Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Uncle Owen passing the times with cards before he heads out to an event.

Chapter Three of Uncle Owen. Continuation of his letter of July 12Th 1887 to Aunt Fannie

Danville is a very large place, about the size of Dog town and has two or three saloons in it and four other stores. Most all the houses are built ten feet above the ground to prevent overflow. It is on the Tennessee River and I am now close enough to the river to see the boats from the door.

Just after breakfast I went to Tom's house. It is a two-room frame, situated on a small flat place on the side of a hill, as high as Pilot Knob, but much steeper. It has cracks all in the walls and floor. Nails must have been scarce when it was built for the flooring is just laid down, and not fastened, and you can't imagine how much fuss it makes when you walk on it.

He boards with a German, named Grafied. He keeps a very good table and is about the nicest man in the neighborhood and cares more for comfort than appearance. Last Sunday morning, he came to breakfast without coat and vest, and barefooted. Fortunately, his feet were tolerably clean and my appetite was very good, otherwise, my breakfast would have been spoiled. By dinner he had improved enough to put on a pair of socks, even if they were a little dirty.

They have breakfast at five o'clock every morning, besides Sunday (so they say). Tom manages some way or other to get me down about half past five and then we have the table to ourselves.

Mrs. Grafied does her own cooking, and must get up about four o'clock. Do you think "Pet" could ever do such a thing as that, I doubt it very much. I think Cousin Nate is too lazy for that sort of business any way so she won't have to.

Tom's road is progressing finely (how could it do otherwise under him and myself?), and will be finished in about one month. Tom may still work for Major Falcomet, but he wants to go back to school, and I expect he will do so.

Major F. is down here now for a few days. He comes around at nigh, and talks to Tom and bores me awfully.

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