Friday, March 14, 2008

Looking up at the white barn from the pond.
There are three of them. Do you see them?

Ripples on the pond.

Red barn. Last weekend snow, check out the picture of the weekend before. We were in shirt sleeves.

A two hole gatepost at the farm house.
The old Mayes house.

Close up of the Mayes house. I think the statement the house is making is "I see you."

Another view of the Mayes house.

Along the property line on the right of the cut through.

Old road goes by the graveyard.

Graveyard on the right of the fence line.

Another view of the graveyard.
Leaving the graveyard behind us.

Looking up in the woods near the cut through. This is my favorite photo that Prince made.

The little creek below the pond.

Not a really good photo of the painting but I wanted you to see the frame.

Painted from Marcel's photo "Center of Barnoff Island."
I found the picture frame and thought I had a nice 3x4 painting to display. However, a 3x4 painting is cut off about a half inch on all sides so I had to paint something to fit the frame. I marked off my margins on a tiny canvas and looked for something to paint. Marcel's photo to the rescue. Thank you Marcel for sharing your photos.
The last two days have been in the low seventies, so yesterday I cleared some of my flower beds and put out Preen which is a weed preventer and fertilizer combination. Today it started raining so I guess I did that job in the neck of time.
Prince's sister is a Spanish teacher in Jackson, Mississippi and her spring break is next week, so she is coming up for a visit. Mimi is getting excited about this visit from her only daughter. I will need to spruce up the bedroom, you know the drill, vacuum and dust, put out clean towels, etc. etc.
The Kitty Justice is I have finished resizing the snow pictures and put them in a folder not to be opened again for awhile. Hope y'all enjoyed our brief visit of a white blanket.


Marcel said...

First off I think your painting is great. I also love all the photos. It looks like you live in a very interesting place.

I’d love to poke around the old Mayes House. I’d just like to look, but not touch or take anything. I love old buildings like this house and I like to imagine what life must have been like for the people who lived there. If only wall could talk.

I have been very busy and have not had much time to check out blogs as of late. But, I’m glad I took a brief break this afternoon to check out your posts.


Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Love all the snow photos and your painting is great, but I guess you will be glad to see the back of the snow for this winter.
Thank you for your comments, glad you like my bird hotel. I was surprised to see the solar light working last night on top of it. Glad you enjoyed the jokes, especially the curtain rods one - LOL every time I think of that one. Take good care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the compliment. It is really harder to paint small than using a big canvas.
Come on down, we will let you poke around all you wish and if you come quickly we will even let you help pick up forty years of trash that the farm tenant left us. After we gather all of trash up, even in our ditch line there is junk you would not imagine, we plan to rent a dumpster to pitch it into.
Glad you had time to visit. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the compliment and I enjoyed our day of snow but now I am ready for spring. My plants are beginning to poke their heads out of the ground and some of the trees are beginning to flower. We do not need that Hard Easter freeze we suffered last year. No nuts for the wildlife or fruit for us. I think the curtain rod is the best one yet. heehee. Peace

Marcel said...

Lady Di,

I wish I could. I'd love the help pick up the trash. I remember growing up in Colorado all the old farms with the tons and tons of trash. Good luck.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love ALL of the photos, but my favorite is the one with the stream. For some reason I am drawn to water. The deer are awesome and yes, I did spot all three. How lucky you are to have such a view each day.

Your painting is lovely. You are such a talented person. I enjoy seeing all of your projects.

Thank you for your comments on my post about Brandon's random act of kindness. He has come a long way and is gaining ground daily.

Love and blessings,

LZ Blogger said...

Some very very pretty shots you have captured here! ~ THX! ~ jb///

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Winter scenes can be amazingly beautiful. But as spring is arriving, I’m ready for spring flowers and many colors. Your artistic skills are incredible. Thank you for enchanting my morning.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think we have a long project ahead of us.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures and saw all three deer.

I am gratful for your comments since all your pictures are so impressive.

Glad you enjoyed the visit. I think most of us are ready for spring. I love to go to my flower beds and see what has come up during the previous day. I noticed the hosta are peaking through and I do believe the tulips where I have my solar frog on guard grow 2 inches a day.

Peace to all