Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cousin Cricket from Mississippi.
Maggie on her perch awaiting her half of my banana.
Blackberry Blooms.
If all goes well looks like we will have a bumper crop of the tame blackberries and wild blackberries this year. Do you like Blackberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top or how about a big home made biscuit with butter and blackberry jam?
We have lost one of our cherry trees and another looks like it might go by the wayside too. However, I picked three quarts of cherries yesterday and most of them are still green on the trees. Looks like lots of cherries for us this year and enough for the birds too. I have not put my radio in the trees with talk radio on it. Believe it or not that will keep them away as they think some invisible humans are near by, but if you put music on they will just continue to eat until there are not any cherries left.
Each morning Maggie will stand patiently for her part of any fruit being consumed. Also, Mimi gives her a few cheerios too. If nothing else Maggie should have a good heart from that diet.
The little eight pound cousin is here from Jackson, Mississippi and she and Maggie are getting along much better now that Maggie is a little older. Cricket's last visit we had to keep them in separate rooms as Maggie wanted to play and Cricket was afraid of this large black pup.
The Kitty Justice if Maggie gets in a playful mood she looks at Cricket as a motorized hedgehog.(Maggie's favorite stuff toy)


Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" appreciated your Memorial Day comments at "Small City Scenes.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

What adorable dogs. I just love Maggie. Meeko won't eat bananas, but will eat most other types of fruit. He likes a piece of apple. It is a favorite treat and sometimes I dip it in peanut butter for him. He is also very fond of cheese bits. I used them to train him when he was a puppy.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Brandon's birthday post. He has read all the messages and was so excited that my friends would care it was his birthday. I told him that I have awesome blogging buddies.

Take care and thanks for sharing. I love the blackberry blossoms and would love to have a piece of blackberry cobbler or some jam.


Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ Great post and photos.
I love the shine on Maggie;s coat - must be the fruit diet. The blossom
on the blackberries looks great - I just adore Blackberry Jam (I think you call ir Jelly) Thank you so much for your comments and birthday wishes Glad you are pleased with the award.I save photos and awards on my pictures and transfer them to blogger from there. My daughter has to put her trip off for a couple of weeks, so still have that to look forward to. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Brandy said...

Hello my dear friend! Wow you have made me soo hungry. We have a lot of blackberry and raspberry bushes here to! I plan on putting my big strong boys out berry picking this year! I would some recipes if you can share some. The cherries sound scrumptious!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for stopping by and I geniune feel that way when I see a flag draped coffin. I dropped over and saw what you wrote about the subs. Thanks for the tribute. Peace

Thanks for the comments on our Cousin Cricket and Maggie. Maggie loves any people food except celery and lettuce. She will take the offering but alas you will find it on the floor. Since diabetics are only to eat half a bananna she is very helpful in controlling my eating. Blackberry jam and cobblers always bring back childhood memories to me and I hope the same to you. Peace

Near my raspberry patch, I planted some tame blackberries because they are thornless. Also the backberries are usually thumb size. I did the same on the awards and today I will try to pass it along. I feel so proud as I have saved the awards that I have gotten unfortunately, I cannot remember who gave them all to me. I should have label who gave it to me when I saved. Live and learn and I am so proud each time I learn how to do something on the computer since I am not technical at all. Peace

Send some of those boys over to Tennessee to help with the pickin. I have got to go pick cherries again today. The backberries and raspberries are still green. I have to wear carharts to pick the raspberries as they have fish hook type thorns. I give out raspberry very stingy since those thorns are not pleasant to get hooked by. Backberry thorns are more forgiving. Peace

Marcel said...

First your post made my hungry and then I got a good laugh out of the motorized hedgehog. I like the photo of Maggie too.