Monday, March 10, 2008

I need to be quick as blogger has been acting up again this morning. This story goes along with the following pictures.
I tried to post this Saturday when I got back inside but even though I saved the draft, the little blogger buggies ate it. With disgust I turned off the computer.
After I made the Snow Angel I let Maggie out to enjoy the snow and go with me on my walk down to the white barn to get some pictures. Maggie loved the snow, she would sniff and run and play. I was trying to be careful and not slide down the hill.
As I was gonna take the picture of the pond, I stepped off the old road and try as I could I kept going face down hill into the snow. I felt as if I was in slow motion. Maggie saw me go down and thought I was playing, so the next thing I knew she was rolling me down the hill side. I would say quit and then it was so funny I would laugh so she would continue to bounce and roll me. Finally she grabbed my loose glove and seeing my chance, I grabbed the other end. She slowly pulled me upright. Covered in snow, I happily headed for the house up the old road.
The Kitty Justice is I now know how a dog toy feels. hee hee


Small City Scenes said...

I love looking down a hidden road/path and wondering what is around that corner. Leave it to a dog to see the fun in someone falling. Let's Play. MB

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I loved the photos that you posted of your beautiful scenery. Left you a long message in the comment section of the post below.

Yes, I definitely would be lost until spring making snow angels in our snow. hehe

Have a wonderful day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thankful it took me back to the house. Peace

So glad you enjoyed the pictures. We surely enjoyed the snow and it was gone quickly. Today it will be in the sixties again and tomorrow we will reach seventies. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Beautiful picture and one funny story:)