Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The peonies behind the log cabin were in bloom and since Mimi cannot go out and pick flowers like she did in the past, I pick the flowers and then bring them into the bar area for her to arrange. Then she will tell me where she would like for them to stand. Usually in the front hall to welcome visitors. Plus when we go to the kitchen, laundry room , etc. we pass them and can enjoy them many times ourselves.
The white ones below our back porch are also blooming and I had her to take her walker out to see them last evening. Even though it was eighties yesterday, the wind was blowing and we had the fans on so it was comfortable in the house. We put the air on when we can no longer keep cool with fans.
The Kitty Justice is I am now Mimi's legs outside and I take pictures and pick flowers for her to enjoy.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

How wonderful that you can be Mimi's legs and go and pick these beautiful blooms for her to enjoy.
Thank you for caring for her and giving her things that will bring her joy.

Love and blessings,

Marcel said...

Bringing the beauty inside for Mimi is very nice of you.

We find that we are doing more and more of this for MIL too.


Lady Di Tn said...

My MIL has done so much for others, that me being her legs is only a small part. When you are 89 and more or less in the house most of the time, the least I can do is bring some of the outside in. Either physically or with pictures.

It brings her joy so how can anyone deny an elder such a pleasure. Not me. Millie appears to be getting around good and at least she is not on a walker yet.