Friday, May 30, 2008

When I took Maggie out this morning, I saw the magnolia are blooming starting at the top. The snowball bush is growing back with new shoots . I thought last years drought had gotten it.
Yesterday was a very Tennessee busy day. First off after I had completed the daily domestic duties, out I go and with Puppy's help picked some cherries. They are not ripen very quickly and there will be more to pick later on. Prince loves cherries so I will make him a cherry cobbler tomorrow for his birthday instead of a cake. Nothing like a nice hot cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. We will have his dinner at night and I plan to bake a turkey breast.
However, I have run off the subject at hand, yesterday. I took my loppers and started down the far side of the drive. I trimmed back ivy from the maples, pine and cedar trees. Then I cut down the excess bushes near the crytle myrtles trees. Down to the left side of the drive where the mailbox is located, I have a row of day lilies which were being overcome by honeysuckle bushes. As I was cutting some of these, I got too close to the edge and down I went. I landed on my most padded area and I was heading to the pond. I finally got a foot hold and inched my way back up the hill. I never let go of my loppers as they were jammed against the indention between my thumb and pointer on my right hand. Unfortunately, I became my Father's child and used some of his favorite words. This does not happen often but I thought I had really messed up my hand. Being a right handed person that is not a good thing.
I drug my hot sore body back up the hill and spied the oak and dogwood tree that Prince said needed trimming so he could mow. I love him more than life itself but he gets too cut happy when it comes to my trees. So I cut the limbs that I think need to be cut and leave them for the guys to haul off.
My whole body is aware that I fell but mostly the right hand and arm. It feels like I jammed my shoulder up into the right part of my skull. Yikes. Needless to say I do not plan to venture out in the yard today.
The Kitty Justice is this cat did not land on her feet and now today she is sore from top to BOTTOM. Even a cat cannot stand on looooooose gravel or the edge of a hill side.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I'm so sorry that you fell. I fell last year down the terrace and it really left me feeling bruised for a few days. You and I are the same age and we no longer can fall without suffering the consequences.

If that arm and hand doesn't heal within a couple of days, please be sure to see a doctor. You may have injured the ligaments or muscles. Be sure to keep using that arm even though it hurts. If you don't, it will get extremely stiff.

I will pray for you, my friend. Please keep me updated on how you are doing.


Greatfullivin said...

WOOPS!!! Sorry to hear about your fall, but love the "Kitty Justice" of it all! I have missed keeping up with you. Mother is well again, and I wanted to say THANKS...for your thoughts and prayers...BIG HUGS!!!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

First off, a happy b’day to Prince. (I love cherry cobbler!)

Second, I am so glad you didn’t break any bones or end up in the pond! If you still ach, will you head for a doc?

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di..
SOOo sorry to hear of your fall if the pain persists please see a Doctor..
A very happy birthday to Prince. Yummy Turkey followed by cherry cobbler.,
Wishing u a speedy recovery from your fall...

Lady Di Tn said...

You are so correct. I use to get up running from a fall now I am lucky to keep crawling. I am a believer of "Sportscreme" and I rubbed it all over that arm yesterday and downed some extra strength tylenols so I could continue to move. Peace

I think it is wonderful that your Mom is better and you can blog along with us again. Peace

Just come on down as dinner is at 6and I would be happy to set another place at the table. Peace

I will go to the doc if it presists but first I must take a week off for vacation at the lake as Prince's sister is here to stay with Mimi. I just hate to tell my dear doc that clumsy Kitty has fallen and did not land on her feet. Maybe I can get some water therapy at the lake. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ I am so sorry that you fell and hope your wrist and arm are
much better by now. The week at the lake will be a good change for you
and I hope both you and Prince enjoy it. I am glad your sister-in-law acn come and stay with Mimi. You wll be missed there and here. Thank you so much for the visit and I truly love most of Mark Twain's quotes. Have only seen a few of Robert Frost.
Take great care my friend, Love,Merle