Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wishing you a colorful morning.
Kitty, Pammie Pooh and Carol Saturday night.

Mr. David did really good and did not cut off any heads this time except when he got home. He sent the cutest picture of Carol and Spencer and yes the top of Carol's head was missing.

Mimi has had dinner the last two evenings with all her children. There were two outlaws (Me and Edward's wife) and three of her grandchildren. We met at a Mexican restaurant which was not very crowded because no green Irish beer was served.

The weather has been really pleasant but today it is cloudy and the wind is blowing in a nasty front of rain that should hit late tonight and play havoc with rush hour traffic tomorrow. I do not mind the rain and we could use more of the wet stuff but the wind makes me uneasy. I think I am becoming more like my Dad everyday where the wind is concerned. First, I become somewhat uneasy then if it gets really strong, I am like a big cat in a room full of rocking chairs . Trying to keep a long tail from underneath those chairs is a chore.

The Kitty Justice is the wind is gonna blow and I cannot do anything about it and when my fur begins to tingle I am heading for the basement.


Merle said...

Hello Di ~~ I bet Mimi enjoyed having her family all together. Glad you all had a nice meal and a lovely time together.
I love the photo at the start of this post, and also the last one. Beautiful colors. Thanks for your comments and I hope you all enjoy the Spring break.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Marcel said...

I love the colors of the sky photo! Thanks for stoping by my other blog and for your kind words. (I left home at 14.)

Mary said...

Red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning, but the colors are beautiful. You take such wonderful photos.

Have a great day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Mimi's boys are close by but her only daughter lives in Mississippi so to enjoy all their company at once is a rare pleasure. Thanks I will let Prince know you enjoy his photo.

I love watching the sun rise and here you never know what you are gonna get. It is like opening a package when we draw the curtain back each morning. My words were heart felt as I have been there.

No sailors here. Prince took the picture last week. He takes most of the sun rise pictures as I am usually busy in the kitchen.

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...