Monday, March 03, 2008

We had our tools heading down to the woods line to cut trees and bushes to make the field straight, when we looked up the hill from the old roadbed heading to the white barn and saw a flock of seven male turkeys. Most were jakes(young males) but there was one with a nice long beard.
As the truck gentle rocked to and fro over the rocky road the turkeys were above us , Prince started taking pictures. The turkeys would be right above us and then move on about ten feet in front of us. We would slowly catch up with them. Again they would go ahead of us and we would catch up. One jake, kept trying to cross the road but since the others did not follow, he would cross back and run up the hill to where they were located. I know he kept saying "I thought y'all were gonna follow, Come on." Then he would do it again. This happen at least five times until near the gate, they all ran across the road down the hill to the pond.
Prince took the picture of the white barn from the area that we were working. Lots of times you see it in the distance but I thought you would like to see it closer.
The Kitty Justice is it is not every day that you can claim to be chased by turkeys.


Corn Dog said...

Oh, those turkeys are HUUGE, as puppy used to say. Great photos too.

Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

I have just returned home from Juneau after being gone for a week. Connie posted the comment on the painting using my account and I agree with her. You did a superb job. Anytime you want to grab one of our photos to paint feel free to. I bet Marv would not care either, but I’d have to ask him.



Lady Di Tn said...

That is the flock of males that hang around, we have not seen the flock of females for awhile. Maybe Gary is feeding them and they are on the other side of the hill.

Glad you are safely home. Thanks. I enjoyed painting your pictures and Ross painted the one on the harbor. He said he would try to remember to bring it so I can get a picture to post. Thanks for being generous with your pictures. My friend Knoxie wants to do one of Blake. I told her how angelic your grandchildren look and she wanted me to bring her a copy to paint.

Peace to both.

SweetAnnee said...

look at my NESTLE blog
I have turkeys
the Kitty Justice is
FRiends SHARE!! no how far away they are..
love it

Mary said...

Beautiful photos of the turkeys, Lady Di. How wonderful that you can see these things in your own backyard. Enjoyed my visit.