Sunday, June 29, 2008




Since Mo was talking about canning, it brought back fond memories of Mother as she did alot of canning . The following are two of the best Squash Pickle recipes you can ever make.
10 cups of chopped squash
2 cups of chopped onions
1 cup of chopped green peppers (banana or bell)
1 Tbsp salt
Use large yellow squash. Remove the seeds and chop. Combine the chopped vegetables and sprinkle with salt. Let stand for 1 hour. Drain. In a large pan, combine 1 cup of vinegar, 1-3/4 cups of sugar, 1/2 tsp of celery seeds, 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds. Bring vinegar mixture to a boil and add drained vegetables. Return to a rolling boil , then immediately put in hot jars. Turn upside down for 5 mins and then upright jars. Makes 4 pints. If you like hot pickle substitute some of the chopped pepper with hot peppers. Important: Do not cook too long or the squash will get too soft.
4 or 5 large zucchini squash (shredded)
4 or 5 large onions chopped
6 to 8 bell peppers chopped or 12 banana peppers
5 cups of sugar
2 or 3 Tbsp of Mrs Wages Polish Pickle Mix
1 1/2 quarts of white vinegar
1 pint of water
Mix all ingredients and cook to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and put in hot jars. Turn upside down for 5 mins and then up right jars. Again if you like things hot, you can substitute some of the peppers with hot peppers.
Mother used her salad shooter to shred the squash.
Both of these recipes are good to use for squash too large to cook. Just remove the seeds from them before you shred or chop.
These recipes came from my Mother, Vinia Kirby. You pronounce her first name as VI Nah, stressing the first I and omitting the second one.
The Kitty Justice is I hope y'all will enjoy making these pickles. Believe it or not , but the Zucchini one is reallllly good in tuna fish. It is all you have to put with a little mayo and seasonings, Lemon Pepper.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puppy spent many hours on his Mimi's shoulders.
Puppy first car. He was headed to Church to be Baptised.

Puppy turned twenty-one yesterday, June 27, 2008.
I use to hold his little hand
Now he is considered a man.
Whenever he wished to do something I did not approve
I would tell him you will have to wait until you are twenty-one.
Now the magic age has appeared
And I can only pray his lessons taught will adhere.
He has his wings and now must fly
However, he does not realize how fast the coming years will go by.
I wish him happiness on his path,
And that God will be with him until the last.
May Peace be with him today and always.
The Kitty Justice is the apron strings must be cut.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is it not time we take back our health care. Case in point, see the two pills. I have been taking the little oval one for a few years because of my heart rate was too fast. With our insurance if you take a maintenance medication, you have to order it through a mail order company. Why can I not go to the nearest drug store? I can see how it would be kind if you did not live near one to get your meds through the mail. But if your area is like Nashville, then every corner there is a drug store and also all the grocery stores have a pharmacy.
I got the big round pill in the mail with a tiny note at the top of the instructions saying "You might notice a change in your medicine." Heck this was nothing similar except the color. Not even the number on the back was the same. Since I have to take two a day, I was afraid they had sent the wrong meds. I called and after going through one of those long long menu, I get a person on the line. OOPs, they could not answer, so they connected me to the pharmacy. A tech came on the line and she could not answer the question so I was placed on HOLD, she came back on the line and said this was the correct meds just a different manufacturer who had decided to change the shape and size. I asked what was in it that made the size over twice the size of the previous meds. She just repeated the answer to the previous question. By this time, I was out done with the whole process.
If I need something other than a maintenance med, I can go to my local pharmacy where a real live Pharmacist is on duty. They could have answered all my questions and I have found most are very nice and friendly. Not Robo Meds like I had to deal with and still not all my questions answered.
The Kitty Justice would be to light a fire under our Representatives to listen to US THE PEOPLE and not the Insurance Companies. The Pharmacist, Doctors spent LOTS OF HOURS IN SCHOOL so they should rule not some clerk in an Insurance office.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For those of you who did not read my previous Tommy story, he is Prince's friend who is the same age as Prince who had a stroke a year and half ago. Tommy threw a chair at one of the inmates in the care facility near his home and the police took him to Central State. There were twenty three calls made before the care facility in Spencer finally agreed to take him as a resident. Spencer is two and half hours from our home and his home is further west. This is a hardship on his family and friends who have been going to visit him.
Gil and Prince took this past Saturday for a trip to visit Tommy.
Spencer is the county seat in Van Buren County. In 2000 only 5,508 people live in the whole county. Fall Creek Falls State Park is located in the county and Fall Creek Falls drops 256 feet which is ninety feet more than Niagara making it the highest falls in the USA east of the Rocky Mountains. The western thirty percent of the county is 960 feet above sea level and the other seventy percent rises 800-1,000 feet higher than the western section.
There are limestone outcropping resulting in lots of caves and the most famous is Big Bone Cave. In 1811 a giant sloth bone was found therein lies the name of the cave. If any wish to read about Van Buren County go to This is where I found most of the history.
In the parking lot, a little dog was guarding a car. Gil who is 6 ft 5 in. tried to make friends with the little dog but bowser would only growl .Thus showing he was doing his job and did not wish to be disturbed. I thought the captions were appropriate. Kitty's humor at large.
As Prince and Gil were headed to the only place to eat, McDonald, they went by a Sale not Sales building. It was a Mountn' Benz parked out front. LOL By the way, Prince left his hat in the truck before they entered McDonalds, and he and Gil were the only ones in the place who were capless. If you are gonna blend in with the locals, you must wear a cap. Whenever they go back to visit Tommy, I plan to tag along wearing a cap of course, and explore Spencer. It has been over thirty years since Kitty got her paws wet at the bottom of the falls. So I need to go back.
The Kitty Justice is Goliath (Gil) did not become a notch on the little heel biters collar.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Standard in an old 1800's home turned into a very elegant restaurant.
Mz Hen was one of the hostess and the other was Knoxie who had a bug so I had to stop by her home to pick up the door prize. The Standard put two round tables at the end of a triangle table for our group. I sat on the other side of Shirley in the turquoise in front of the old heater.

From my chair I could look to my left and see the doorway and columns and the tapestry was behind me. You can see the reflections of the tapestry in the mirror above the fireplace which was directly in front of me.

The fireplace and mantle under the mirror. Wonder how many people have kept warm by this fireplace.?

This is the old radiator which was directly behind me on the right side. I could reach back and touch it from my seat.

This is the ballroom upstairs where many a party have been held. I wish I had gone up in the balcony and taken a picture looking down.
When you come down from the ballroom, you enter this little long courtyard. When you go out the door at the end you can see the batman building and the bullet building.

I was heading home and I stuck my camera out the window like a tourist and took a picture of the Frist Art Center and the Union Station.
The Kitty Justice is we all had a grand time and we just had our June luncheon and it was at the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills. The lighting was not conducive for pictures as it is suppose to appear like you are dining under water. I made sure to sit where I could see the fish in the large tank.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You can come join me as we stroll on the porch and check out my happy plants.
Can you smell the wonderful fragrances of the geranium?

Close up of my sea of purple. I have transplanted these and gave plants away and so far they have been happy wherever I put them.

If you look off the edge of the upper porch between the holly trees you can see my sea of purple. This was what greeted me when I returned from the lake.

You can see the holly tree's branched on either side of this picture. Unfortunately the flowers did not show up as well but the picture above shows how this one should look.

If you look to the left of the holly tree, you can see my purple clematis has reached the upper porch with its blooms. The fence and straw are where my pepper plants reside. A few blooms and one little bitty bell pepper. Prince gave me those wind chimes one year for my birthday and the sound is glorious.

I have most of the plants so we can observe them from the kitchen. I have rearranged some since this was taken. The planters by the rail going down the stairs to the bottom porch have been put in other places.

The May picture I took this pot did not have very much purple at the time but now is it not the prettiest pot a cat could hold up for all to see. The contrast in colors are magnificent.
I would really like for you to join me on the porch for a cup of tea or coffee because the humidity has dropped like a rock in a pond. We are suppose to have at least three days with that oppressive beggar. It is even suppose to be in the fifty this evening. Glorious weather.
The kitty justice is that we are basing in beautiful weather but we could use a little rain.
Prince picked a quart of raspberry yesterday evening and did not even glisten the tinest little bit. I make go pick some squash. water a few plants and I think I will wait for Prince to get home to go to the berry patch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know nothing about Bill Barnes except what you see above and that is he is a very good artist. I wanted Prince to see this exhibit but alas he works the hours the Center is open, so I just went around with camera in hand and took pictures for him. Then I thought this would be something nice to share with all who visit my blog.
J. W. (Bill)Barnes had a show in May with two other gentlemen at the Centennial Art Center. I think the one with the buildings, you have a feeling of being in a plane flying high above the city of whatever. I do not know the city but some of you may recognize it.
Today I will start the summer session of Art Class and I wonder what exhibit will be up to greet us students today. I really do not feel like we are a class but a gathering of artist with a wonderful lady, Hazel Crye-King to guide us on our journeys.
The Kitty Justice is I cannot wait to get there and see what will be hanging on the walls this month.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Today if Dad had lived he would have been 83. This is how I remember him always in a cap and his fearless fly glasses. Oh, how he did not like for me to kid him about those glasses but I would tease him how they were too big and rode down on his nose. The picture above was taken in 1998 the year Mother died. As I have stated before he was a much better person, once Mother met him at the door with a frying pan. He would take Mom to Church, he stopped drinking, running around and smoking. He even cleaned up his language until he would get frustrated. But in the last few years his language was cleaned up as he would say "I just got to get to Heaven to be with your Mother." We kids forgave him long ago and when he became a Christian, God forgave him however, I do not know if he ever forgave himself.
The Kitty Justice is he was a very good Grandpa to his grandchildren. If he had lived, I would have called him EARLY this morning to wish him a Happy Birthday because like him, I am and early morning person.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sam Sr always liked his picture taken and he was a male peacock.
Sam Jr and Sam Sr enjoying a RARE MOMENT OF PEACE.
Sam Sr with his arms around Sam Jr, another rare sight. Jr was in his buster brown outfit that we loved to dress him in and all I can say it made him tough wearing those in a very rural community where young boys dressed in long pants.
Sam Sr spent the last few years of his life in the torture of REGRETS. He was not a family man and we children grew up in the shadow of his wild reputation. It was harder on little brother as he had to carry the name. In this rural community, it was bragging rights if you had a son and that is why they were so disappointed when second child, me, was a girl. Unfortunately, all Sam Sr wanted was bragging rights as he virtually ignored his son unless it was to criticizes.
Those of you who never had to deal with such a Father will truly never understand. But Sam Sr was the only one we had and we have to be thankful for his part as we would not be here if not for him. They may have the same name except for Sr and Jr but as Fathers, Sam Jr is a world apart from his namesake.
The kitty justice is that Sam Jr learned what not to do from Sam Sr. Happy Fathers Day to all Y'all Dads.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pammie Pooh's hubby and her baby.
Rick and Seth getting ready to ride off down the hill. They came on Prince's birthday to wish him a Happy One.
Eat your heart out girlies, Seth has a girlfriend.
She came up to the pontoon boat and visited with us a long time. Yes, Maggie was not on the boat at that time.

This was the most interesting rock formation on the lake that I could find this time. Looks like some pagan ruin uncovered by the low water.
The Kitty Justice is not to be wary that it is FRIDAY 13TH.