Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prince on our boat at Center Hill Lake.
Prince at work, Puppy riding Prince's old truck, Prince enjoying fishing.

Prince holding a less than week old Puppy.

Prince on machinery of his Dad's paving company.

Young Prince talking on the phone.
The Kitty Justice is life with Prince is priceless. My wish for him is many more happy Birthdays. He is 56 today.

Friday, May 30, 2008

When I took Maggie out this morning, I saw the magnolia are blooming starting at the top. The snowball bush is growing back with new shoots . I thought last years drought had gotten it.
Yesterday was a very Tennessee busy day. First off after I had completed the daily domestic duties, out I go and with Puppy's help picked some cherries. They are not ripen very quickly and there will be more to pick later on. Prince loves cherries so I will make him a cherry cobbler tomorrow for his birthday instead of a cake. Nothing like a nice hot cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. We will have his dinner at night and I plan to bake a turkey breast.
However, I have run off the subject at hand, yesterday. I took my loppers and started down the far side of the drive. I trimmed back ivy from the maples, pine and cedar trees. Then I cut down the excess bushes near the crytle myrtles trees. Down to the left side of the drive where the mailbox is located, I have a row of day lilies which were being overcome by honeysuckle bushes. As I was cutting some of these, I got too close to the edge and down I went. I landed on my most padded area and I was heading to the pond. I finally got a foot hold and inched my way back up the hill. I never let go of my loppers as they were jammed against the indention between my thumb and pointer on my right hand. Unfortunately, I became my Father's child and used some of his favorite words. This does not happen often but I thought I had really messed up my hand. Being a right handed person that is not a good thing.
I drug my hot sore body back up the hill and spied the oak and dogwood tree that Prince said needed trimming so he could mow. I love him more than life itself but he gets too cut happy when it comes to my trees. So I cut the limbs that I think need to be cut and leave them for the guys to haul off.
My whole body is aware that I fell but mostly the right hand and arm. It feels like I jammed my shoulder up into the right part of my skull. Yikes. Needless to say I do not plan to venture out in the yard today.
The Kitty Justice is this cat did not land on her feet and now today she is sore from top to BOTTOM. Even a cat cannot stand on looooooose gravel or the edge of a hill side.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The above award was given to me by Merle at 3rd time lucky and I am to pass it along to five other bloggers. There are six not five descriptive words listed so I am sending it out to six not five and you can pick which word describes you. These are in no particular order: Sitka Daily Photo, Small City Scenes of Stanwood, Simply Joys, Changes in the Wind, Mary's Writing Nook, Rubber Corn Dog .
A most HONORABLE MENTION is Lazy Blogger. I always feel like it has been Christmas all over again when he writes something new. Along with Merle's blog, I feel very short changed on my day if I do not take time to check out these blogs.
The Kitty Justice is if they have not posted anything new I say DAMN and move on.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cousin Cricket from Mississippi.
Maggie on her perch awaiting her half of my banana.
Blackberry Blooms.
If all goes well looks like we will have a bumper crop of the tame blackberries and wild blackberries this year. Do you like Blackberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top or how about a big home made biscuit with butter and blackberry jam?
We have lost one of our cherry trees and another looks like it might go by the wayside too. However, I picked three quarts of cherries yesterday and most of them are still green on the trees. Looks like lots of cherries for us this year and enough for the birds too. I have not put my radio in the trees with talk radio on it. Believe it or not that will keep them away as they think some invisible humans are near by, but if you put music on they will just continue to eat until there are not any cherries left.
Each morning Maggie will stand patiently for her part of any fruit being consumed. Also, Mimi gives her a few cheerios too. If nothing else Maggie should have a good heart from that diet.
The little eight pound cousin is here from Jackson, Mississippi and she and Maggie are getting along much better now that Maggie is a little older. Cricket's last visit we had to keep them in separate rooms as Maggie wanted to play and Cricket was afraid of this large black pup.
The Kitty Justice if Maggie gets in a playful mood she looks at Cricket as a motorized hedgehog.(Maggie's favorite stuff toy)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chocolate shovel in a silver box.
The red carpet and flags for the groundbreaking.

Kissing Cranes.
On April 16 Prince went to the groundbreaking ceremony for the New MTMC (Middle Tennessee Medical Center). He was excited about watching it go up but now we will only get to see it by the website. You have to enter new in front of the hospital name and they have a web cam and you can see it being built. The reason he will not get to see it daily is because he is being transferred to St. Thomas Hospital in June.
The Kitty Justice is the daily ride will not be as long.
PS Did anyone else have trouble with blogger loading pictures today?

Friday, May 23, 2008

This is a portrait of John R. Wilson who is Prince's Great Great Grandfather.
I thought I would try to give a little Memorial Day Tribute to him therefore, if anyone can help me locate his grave I would be very thankful.
William Wilson along with his brothers belonged to Sumpter's Command during the Revolutionary War. After the war, he settled near Milton in Ruterford County, Tennessee around 1800. He had and six children. They are as follows: John Robertson, born April 4, 1799. Died Cottage Home later known as Waveland August 8, 1854; William died before reaching maturity; James went to Alabama when grown and was never heard from again; Thomas settled on a farm near his father's and raised a large family; Sallie married John Farr and had several children one of whom was John Farr, Jr. who lost a leg in the Great Conflict and later he was the Register of Rutherford County.
John Robertson Wilson had to study and teach school alternately to get an education. In 1815 or there abouts he attended Samuel P. Black's school in Murfreesboro. This is where he met his future bride, Eliza Pitts Black.
In or around 1821 he studied medicine under Dr. Wilson Yandell (Eliza's Uncle) in Rutherford County.
He attended Medical School at Transylvania College in Kentucky, being a special pupil of Dr. Dudley and Dr. Drake. In 1825 he graduated and also married Eliza. He commenced practising medicine in McMinnville with Thomas C. Black (Eliza's brother). They made $2,000.00 the first year which was considered really good at that time.
John and Eliza moved sometime between 1826-1833 to Murfreesboro. They bought a farm on Stewart's Creek and there their sons John and Samuel were born. Both children died in infancy.
In 1833 they sold the farm in Murfreesboro and moved to Mississippi. Another farm was bought near Lexington, Mississippi in Holmes County.
Since the atmosphere in Mississippi did not agree with Eliza they sold out and in 1836 moved back to Tennessee. In Tennessee they bought Cottage Home (Waveland). Remember in previous post of Cuden Will and Cuden Mary Lu, I mentioned Waveland was torn down and the Nashville Airport built a much needed runway for the airport. What a shame that they did not put that runway somewhere else. At the same time, they also bought a place twelve miles south of Yazoo City on the Yazoo River. This would play a major part in their future lives.
From 1837-1846 John practiced medicine extensively with his partners (I need to be sure before I type just who they were) . In 1847, John decided to open up and cultivate the "Yazoo Swamp", going down there on the Natchez Trace every winter until his death.
During his medical career on November 20, 1831 he performed a famous operation ( gastronomy to relieve intussception of the bowel) later to be written about in February 1949 by his grandson, Dr. Owen H. Wilson .
Dr. John Robertson Wilson died at his home in Nashville on August 8, 1854. He by all accounts was buried there. So what happen to the grave when the Airport tore down Waveland. Did they just pave over him like was done in San Diego old town? If they moved the grave, I have yet to find out where.
Mimi said she remembers going to the grave site and it was one of those old time ones where the entire grave is covered with concrete. One Sunday, we road around trying to see if anything was familiar to her but alas, there was nothing the same as she said "everything is different."
The Kitty Justice is his grave will not have any flowers this weekend as we cannot locate him. My questions, should not the Nashville Metropolitan Airport have a record of where JR was moved?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prince brought this pretty hanging basket home for Mother's Day. I put them on the right side of the porch.
Another basket for Mother's Day. I have moved them around until I figured at the right of the steps going down to the bottom porch would work.

This little guy was spying on me as I took pictures. I tried one of these blocks before the Grosbeaks came and they loved it. Seems like all the birds like them. Do you recognize this little fellow.

On Monday Prince brought this and the following flowers home for no reason other than to surprise Mimi and I.

I planted both of these out front behind the boxwood's on the left side of the windows. We can enjoy them when we go to the kitchen and the box woods will give them shade.

The red on this geranium is a different red almost a orange. Prince knows how I love geranium. Beside it is a little pot of basil. If I had to have only one herb I must admit it would be basil.

The picture does not show the correct salmon pink color and I can honestly say I have not seen this color before. I sat it near the kitchen door so when I sit at the table I can gaze upon it. Actually all but the white petunias and calidums can be seen from the table. I did this on purpose for all to enjoy.
Have you ever noticed how everyone gathers in the kitchen?
The Kitty Justice is I am like Robert Frost today, "Miles to go before I sleep."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The peonies behind the log cabin were in bloom and since Mimi cannot go out and pick flowers like she did in the past, I pick the flowers and then bring them into the bar area for her to arrange. Then she will tell me where she would like for them to stand. Usually in the front hall to welcome visitors. Plus when we go to the kitchen, laundry room , etc. we pass them and can enjoy them many times ourselves.
The white ones below our back porch are also blooming and I had her to take her walker out to see them last evening. Even though it was eighties yesterday, the wind was blowing and we had the fans on so it was comfortable in the house. We put the air on when we can no longer keep cool with fans.
The Kitty Justice is I am now Mimi's legs outside and I take pictures and pick flowers for her to enjoy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

This is my pal Judy's dog Jag. As pretty as today is suppose to be, I bet he is wearing this outfit to go for a ride. He loves to ride like most dogs of his breed. I wish Maggie had that kind of enthusiam but alas Puppy has to get her in the car as she does not wish to go anywhere.

The Kitty Justice is that Maggie is like her owner just enjoys being home.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The first picture was taken in 1972. LPC was in red and I was in short green dress. The other picture was taken at her Mom's house yesterday.
LPC had come up from Macon, Ga. and I went to spend the day with her. I made her a blue folder of old pictures like the first ones. All were Seventy pictures. When she showed her brother, he said he wished his daughter could see them.
We covered every subject known to man and when I left I gave her a big hug and wished her a safe trip home, or rather back to Georgia. Tennessee is her home.
The Kitty Justice is to figure out a way to get even with Paul for taking her out of the state. Let's see sandbox and Paul might go together nicely.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is number 300 post so I thought I would do a poem by Amanda Bradley.
PEACE will come when people live
In friendship, side by side,
And Cherish understanding
More than hatred, greed, and pride.
PEACE will come when people see
All people as the same,
And no one has to live in fear,
In ignorance, or shame.
PEACE will come when people
Who are needy can reach out
For shelter, food, or love,
And no one has to do without.
PEACE will come when people
Learn to listen and to care
About the rights and dignity
Of people everywhere.
PEACE will come when love and trust
And kindness know rebirth,
And on that day all people
Will rejoice in peace on earth.
If Kitty found a bottle and rubbed off the dust and a Genie appeared, Can you guess what my one wish would be?
Whenever I wish you Peace it is not an idle word. It is the best wish I could give.
Therefore all who read this today, "May PEACE BE WITH YOU."
The Kitty Justice is I am still looking for that damn bottle. CAT FUZZIES.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is a Buckeye Bush that grows on the Jackson Hill. Mrs. Jackson said the Humming Birds love it. I had never seen one of these bushes before and it is a beautiful food source for our little feather friends.
In the previous post I mentioned I could not wait for my plumbago by the front door to bloom, SO I went back and found a picture of it from last year.
Puppy got a job for the summer in construction as a general laborer for a Home Improvement Company. He worked really hard and long on Monday and Tuesday but the last couple of days with the rain he has not had to work. Today, I plan to get him to help me copy files to be sent to Cousin Corn Dog who will prepare me a website for my Jan 09 Show. I will let everyone know when it is up and running.
I have only got less than seven months to complete all the details.
Yes, I have been in shows before but never have I had one to call my own until this coming January and I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time. My best friend, Carol who was to be the guidance in the reception has had all kind of illnesses so everyone, put her in your Prayers and Thoughts to get better. All of us who enjoy her company have missed her bubbly attitude.
The Kitty Justice is that I am running as fast as I can but I must be stuck on a treadmill. Peace to all.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pepper doing what I wish I could do.

Maggie trying to figure out what I am saying to her.
Waldo unhappy with his new hair cut. It will grow back, don't worry.

Waldo happy and furry.
Pepper is my BIL, Edward, little dog. Maggie is my wonderful dog and Waldo is Gil's dog.
If I had been either, my days would have been easier. I have been planting and doing more planting. I put out nine banana peppers and one bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper. Then I planted 3 Better Boys, 2 Early Girls, 1 German Queen and 1 Celebrity, 1 Cherry and 1 Roma tomato plants plus 2 crook neck and 2 straight neck squash plants. Then I did some seeds, basil, parsley, moon flower, Lilliput zinnia, cocks comb, mammoth sunflowers, mint, cypress and my purple morning glories. If you get tried reading can you imagine how this ole body felt.
Prince brought me in a truck load of straw and I will put that around my plants after I lay down newspapers to keep the weeds out. I learned this trick from P. Allen Smith on TV. Then if barring no bugs attack, I can lean back and just gather the goodies as they come along. Oh, I forgot to mention lettuce and spoon tomato seeds. Spoon tomato grow in a cluster like grapes and are really cute to decorate salads. These are some seeds I saved and I hope the little plants will appear. For years, after I grew the first ones, they would volunteer each year and take over more of the garden. Thus, since the garden is small, I had to clear them and save seeds. Maybe Pa Christian and Mother will look down and give the little seeds a bump start.
The contractor came by yesterday and the painters had missed a ten foot space at the high end of the house and this little triangle space up on the roof where the wing of the house intersects. So unless they come today, it will be next week as we are forecast three days of rainfall.
We have lots of green cherries on the trees so it will soon be cherry picking time. Nothing better than a cherry cobbler or a biscuit with cherry preserves. Cherry preserves we make are Christmas gifts to family and friends.
The Kitty Justice even though gardening is a four letter word (WORK) it is worth it to have plenty to eat and share with others. One of Kitty's pleasures is to share. What have your shared today?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


She was not only beautiful outside but inside as well. From her I was given my creativity spirit and my love for gardening.
She was very religious and from her I have the love of God and family. (When she was in the last years on earth , she was very sick and a couple of Church of Christ preachers came over to their home and those preachers were giving a good lessons by Mother. Even this morning I giggle at the thought of them as they were sure they were gonna give the lesson. She knew her Bible and they were wiser when they left.)
She gave me the wisdom and compassion for others. I can still hear her say "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." "There will always be someone prettier, smarter and wealthier but if you have good manners, you will be remembered."
She never talked religion unless you brought it up, she showed her faith in her actions.
If I had one wish, it would be that everyone could experience a Mother as wonderful as mine was while on this earth. Now that would be the best Kitty Justice of all.
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

These are the close up of the irises near the Rock City Bird House. Just as I promised. The morning that I took those pictures, I was serenaded by a Pileated Woodpecker.
Whenever, I get the energy, I plan to separate the irises around the cabin and replant them where they will get more sunlight. Also, the leaves have covered the roots too deep and I need to dig them out.
Today, I put some lambs ear on the left side of the front door in front of the purple heart and also took a few little sprigs of Brenda's ground cover to add to my growing perennials. I cut off the tulips leaves so the silver mound would have a better chance to spread and I was thinking I really need to replace that balloon flower that I lost. I had three among the silver mound and something happen to one of them.
After playing in the yard before the rain came down hard, I headed for the upstairs of the cabin. The painters have started on it and Omar said the storm window upstairs on the left side of the cabin was caulking inside and he did not wish to break the storm window trying to get it out. He was correct. I first tried to get the caulking out with an old knife and that was too much effort. So I went to the work shop and got a wood chisel and a hammer and I was able to unstick it in a very short time.
Tomorrow it is not suppose to rain so I plan to take advantage of the storm windows being removed and head out early to clean the windows . I used the little hand vacuum cleaner to debug the windows upstairs and will finish tomorrow after I do the windows.
The kitty justice is I must take advantage of their muscles rather than mine. I can clean those windows and storm windows too . A kitty has to do while the window of Opportunity is open.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

When you step out the front door if you look right you will see that my Knock Out Roses survived, last years Easter Freeze, the drought and Maggie. She tried her best to dig them up so I put a little fence around them.
Looking left you can see the plumbago has covered the area in front of the Hosta. I cannot wait for their little blue flowers to appear.

After strolling down the side walk, I look back to see how the flowers appear and admire the green grass that Prince sowed and see how much the little Ginkgo Tree has grown. Cousin Susan gave the little tree to Prince from the big tree at Glen Leven.

This nice spot is on the right front side of the Log Cabin. Closer pictures of the sunshine through the iris to come in a later post.

I am looking down the drive from the yard.

At the curve of the drive are Brenda's pretty irises.

Standing in the spot I took the iris picture in the curve, I turn around and take one down the driveway.

My first painting of Parrots. I think I will so some more as they are rather fun to paint.
The Kitty Justice is that we are blessed with a wonderful day.