring. Burr the wet wind is cold.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wishing you a colorful morning.
Kitty, Pammie Pooh and Carol Saturday night.

Mr. David did really good and did not cut off any heads this time except when he got home. He sent the cutest picture of Carol and Spencer and yes the top of Carol's head was missing.

Mimi has had dinner the last two evenings with all her children. There were two outlaws (Me and Edward's wife) and three of her grandchildren. We met at a Mexican restaurant which was not very crowded because no green Irish beer was served.

The weather has been really pleasant but today it is cloudy and the wind is blowing in a nasty front of rain that should hit late tonight and play havoc with rush hour traffic tomorrow. I do not mind the rain and we could use more of the wet stuff but the wind makes me uneasy. I think I am becoming more like my Dad everyday where the wind is concerned. First, I become somewhat uneasy then if it gets really strong, I am like a big cat in a room full of rocking chairs . Trying to keep a long tail from underneath those chairs is a chore.

The Kitty Justice is the wind is gonna blow and I cannot do anything about it and when my fur begins to tingle I am heading for the basement.

Monday, March 17, 2008



Prince had already told me Goodbye and gotten in the truck, when he pops back in with this cute St. Paddy day card. He is forever doing little things that are precious to me.

I hope your weekend was as nice as ours. The weather was warm enough for a light jacket and it rained Saturday but that only means more water for our pond.

Prince and Gill headed for Dickson to see our friend, Tommy, who had the stroke a year ago from last October. It is so sad that I usually just stay away. Apparently, the stroke and meds have made him rather intolerable so his family has been requested to move him. So again I will say, no matter what your problems at least you are not as bad as Tommy.

Later that evening Prince and I headed to Springfield and The Catfish Kitchen to meet Carol, David, Rick and Pammie Pooh. Carol is one of those people that you just truly enjoy being around. She never sees a stranger and will ask anything of anyone. But the cutest thing is that she can get away with this.

She had gotten a digital camera for her birthday and she was so proud that she had brought it and I did not have mine. First, David had to get it out of the case for her as she has RA, and then she held it up to take a picture and could not find the button to push. I punched Pammie and told her that Carol had it upside down, so Pammie reached over and turned it right side up. Of course we including Carol fell into hysterical laughter.

Our dinner was catfish fillet, cole slaw, hush puppies, white beans and baked or french fried potatoes and before the meal starts they put a bowl at each end of the table of fried okra. YUMMY. I must admit I was not a kitty but a piglet.

Yesterday, Prince and I went to the new World Market at the Nashville West shopping center. We found some cool things to give his little brother for his fifty second burpday. They were seasoned nuts, island coffee, sample case of beers of the world and some stemless wine glasses. We also stopped at Publix and picked up a Cafe Latte cake. I wrapped the presents and used UT orange ribbon on his package. His home is a Vandy and Bama den, so UT orange is not welcomed but it is my school. Couldn't help myself.

Prince's little brother is a fantastic cook. He and pal, Andy had smoked ribs and brisket most of the day. Mimi and Prince's older sister had made a yellow rice and corn casserole. Little brother's wife or daughter had made this huge bowl of green salad. Needless to say no one left hungry.

Bep, Prince's sister, is on spring break from teaching Spanish in Jackson, Mississippi and Puppy is home on his spring break.

The kitty justice is that it is lots of fun to hang out with friends and family.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Looking up at the white barn from the pond.
There are three of them. Do you see them?

Ripples on the pond.

Red barn. Last weekend snow, check out the picture of the weekend before. We were in shirt sleeves.

A two hole gatepost at the farm house.
The old Mayes house.

Close up of the Mayes house. I think the statement the house is making is "I see you."

Another view of the Mayes house.

Along the property line on the right of the cut through.

Old road goes by the graveyard.

Graveyard on the right of the fence line.

Another view of the graveyard.
Leaving the graveyard behind us.

Looking up in the woods near the cut through. This is my favorite photo that Prince made.

The little creek below the pond.

Not a really good photo of the painting but I wanted you to see the frame.

Painted from Marcel's photo "Center of Barnoff Island."
I found the picture frame and thought I had a nice 3x4 painting to display. However, a 3x4 painting is cut off about a half inch on all sides so I had to paint something to fit the frame. I marked off my margins on a tiny canvas and looked for something to paint. Marcel's photo to the rescue. Thank you Marcel for sharing your photos.
The last two days have been in the low seventies, so yesterday I cleared some of my flower beds and put out Preen which is a weed preventer and fertilizer combination. Today it started raining so I guess I did that job in the neck of time.
Prince's sister is a Spanish teacher in Jackson, Mississippi and her spring break is next week, so she is coming up for a visit. Mimi is getting excited about this visit from her only daughter. I will need to spruce up the bedroom, you know the drill, vacuum and dust, put out clean towels, etc. etc.
The Kitty Justice is I have finished resizing the snow pictures and put them in a folder not to be opened again for awhile. Hope y'all enjoyed our brief visit of a white blanket.