Monday, April 14, 2008

Greatful Livin gave me this award and I wish to say just like Elvis would "Thank you very Much."
I took this late in the evening but I wanted to show you how my Yellow Arch Angel has spread. I started out with 6 tiny sprigs for Parks Seed and they have grown and grown. I have given some away to my SIL and transplanted some near the house. It has to have shade which with all the trees we have plenty.

These are the money plants that our neighbor Mrs Earl gave me. They reseed themselves and now I have plenty by my bird bath and even a row under my yard art "the old rack."
Before Mother died, she planted some plants at the lake but this bush never would grow in the rocky soil. It was only a foot tall, when I brought it home. It was also after Mom's death and I was so afraid it would it also die at the lake and I could not bare that. Now it is over my head and is blooming merrily to say "Spring is here."

I transplanted this Yellow Arch Angel last year at the corner near Puppy's room and it has taken off.

A closer look .
An even closer look. Can you see the little fuzzy edges?

Last year the deer ate all my tulips. This year they are protected by my lime green guard frog. At least I hope that is what is keeping them away.

A closer look. You can really see the Silver Mound which will take over after the tulips shed their blooms.
It started out as a deary cloudy day and 36 degrees. When Prince called to say he was safely at work, it was like the sun was on cue. It popped out of the clouds and brighten the day just like Prince's voice brightens my world.
It is suppose to clear off today but tonight we might get below freezing and I wonder how my cherry and apple trees which are in full bloom will do. Hopefully the predicted frost will not be able to climb up to 925 feet above sea level. Last year when we had that late freeze we did not have any fruit nor did the wild life have any nuts . We have plenty of hickory, walnut and oaks to supply nuts for the wild life but alas not any last year.
The purple heart is about two inches out of the ground. The hostas have unfurled their leaves and are about five inches in length. The plumbago has one leaf above ground and the dianthus and knock out roses have buds to open up into those beautiful pink flowers. The irises have stalks with buds and the peonies are a good foot above ground. All the lillies of the valleys are out and getting ready to produce their sweet fragrance and the Japanese irises are beginning to bush out so they can soak up the sun shine and get ready to appear like a classical song. It will be like a sudden rush and all those happy purple blooms will appear at once to greet you in the mornings.
It will be time to sit on the porch with my first cup of coffee and watch and listen to the world come alive. Saturday the first hummingbird came to scout out the food source and I figure he was gonna head back aways to let the others know the food was out. The gentle wind will make my huge wind chill rumble with a low melody and the others to gently tingle to accompany the chirping of the birds.
The Kitty Justice is for Mother Nature to stomp on Old Man Winter's dragging toes and let the weather mirror the beauty of Spring.


Susie said...

Love all the pretty photos. Sounds like winter hasn't quite let go there. We're having a heat wave out here (90's) all weekend.
Feels more like summer than spring!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love all of your pretty flowers. Do you have bleeding heart? I hope mine comes back this year. When the contractor was here a couple of years ago, he trampled most of my flowers. I only had one small sprig of bleeding heart last year and am hoping it seeded itself and will be a bit more this year.

If you'd like to get in on my Pay It Forward draw for a Christian fiction novel, please drop by and do so.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Jeanette said...

nice photo's of your garden.Your Yellow Arch Angel. we call in wandering dew, its a noxious weed here one you get it in the garden its hard to remove, it just takes over.
TY for your lovely comment A good time was had by all .ill be back to read what ive missed..

Greatfullivin said...

Beautiful Gardens! Your photos always inspire me. It sounds like you are way ahead of us weatherwise. My dafodils are just opened, and my hyacinths. The tulips have not shown a bud yet. Lily of the valley is late as well. My Magnolia tree is full of buds and ready to show off, if jack frost will mind his manners. It's to be a cold one tonight. Have a great day!

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ I am glad you enjoyed God's Boxes and that you will post it on your blog. Nice story and reminds us to be grateful for our joys and to let the sorrows go. I did enjoy the Farmers' Market, but didn't think to take my camera. Thanks for all the bits and pieces you send me. Take care, My friend, Love, Merle.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happen to come across your site... thought I would say hello... love the pictures of the flowers etc... take care

Lady Di Tn said...

That is a heat wave for your area. I thought the Bay kept it rather cool. Thanks for stopping by.

I do not have any bleeding heart and we are suppose to have painters here to do the trim of the house soon so sounds like I need to caution them about my plants according to your experience.

A noxious weed is welcomed on the hill. We have other vines that I refer to as nosious weeds. Your climate probably makes it more prolific. Keep out of those dust storms.

I think we are a wee bit ahead of you but we are further south. It did not get as low as the weather man predicted so my fruit trees are safe for now.

You always come up with such good post and I appreciate you allowing me to borrow a few. Those little tid bits that I send hopefully make you and others LOL.

Fliss and Mike
Welcome and Y'all come back.

Peace to all.

Marcel said...

I like the flowers and the guard frog! Very nice.